cornflake dreams.: October 2012


happy halloween!

it's time for candy + costumes! i hope you have a safe and happy halloween! my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone on the east coast.


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etsy finds - silk robes.

I love the idea of matching robes for the bride and her bridesmaids! Robes are perfect for the girls to wear when they are getting their hair and makeup done and a gift they can wear for years. Bonus: the “getting ready” photos are even cuter. I was thrilled to discover silk and more on etsy that sells pretty silk robes AND is having a great sale - $30 a robe! I might have missed the opportunity to have the robes at my wedding but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want one! officially adding it to my Christmas wish list.  

individual robe $30 - set of 4 $120 - set of 6 $180


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Outfit Additions $50 Giveaway!

outfit additions is offering up a $50 gift card to one lucky reader! outfit additions is a California based jewelry & accessories online boutique with tons of pretty (and affordable) pieces. my favorites for fall are the statement bib necklaces and the stackable bangles. what would you pick if you won?!

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friday's fancies #85.

happy friday-- we have a lot of fun plans this weekend! tonight h and i are going to the ballet! eeep! i'm so excited. this is the first of three ballets we'll be attending in the next few months... i'll be sure to do a recap of our date :) on saturday i am getting my hair cut... still debating on keeping it short or just going in for a trim. later that night we're attending my friend's wedding and on sunday i plan to sleep in and enjoy a lazy day and sunday dinner with the family.

 dress $44 - jacket $99 - ballet flats $106 (on sale!) - bracelet $75

have a great weekend!
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a pinterst potluck.

this past sunday my friends and i got together for a pinterst potluck! we all brought a dish to share - snacked, chatted and even pet buddy the horse :) it was fannntastic!

has pinterst inspired to cook or get crafty?
check out my pinterst boards here!


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wedding wednesday - first kiss.

our ceremony (and the whole day) went by very quickly. one of my favorite moments of the ceremony was our first kiss a married couple. we both were SO excited::


i also adore this shot from our first dance::

 that wraps up photos from our wedding! wedding wednesdays will still focus on wedding details, dreamy gowns and decorations (i can't just quit cold turkey) BUT i promise to throw in some real-life married life and date night posts too.




Butterscotch Blankee Giveaway!

lucky you, Butterstcotch Blankees is offering up a custom acrylic blanket - readers choice! all of the blankets look so cozy and warm - perfect for winter! these blankets would make a wonderful gift for a new couple - or a new baby! i would defiantly get something monogrammed since i am still getting used to being mrs. m :)



friday's fancies #83.

happy friday! i'm ready for another wonderful low-key fall weekend! h and i are going to go on a date tonight -- place TBD, i told h he could pick :) this sunday i am getting together with the girls for a pinterst potluck! i will be sure to take lots of instagram photos of all the goodies (my instagram username is cornflakedreams). i plan to make something from my sugar, sugar pinterst board...right now i'm leaning towards anything pumpkin!

blouse $79 - jeans $70 - bag $99 - flats $79 - studs $88

have a great weekend! 


piperlime fall favorites.

one of my favorite stores is having a sale! piperlime is the first place i visit when i am looking for a great pair of shoes. they also have a great selection of accessories and clothing (and lots of lovely brands, hello house of harlow and kate spade!) the sale ends on october 20th, so take advantage of the free shipping (both ways!) and up to 30% off fall favorites!

triangle stud earrings $14.50 - structured bag $187 - oversized tote $275.50 - pave studs $14.50 - infinity scarf $45.50 - coin wallet $67.50 



wedding wednesday - #jiho2012.

i am fairly new to the iphone world - i got one just a few months ago and i'll admit that i am still figuring out some of the apps. however, i got very familiar with instagram and it quickly became one of my favorites. a few days before our wedding, liz, one of my creative and tech savvy friends, told me she was going to instagram during our wedding. she told me she would use the hashtag #jiho2012 so it would be easier for other guests to see photos. FUN!! just wish i would have had the time to make a sign to spread the #jiho2012 instagram fun... who knows who would have joined in! luckily liz told a few few of my friends and they played along. i was able to search our hashtag the next day and find photos my friends took. here are a few of my favorites:: 
do you like to take instagram photos during special events? what do you think about having a hashtag sign with the bride & groom's name at a wedding?


craving: a persian staple.

yesterday i mentioned that we went to a new persian restaurant for sunday dinner. i am STILL thinking about how good the food was... particularly the mast o mossir (a traditional Persian dip, typically served as an appetizer). 
mast o moosir nonfat plain yogurt, greek yogurt and diced shallots whipped together. if you're not a fan of shallots, try the mast o khair, yogurt with diced cucumbers (similar to Greek tzatziki). 

these dips are absolutely delicious and healthy! i would recommend serving them with warm pita bread or pita chips. if you're feeling adventurous try mixing a little (or a lot!) dip in with your rice. it might sound strange but the dip gives the rice a wonderful creamy texture and adds flavor and moisture to a meat kabob dish. 

what appetizers do you love?


happy things.

this weekend was a rainy one... perfect for snuggling, watching movies, reading, napping...and eating. all the best -ing's if you ask me.
-friday night i had a fantastic time with the girls - complete with mac n' cheese and sugar bliss cupcakes.
-saturday i made crockpot chili and cornbread - a fall favorite.
-we finished our iphoto book for our honeymoon in paris and prague, next up a wedding photo album.
-sunday started with a skype date with one of my favorite bloggers in italy.
-i finished little bee, if you haven't read it add it to your list! it's a fantastic book.
-for sunday dinner we went to a new persian restaurant and it was fantastic. tomorrow i'm going to share my favorite persian staple.

happy monday! 


ps cheers to ladies who make it happen. i admire my blogger friends who have full time jobs, blog everyday AND do a little something on the side::
leigh from very loveleigh has her own online shop full of scarves and bracelets: Knits & Knots


friday's fancies #82.

happy friday! it's been a long week full of ups (da bulls box suite!) and a few downs (yesterday i burnt the back of my hair and now i am kinda terrified of my blow dryer). needless to say i am ready to relax. tonight h is on call so i am having a girl-date with friends, mac n cheese and a girly movie! we don't have any major plans on saturday or hopefully that means lots of sleeping in and maybe a brunch date.

sweater $40 - pants $60 (pants look familiar? i used the green pair in last week's friday's fancies and bought a pair in real life and i LOVE them. super comfy & soft with the perfect amount of stretch. - flats $109 - bauble bar statement necklace $38 - wristlet $108

have a great weekend! 


movie star sunglasses.

i recently received a generous gift from sunglasses shop - a new pair of gorgeous retro Dolce & Gabbana sunnies! i wear them every chance i get and h has nicknamed them my 'movie star glasses'...
which of course i secretly love.
here's the details: the glasses fit my face and are not too heavy, the lens are fairly dark and do a great job blocking out the fall sun. they came with a solid black case (which comes in handy when they get lost in my bag!)
what little things make you feel like a celeb? sunglasses? a great bag?



wedding wednesday - details of the day.

happy wedding wednesday! i have already shared our pre-wedding photos, ceremonyreception decor, and flowers. there are a few more details of the day that remain my favorite bits of the day:: 

our gorgeous invitation suite by mae mae paperie. the invitation suite (and table numbers and signage) was printed on heavy letterpress it was absolutely perfect. i would highly recommend working with megan, the pieces she created worked perfectly with what i envisioned for our wedding.

the dessert: in addition to a traditional wedding cake; we served mini pumpkin and pecan pies and a diy donuts bar with donuts that you top with icing and crushed capt'n crunch, coco puffs cereal or reeces pieces (inspired by our engagement/ portland trip and a memorable visit to voodoo donuts)

while we decided to be minimalist with decor and stick to flowers, i am happy we displayed a few of our favorite photos in the cocktail/dessert room. another detail i love is my wedding welcome quilt! my mom is going to sew together all of the squares and i cannot wait to see how it turns out. and finally... one of my favorite photos of the night, three generations of married women (and their gorgeous rings): my two grandmothers, my mom and my hands all together.


craving: buffalo chicken.

for most of my life i hated hot sauce and i avoided it at all costs. i also didn't like chicken on the bone. once i finally got over the spicy thing and embraced blu cheese (another kiddie no-no) i got on board with the all mighty buffalo chicken. [bone-in-chicken and chicken wings still gross me out] but i la-la-love buffalo chicken dip. my co-worker brought in a mini-crockpot full of the dip and i ate the stuff for a week. sadly, i am an adult and i shouldn't eat dips for dinner (right?). here are a few buffalo chicken recipes i'd love to try for dinner::

have your taste buds matured? are there any foods that you hated as a child that you love now? 


ps my october houzz board is full of fall finds - don't miss it!


good things.

fall has arrived! our condo is chilly but we're layering up with cozy blankets until temps really drop.

via - via

- friday night h and i went to the burbs to a surprise birthday/early halloween party for my aunt. it was so fun to see my family dressed up. i got to wear my flapper costume! 
- i picked up some itty bitty pumpkins :) that will be the extent of my fall decorating
-on saturday we went to a general meeting about adoption. it was very informative and it we gave us a lot to talk about afterwards.
-later that night we watched memento, a film h has been talking about for months.
- i finished bossypants and laughed out loud quite a few times. i wasn't a huge tina fey fan before (not sure why) but now i want to rent every season of 30 rock. also in need of a new book: any suggestions? 
- the perks of working for corporate america: tomorrow night our group will be watching the bulls game in the firm's box seats. no idea who the bulls are playing but i was told there will be food. and maybe a visit to the dessert cart. #happygirl
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friday's fancies #81.

happy friday! i am still smiling from all of your sweet and supportive comments on yesterday's post. it means so much to have such kind and open-minded readers :)

this weekend we have plans to see my family and on sunday h's soccer team AC Milan is playing their rival Inter that means i've got plenty of time to finish reading bossypants (why did i wait so long to get this book?!)

style-wise i plan to keep things casual. i loooove my faux leather jacket and i am tempted to buy a black jacket but fall weather typically only lasts 1-2 months in chicago. ah well, still LOVING this outfit::

[inspiration outfit viajacket $110 - tee $30 - skinny twill pants $60 - leopard flats $119 - bag $248

have a wonderful weekend!

ps there's a few days left to enter the sunglasses giveaway


a modern family.

 via - via - via - via - via

i've got a bad case of baby fever lately. i blame it on pinterst and endless adorable photos of babies, nurseries and itty bitty shoes. this past weekend h and i got into another discussion about timelines and family planning. i would love to experience pregnancy someday and all that goes with it - the bump, the cravings, nesting, childbirth and breast-feeding... but i also think it would be an equally rewarding experience to adopt a child. h and i have always had an interest in adoption and it has always been a part of our family planning discussions. i have an aunt who adopted her four children and they are a remarkable and loving family. i have seen the benefits of adoption first hand through her and i also realize that it isn't always an easy (or fast) process. 

in our hypothetical baby-makin plans we have talked about having two children the old fashion way and then adopting our third. this weekend h had a profound idea - why don't we just adopt first? i don't know why it never occurred to me before and the idea has me excited to learn more about adoption - particularly interracial adoption. as an interracial couple, our other children will be racially diverse and after a little research i learned that an overwhelming number of minority children waiting for a family. whatever we decide to do in the future, i am looking forward to having a family and i am excited to see how things turn out. 

i'd love to hear your thoughts about adoption. would you consider it? what about  interracial adoption? 


wedding wednesday - flowers.

i shared a few detail shots last week but i was incredibly impressed with what our florist (and family friend) put together for our big day. amy from unique floral made all of my flower dreams into a reality after only meeting twice to discuss what i'd like.

[all photos via dawn e roscoe]




a Cincinnati favorite.

i had the best time in ohio this past weekend and i was reminded that Cincinnati peeps love their skyline. while i didn't make it to one of the restaurants, i'm craving a natti favorite: skyline chili dip. i had my first taste in college and i have been addicted ever since (thank you jenny!). it's a cal-fest but trust me - well worth it.

dip photo via

-1 a can of skyline chili (convince your ohio friend to bring you a can home or purchase a can online
-1 block of cream cheese (i usually sneak in a light me, with everything else going on you won't notice the difference)
- 1 bag (2 cups) of shredded sharp cheddar cheese (since i went with light cream cheese - i stuck with the full fat shredded cheese. it melts better.) 

bake at 375 until bubbly brown
dip with your favorite cracker, chip or veggie (i prefer cheese-its or frito scoops. keepin it classy!) 


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sunglasses giveaway!

hello there and happy monday! i had a fantastic weekend celebrating with my bestie at her wedding... full of lots of good things (more on that tomorrow). 

fall has arrived but that doesn't mean you should put your sunglasses away. i wear sunglasses year-round (chicago is a very sunny city!) sunglasses shop is a fannnntastic place to get designer glasses at a great price. they are generously offering up a FREE pair of Ralph Lauren retro tortoise sunglasses - perfect for fall - lucky you! enter below for a chance to win!

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this giveaway is open to domestic and international entries. a winner will be announced next monday, october 8th. best of luck!