good things.

happy monday! i had a great weekend full of so many good things. a lot of really little things actually :) 
{lovely little things:: it's february, which means we're getting closer to summer - funfetti cupcakes and wild berry skittles are my winter blues medication - don't you love re-discovering something in your closet?! i found these two coach clutches in my dresser. glad i kept them around!}

- friday h and i watched the shining. it was the first time i watched the entire movie and whoaaa creepy. i can see why jack nicholson is famous for this flick... but i couldn't stop concentrating on the horrible clothes they put his wife in. i get it, you're all alone in a hotel in the mountains but that mustard-colored corduroy overall jumper thing is no bueno. REDRUM it.
- saturday night we got together with friends for game night. we played catch phrase (on an ipad app!) and scattergories... i had a LOT of fun and i loved seeing h's quirky and creative answers. 
- the big game on at our place on sunday was AC Milan (the italian soccer team), they just acquired a new player and h was v excited to see him play (they won!) and we got to watch the other big game...AND Beyonce -- who needs moderately entertaining commercials when you have a mini destiny's child reunion?!

how was your weekend? did you watch the super bowl -- any favorite commercials?



  1. LOVE skittles!! miss you, sorry it's been soo long since i've been here!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Those are my favorite flavor of skittles! :)

  3. Loved playing Catch Phrase with the family! And was it me, or did you feel like Beyonce's halftime was short? It seemed to end too soon for me...

  4. Those clutches are adorable Jillian! I love finding things I had stashed away too :) You never know when you'll want to use them!

    Hope you have a fabulous week my dear. xoxo

  5. so much love here :) i am loving that hand towel! XO brynn

  6. Looks like you had a great weekend! Favorite commercial was the one with the kid going to prom, so funny.

  7. That dish towel is so cute!

  8. I think our guys may be long lost best friends. Mine has recently become MAJORLY obsessed with all things soccer. Too funny. Can't believe you just watched The Shining for the first time. It is a crazy one.

  9. I read the book by Stephen King before watching the movie and I felt like such an idiot when I (actually, the little boy did, not even me) realized that REDRUM was MURDERRRRRRR backwards. Ugh. That book was creepier than the movie, I swear! Instead of that maze thing, they had this animal shaped topiaries that moved when you weren't looking at them and then they tried to kill you. Still freaks me out.

  10. Oooh I havent seen that film yet, nor read the book. I think I might add both to my list. Been to scared to see it before.

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Rose


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