cornflake dreams.: blogger fail.


blogger fail.

last week i was contacted by a magazine who wanted to use an emerald color board (from 2011) in their magazine! AHHHMAZING! there was one major problem - they wanted photo credits for the images i used on the board. AND fail. i didn't credit the photos i used on the guest post so they couldn't use the post in their feature. i want to say that i was new to blogging and pinterest and i didn't know how to find the original source for an image and cite it properly...but in the end i just didn't take the time to cite the images.

takeaway lesson for bloggers: treat your blog like an article, use some basic journalism 
skills and site your sources and give credit to the photographers and artists who deserve it. if that means you can't use an image then move on and find another one.

in other news my january houzz board is up and it's full of emerald finds (ALL properly sourced and cited!)



  1. That's so awesome, yet sucky at the same time. Love your houzz board for January though.
    xo, Maria

  2. Great advice! And good to know for the next time around :)

  3. google has an image-source bookmarklet that is SUPER helpful!

  4. This is so great! Always credit!

  5. Yes, not just credit but also ask permission. We don't legally have to credit a photographer (it's not against the law if you don't) but you do have to ask permission first and follow their attribution requests.

    The Huffington Post asked if they could use some of my photography from a post I blogged about WAAAAY early on. So strange, huh? People just find stuff.

  6. a great reminder & lesson for sure! i am so happy you shared this :) XO Brynn

  7. Such a good reminder Jillian. And how frustrating! :(