cornflake dreams.: craving: cuban!


craving: cuban!

last week i went to dinner with a friend at my favorite local cuban restaurant, habana libre. whenever i go out for cuban i always order the same thing: an empanada with a cuban sandwich. drool

cuban sandwiches are typically made with smoked ham, sweet ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on toasted french bread. and then there are empandas...glorious pastries stuffed with meat and cheese. yes, please. sandwiches and empanadas aside - i'd like to try other cuban dishes like cuban pulled pork sandwiches or cuban pizza

do you like cuban food? what are some good dishes to try?


  1. I haven't tried it yet! but looks delicious!
    kisses from Milano

  2. You know I'm a sucker for Cuban food and especially that restaurant! :)

  3. Love Cuban food...have yet to find a good one in SD!

  4. Cuban food is my favorite! It is so so good and this post is making me crave it like no other :)


  5. Tampa has tons of great cuban food and my favorites are yours: empanadas and the sandwich. . . although some black beans and pulled pork never hurt either. Delicious.

  6. I love Cuban food! Those sandwiches are everything I could ever want in a sandwich. And Empanadas? LOVE!

  7. Gaah! You are making me so hungry!!!! Those empanadas look incredible.

  8. Funny enough, I've far preferred the Cuban food I've had in CA or FL over the stuff actually made in Cuba–but I'm pretty sure I'd give my right arm for an empanada right now!

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  10. I'm totally craving empanadas now - how delicious!!