craving: croissants.

This morning I woke up craving croissants. again. I ate a croissant every morning on our honeymoon (even while we were in Prague!) I don't remember eating a lot of croissants when I studied in Paris during college, so I am not sure what the recent obsession is but dannnng they are tasty! Buttery, flakey - hard on the outside and soft and doughy in the middle. drool. 

audrey - croissants via, via

Now for the important question -- where do i find a decent croissant in Chicago?!
what are you craving?


good things - i'm a mrs!!!

happy monday -- we're back from the honeymoon!! it was ahhmazing and i can't wait to share lots of photos and stories with you this week! the wedding was gorgeous and everything was just perfect. it was an unbelievable feeling to be surrounded by so many people who care about you -- there was so much love! :) h was SOOO handsome and i find myself thinking about snippets of the big day all the time -- and then smiling like a crazy person! now that the wedding is over and i am married (WAHHOOO!) i feel calm and happy. no more planning or making lots of wedding related decisions, i get to focus on other things (like finally finishing our gallery wall of frames in the kitchen). here are some other good things i am smiling about lately:: 
- i cut my hair!!! three days after the wedding i got 8 inches chopped off and i LOVE it. no more crazy long hair and pony tails. (if you're in chicago, i highly recommend holly at sine qua non salon)
- seeing h with a wedding band and replacing fiance with husband :) :)
- my best friends wedding is right around the corner, just 2 months away! i am hosting her bachelorette party this weekend with her bridesmaids and attending her shower in a few weeks - the wedding fun continues! 
- the photobooth photos from our wedding were hilarious. the same 4 or 5 couples jumped into the booth quite a few times! so happy we have digital copies.
- i have the BEST blogging friends - thank you to all of the wonderful guest bloggers last week!

mrs. m



{guest post} - very loveleigh.

to jillian & her new mr:

my mister and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary just a month ago. in reflecting on these past three years, i know that we have learned so much, and fallen even more in love than i could ever imagine. i wanted to share two things that we have done with great success and one thing that we wish we would have in hopes that you have a beautiful beginning to your life together.

1. make plans for big or small adventures
whether it's a great meal the two of you want to cook together or a row boating adventure, make plans. my husband & i love to make lists together and try new things. lately, we've been mapping out little bike riding adventures with fun stops along the way. i know you two love to bike ride, so i highly suggest this. get out of your comfort zone though too. i recently found myself jumping out of a boat in the middle of the lake--not something i'd normally do--to indulge myself in a little risk-taking and adventure.

2. be flexible when things do not go as planned
we have found that life is not like the movies--or pinterest for that matter. you may have plans for something that just cannot happen right now. we have had big plans [where we want to live] and small ones [how we want to furnish a guest room] that just did not happen. don't sweat the small stuff in your marriage--especially those first few years. i read a quote by elizabeth edwards that i especially loved, "she stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails." stand in that storm together and adjust together and i promise you that life will be even happier that the movies--and pinterest.

now for that wish:

3. take a nice picture on each and every anniversary. 
something that i am truly kicking myself about is not taking a good picture on our anniversaries. sure, i have pictures, but not any really great ones of us together in good lighting, without sweatshirts on [our first anniversary was spent at the beach in a thunderstorm], etc. you don't have to do something super fancy, but this is a tradition that i completely and totally regret. 

it really is so fun to see how you do--and don't!--change.

sending too much love to the newlyweds! michigan & illinois are far too close for us not to grab dinner sometime!

love, leigh of very loveleigh




{guest post} - EV photo chic.

Hello, I'm Liz from Coach House Pictures and am so excited to be guest blogging today for the sweetest newly wed  I know :) Today I am sharing a few photo tricks ( from a photographers perspective) on how to create and help your photographer capture the most authentically memorable wedding photographs that you will be happy to revisit long after you pronounce I Do! Let's get started, shall we? 

Photo Tip #1:  Build a relationship with your photographer. This is probably the most important thing you can do soon after you book your photographer (in my opinion). Building a relationship with your photographer not only builds communication and trust but also an understanding that he/she will do everything to make sure it comes true. Establishing a good relationship with your photographer will also make them feel like a friend on your big day rather than hired help. 
Photo Tip #2: Don't hold back! On emotions that is! Capturing raw emotion is a beautiful thing and it's what your day is all about. Being i the presence of such heartfelt and authentic moments is what we as photographers strive to capture ( no faking it here ) and you'll be amazed and happy that we did! So dance like no ones watching and wear waterproof mascara (if you are the water works type). 
Photo Tip #3: Pretend like the cameras not there! Although this may be hard for some to do, some of the most natural and authentic moments happen when you and your groom are not looking (or don't notice) your photographer is around. And trust me when I say that as a photographer these are the shots that my couples really love the most. 
Photo Tip #4: Strike a pose! Search your favorite wedding mags and blogs to find poses that you love! Then (kindly) ask your photographer to help you recreate some of them! Nothing excites me more than when couples have a few poses they want to incorporate into there day. Wether your poses are a bit playful or show attitude, it's your day and you get to rock it out anyway you want!
Photo Tip #5:  Your day is in the details! Give your photographer beautiful eye candy (besides you of course) to photograph. Details help your photographer to shape a visual voice to the story of your day.  At the end of the day your photographs are all you have to help you recreate your memorable day! 


{guest post} - something charming.

Hi friends! Jillian has so graciously asked me to take over for her little blog today, and I am so glad she did! Iím sure you already know, but this beautiful lady is busy getting married. I've been fortunate enough to have been following along since she got engaged, and I know how excited she is to finally be tying the knot.

I kind of love weddings, which makes me that much more excited about all of this. I love weddings so much, in fact, that I launched my own wedding planning company last year. These past eight months have been amazing and crazy and exhausting, but I wouldnít have it any other way. If anything, it just makes me realize how fortunate I am to be living my own dream.

There are a lot of things that I love about weddings and owning my own creative business. 

I love love. 

The main reason why I do what I do is because I just love seeing people commit themselves to one another. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm a sucker for a good romance, so being able to see a couple live out their own love story first hand is amazing to me. And knowing that I helped make their day that much more special is just the icing on the cake. 

Pretty things make me smile.

Like most people, I'm drawn to beautiful things. I've always loved looking at wedding photos and other types of inspiration, but it wasn't until last year that I realized that I can create beautiful things too. Knowing that I designed something and helped bring it to life is one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. 

Running a business...

...is difficult. It's confusing and frustrating and really, really hard. But it's also incredibly rewarding. I knew nothing about starting my own business when I first started, and I still have a long way to go. I have learned so much in these past eight months, and I've met so many amazing people. I really don't think I can turn back now. 

It's for all of these reasons that I am so excited for Jillian right now. She's living out what I love to do for a living. Seeing the smiles on my brides' faces at the end of the night, and hearing them say that they had the perfect day is exactly why I do what I do. I just wish I could be there for Jillian to make sure that her day is perfect too! But I just know it will be. 

Congrats my dear. I hope you have the most beautiful life together.

joelle of something charming


{guest post} - the boot.

Hi everyone! Are you like me in that every summer night all you want to do is grill? You get to be outside, flipping away, getting those great grill marks and anticipating the deliciousness that is to come. But, to be honest, I get sick of the traditional fare of hot dogs and hamburgers pretty fast. Today I have some new (vegetarian!) things to try on the grill. Let's face it, vegetables are good for us and cheaper than meat, so why not?

[this baby is packed with spinach and sun dried tomatoes, yum!]

[i love the unique dressing that's paired with this salad!]

[you could vary this in so many ways, but i love the marscapone/raspberry combination.]

[my favorite summer drink right now!]

Thank you so much for having me today Jill! Now get those grills going ladies! 
And if you'd like some more food inspiration from me, come by the boot! 




{guest post} - crimsom kiss.

Hi, I'm Lena–the cocktail consuming wedding blogger from A Crimson Kiss, and I'm absolutely delighted to be spending some time with Jillian's amazing readers while she's off getting hitched and exploring Paris and Prague with her newly minted husband! To toast the new Mrs, I thought I'd share my most recent cocktail discovery–the Mississippi Mule! It's perfectly tart and sweet, thanks to lemon and crème de cassis, and would pair beautifully with a cantaloupe and prosciutto salad for your next al fresco dinner party!

Mississippi Mule
1 1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz crème de cassis
1/2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice

We are Plymouth drinkers, but when the bottle was empty, we found ourselves using Miller's Westbourne gin to make this cocktail–and I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Cheers, and congratulations again to our dear friend Jillian–to a life full of adventures and love!



{guest post} - things that sparkle.

Hi Cornflake Dreamers, I am Alex from Things That Sparkle and I am so excited to be here today subbing in for Jillian during this exciting time!!
My wedding is coming up in September and being an interior designer, I took my inspiration from this beautiful living room.
I love all of the layers of white, the textures and the reflective elements. It feels so rich without being overwhelming. Exactly how I hope my tent will come together. This room also serves as inspiration for an outfit for day or night. I love how interiors translate so perfectly into fashion.
Day: dress, handbag, sandals, necklace Night: dressearrings, clutch, pumps

alex from things that sparkle 


{guest post} - ashley nicole catherine.

hi, all! ashley, here, from fashion and lifestyle blog ashley nicole catherine. i just got married myself, so i'm thrilled to be guest posting for jillian while she's off getting hitched! one of the first things i did when planning my own wedding was decide on a color palette (peach, ivory, and grey) and jillian and i have had fun chatting wedding colors over the past several months. i'm thrilled with the palette i chose, but if i were to pick again, a rainbow of powder hues just might draw me in. what color palette is your favorite? if you love weddings as much as i do, be sure to check out my wedding details reveal series, where i shared details about my wedding planning process. a huge congrats to jillian and h and i can't wait to see pictures!

frosted wedding palette
xo, ashley of ashley nicole catherine



{guest post} - sarah tucker

Hi There!
Sarah from Fairytales are true here filling in for Jillian while she's becoming a Mrs. and globetrotting.
When I heard Jillian was going to Paris & Prague on her honeymoon, I was so excited!
I love Paris, but wanna know a secret?  I love Prague even more.
Something about the pretty pastel buildings, an enormous castle on a hill with guards, fireworks in the evening, pubs Einstein used to freqeuent, incredibly beautiful squares... well, add it all up and you've got LOVE for me.

Here are a few suggestions for the new Mr. & Mrs. in Prague:

#1.  Old Town (Stare Mesto):
Grab lunch or a coffee or a pint and set up shop to people watch.  This town square might be my favorite in Europe.  Don't forget to watch the clock too!

#2.  The Castle District is something else!  I loved wandering around here.

#3.  While you're up there... Go to the Castle.  It is something else!  and watch the changing of the guards.

#4. Walk across the Chapel Bridge.  Buy some art work.  Eat at one of the cafe's under the bridge

#4.  go to cafe louvre for lunch or an afternoon snack.  Einstein and Kafka frequented this cafe! 
i love the cafe culture in Prague.

#6.  take lots of walks!  

Enjoy your time in Prague!!


{guest post} - aspiring kennedy.

During Jillian's wedding bonanza,
I'm happy to chime in to the well wishes.

If you've ever read my blog, Aspiring Kennedy,
you might know that I like to travel.

In fact, it's kinda my thing.

I live in England and traveling is my job.

But above & beyond this favorite past time,
I hope you've also remember something else about coming to my blog:

I absolutely adore my husband.

Ooooh, so cheesy right?


But guess what?

We are super happy together
and a big part of that comes from 
making sure that the other person knows, 
without a doubt,
that we are both 100% in this.

If you don't trust the advice of an Aspiring Kennedy,
perhaps you'll appreciate the words of Audrey Hepburn...

Who doesn't love a pretty fairy tale?

I mean... we are the generation of Will & Kate,
but let's be real-
all fairy tales have their fair share of trouble.

They aren't perfect & have to work for that happy ending, 
but you two have the chance to make a beautiful story.

Go on. 

Be a bit of a domestic goddess.

Those pancakes & martinis will pay in spades 
when you want him to unclog the drain,
take out the trash, file your taxes, pay your on-line bills,
or any other task you wish to stereotypical pass to your loving husband.

Don't be a husband basher.

For some reason, a big part of girl culture
involves sitting around drinks and talking trash on our husbands...

Might I recommend that you skip this little indulgence?

If you start making your husband sound like an idiot-
it only makes you look dumb for marrying him.

Make him look good... and not only will you keep his trust,
but you'll remind everyone how smart you are for snagging him.

- audrey hepburn

This last picture...
well no advice given here.
Just reminded me of you, J. 

Best wishes & lots of love!

Thanks for letting me be a small part of your big day!

lauren of aspiring kennedy

image 1, 2, 3, 4



{guest post} - long distance loving.

Hello there, cornflake dreams fans! It's {av} from {long distance loving}, standing in for my bloggy bestie as she preps to get MARRIED tomorrow :) For this week's Friday's Fancies, I pulled together a dreamy rehearsal dinner look for Jillian via Rent The Runway! With the exception of the glittery flats, every item in this look can be rented--a nice feature for any bride or wedding guest on a budget. 

Take a peek at this happy {and very bridal!} look...

Yumi Kim is famous for her easy breezy dresses and this Snow Mountain Maxi is no exception. The soft creamy hue is perfect for the beaming bride-to-be! {rent for $85}
For a touch of summery color, this Chan Luu Twisted Jade Necklace does the trick. Jillian would rock this with ease :) {rent for $20}
Even though she's got a bevy of bridesmaids to hold all her necessities, this little Lauren Merkin Gold Eve Clutch would be a fun touch to hold her iPhone...for instagramming, of course! {rent for $25}

This bold and beautiful Crystal Orbit Cuff from Alexis Bittar glams up this get-up without overpowering the look. {rent for $30}

These Ann Taylor Vivi Glitter Ballet Flats round out this sweet ensemble. Knowing Jillian's love of flats, her feet deserve some comfort before her big day. {buy for $119}

total rental costs: $160 ~ total rental value: $985
I absolutely cannot wait to witness {jd} become {jm} tomorrow :) She's sure to be a stunner! Her {h} is one lucky man. I am so excited to continue the party when we're both in Paris next week. I hope you'll join me in sharing your congratulations to this fun-loving and fabulous pair. Enjoy your weekend!


{guest post} - roots, wings and other things

Hello beautiful readers of Cornflake Dreams! I'm Daryl, and I blog over at Roots, Wings & Other Things - a blog dedicated to chasing ones dreams wherever they may take you! I've followed my dreams all the way over to Frankfurt, Germany, a city I now call home with the love of my life.
I have done more traveling in the past year of my life than I had in my entire life before that: Since moving here last summer we've been to France three times (Paris, Strasbourg & Montpelier,) Greece, Denmark, Spain, Turkey, Malta and Switzerland. As I'm writing this I'm actually preparing for a two week backpacking trip through Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria with my best friend.  In the past year I've learned quite a bit about how to pack for a vacation in order to maximize style and comfort and minimize stress.  
1. Easy accessories - Moonstone necklace & Geometric bronze earrings. 2. A good book. 3. Rayban aviators to protect your eyes. 4. A cute panama hat or fedora. 5. Simple but cute tee shirts from H&M. 6. Maxi Skirts.

I like to keep my outfits simple and comfortable when I'm on a trip. My main goal is to see the sights, so impractical shoes and too many accessories are really out of the question. In fact, the articles of clothing you see above pretty much make up my go to travel outfit. Proof:

Valetta, Malta
Barcelona, Spain
Placa Reial - Barcelona, Spain

I hate wearing Jeans on vacation, especially during the summer. It makes more sense to me to stick with light, breathable fabrics. Not only will you be more comfortable, I believe the look is more polished than just jeans and a tee.  If I can offer you any advice about packing for your next adventure abroad, it would be that less is more!  Nothing stresses me out quicker than digging through a suitcase I've been living out of, unable to find something I know I packed. Stick to your staple items that you can mix and match on your trip and getting ready will seem to be far less of a chore!

Thanks for reading, and I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog sometime! In the meantime I'd love your opinion. What are your travel style "must-haves?" 



wedding wednesday favorites.

happy wedding wednesday! it's happening THIS saturday!! eep! in honor of the big day i thought i would revisit a few of my favorite wedding wednesday posts (and real-life happy events)
i am still v smitten with my engagement ring
i was so excited when we finalized our honeymoon destination
bridesmaids gowns - i LOVE the styles we picked... can't wait to reveal the colors!
i was thrilled when i finally found the perfect designer for our invitations
bridal shower - family, friends, gifts and wine. does it get better than that?
birthday bachelorette party - rainbows and pink everywhereee!

i have made so many wonderful memories over the past year and a half...but i am READY to get married! thank you all for your sweet comments and support. i'll be out for the next two weeks but i promise i have lots of lovely guest bloggers lined up! 



july houzz board- parisian picks!

bonjour! in honor of my upcoming honeymoon i have curated a parisian inspired houzz board full of french finds:: 
to see my other frenchie picks on houzz  click here

also, thank you so much for all the paris restaurant recommendations! i cannot wait to fill up on macaroons, hot chocolate, croissants, steak frites...mmmm le, drool.


psst: don't miss the max & chloe $50 giveaway -- one day left to enter! 


happy things.

happy monday - i have lots of happy, lovely things to share!
- the heatwave in chicago finally broke and we enjoyed 85-degree weather and sunshine on sunday!
- raspberry framboise + cider = one tasty drink
-homemade salsa returns (and i can't get enough!)
- we survived our (first and last) dance lesson and we have some cute moves for the wedding
- i found some amazing tart lemon ice at a nearby italian restaurant - they do carry out. this might be an ongoing addiction 
- things are coming together for the wedding - thanks to my mom, aunt and cousin the favors are assembled and ready to go
- i get to chop off my hair in a week!! 
- i have some ammmazing guest bloggers lined up for the next two and a half weeks. 
- on saturday we get married and celebrate with all of our closest family + friends YAHH!!


ps congratulations to lucky no. 96, Cindy you won the kavalena clothing giveaway! please email me to claim your prize. AND don't forget there are a few days left to enter the max and chloe $50 giveaway!


friday's fancies #72.

happy friday! we're ONE week away from the wedding!!! this weekend we don't have any major plans... friday happy hour with friends, saturday we're meeting with the wedding coordinator at our venue to finalize a few plans and sunday i'm heading to the pool! i am hoping the weather cools down a bit, with temps in the 100's we've had quite the heatwave in chicago. needless to say i am looking forward to cooler weather on our honeymoon in paris... til then i plan to beat the heat with a breezy dress and simple sandals::
 dress $69 - sandals $29 - monogram necklace $105 (i finally ordered this necklace - i can't wait to see it!)
have a great weekend!


ps there's still time to enter the kavalena clothing and max & chloe giveaways!


Max and Chloe $50 giveaway!

happy thursday! i am happy to introduce you to my newest sponsor -- Max and Chloe! they have an amazing collection of personalized jewelry and bridal jewelry (i adore the pretty gatsby-esq pieces)::

via- via 

how to enter! (mandatory)
follow cornflake dreams via gfc or bloglovin
visit Max and Chloe and comment on your favorite piece

for extra entries:: (leave a separate comment for each)
tweet about the giveaway - please include @cornflakedreams and @maxandchloe

this giveaway is open to US and international readers - i will announce a winner on thursday, july 12, 2012

best of luck! 

ps congrats to lucky no. 61, LAURAVALZY you won the fashion for home giveaway! please email me to claim your prize.
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