cornflake dreams.: March 2012


friday's fancies - #59.

happy friday!! this weekend h and i are heading out to the suburbs to go out to dinner for my dad's birthday and to do a little wedding shopping. it's suppose to warm up in chicago so i am hoping to sneak in a bike ride on sunday. i'd love to wear something bright and bold::

dress $199 - wedges $295 - clutch $325 - necklace $278 - nail polish $8

have a great weekend!



shopbop winner!

i am sooo excited to announce the winner of the shopbop giveaway! thank you to everyone who entered! 

if you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway on cornflake dreams please email me for more information.



wedding wednesday - DIY details.

with three months to go until the wedding i have been wrapped up in all the little details. i still have some time to work on a few DIY projects... i just need to pick one or two and get going!

do you have any good wedding DIY ideas?!

ps just ONE more day left to enter the shopbop giveaway!


craving: soft pretzels.

i don't know what it is but lately i have been craving soft much so that i finally broke down and got some soft pretzel sticks at aunt annies. they were delicious. and now i want MORE. i think it might be fun to make some at home and these recipes look tasty! 

what are you craving?


{guest post} - so about what i said.

[via AMC
Hello, everyone! My name is Melissa and I'm the blogger behind the lifestyle blog So About What I Said. I'm so excited that Jillian and I get to guest post for each other today. And the best part? I get to muse about one of my favorite topics: The '60s!

I was born with Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, a genetic bone and muscular disorder. By the time I was 15, I'd had about 25 surgeries, which meant that a large portion of my childhood was spent in the car making the 70-mile journey from my home to doctors offices and hospitals in Chicago. And invariably, during each of these trips, my parents would flip on the radio to the oldies station. The music of the '50s and '60s came blaring at full blast through the car speakers. It was the sort of music that made me smile. It was the kind of music that made me want to sing along. It was the kind of music that just made me feel good and made me forget about the scary appointment of the day, if only for a little while.

To this day, '60s tunes are the tunes of my childhood. After all, that is the music I was raised on, and when I was younger, I even used to say that if I could go back in time, I'd want to live in the '60s. From the fads to the historical milestones, the '60s was where it was at for me. Then a few years ago, a little show called Mad Men came along. I'll admit that I didn't watch it at first; a drama about advertising executives sounded like a snooze fest to me. But then I watched the first season and was immediately hooked. It was a picture-perfect peek into a decade that shaped a generation. And one of the best parts? The fashion. The dresses! The high heels! The billowing sun hats! Here's a round-up of my favorite '60s fashion trends to get you in the Mad Men mood...

Did you watch last night's premiere? What did you think? Who's your favorite character? What do you love most about the '60s? 
Thanks so much for having me, Jillian. Feel free to come come by So About What I Said any time for all things love, fashion and design. I can't wait to meet you, friends! 
ps - i am posting over on so about what i said... today sharing all of my favorite mad men inspired styles!


friday's fancies - #58.

hello and happy friday! this week has been interrupted but a small case of the flu.. i am feeling better now but it was rough for a day or two. thankfully h was on hand to take care of me. this weekend i plan to take things easy with a friend's birthday party on saturday, and the season premiere of mad men on sunday!! will you be watching?! i also might try to tune in for a college basketball game or two. Marquette is out of the tournament but i am still interested to see who will win it all. in honor of MU pride and school spirit's sake i have dreamed up an outfit Marquette fans can be proud of::  

chiffon maxi skirt $40 - tank $40 - gold sandals $72 - earrings $375 - bag $495 - mu pennant $5.95

have a great weekend! 

ps my maid of honor sent me this story, featured on snippet & ink, it's a good reminder to keep things in perspective while planning a wedding (and in life!)  


blogger spring wishlist - part 2.

i am so excited to share another round of spring wishlists from a great group of bloggers! enjoy:: 
Kristin and Megan from Bon Bon Rose Girls 

Tiffany from Dancing Branflake 

Christine from Bijou and Boheme
miu miu bag - jimmy choo shoes - vintage swan planter


ps: don't miss the shopbop giveaway!


wedding wednesday - spring flowers.

my favorite thing about spring is the blooming flowers and reappearance of green grass. while my favorite flowers are lilacs, i also love lily of the valley. these precious little bell flowers have a wonderful sweet scent and are only in bloom in april and may. if i were getting married in spring time instead of summer i have no doubt these little flowers would make their way into my bouquet, (like kate middleton and grace kelly) or into our decor.

via, viavia, viavia 

what's your favorite spring flower?


ps more blogger spring wishlist picks tomorrow! and don't forget to enter to win a $100 shopbop giftcard


blogger spring wishlist.

today is the first day of spring!! in honor of warmer weather and a new season i have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to share their spring wishlist picks::

will from bright bazaar
joy candle - schoolhouse electric clock - dotted path measuring cups

ashley from ashley nicole catherine
 Presley Skye April Faux Wrap Silk Dress  - Ivanka Trump Wedges - Halyn Print -  ASOS Six Enamel Zig Zag Rings
pssst! ashley is hosting a shopbop giveaway too!!

more blogger spring wishlist picks later this week! 

pst: don't miss the shopbop $100 gift card giveaway!


Spring $100 Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway!!

Start of Spring with a mini-shopping spree at Shopbop! one winner will receive a $100 giftcard to shop the latest spring trends. these are my favorite picks::

wanna win?!
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additional ways to enter:
Tweet about the Giveaway (include @cornflakedreams + @shopbop in the tweet ) 

a winner will be chosen via on Thursday, March 29th. giveaway open to us + international entries. 
good luck!!


the giveaway has ended - congratulations to our lucky winner, erin!


friday's fancies - #57.

this weekend i am meeting up with one of my favorite west coast bloggers - joelle from something charming! she'll be in chicago for a few days and on saturday we're going to visit the new BHLDN store. after a little shopping i am going to take her to a few of my favorite west town shops (flo for lunch, r&r to shop and hoosier mama pies for something sweet!) 

it's st. patty's day this weekend-- a holiday chicago takes pretty seriously. the city holds a parade, dyes the river and there are a lot of people running around in green. i have no doubt i'll play along and wear something festive too... 

top $32 - jeans $198 - sandals $138 - watch $175 - bag $348

have a great weekend and happy st. patty's day!


spring trends - neutral sandals.

good morning chickadees! chicago has been blessed with an early week of spring and i am LOVING the warm temps. all the sunny weather makes me want to go shopping for spring and summer pieces. another spring trend i love this year are neutral sandals (the perfect thing to pair with bright jeans!)
one $69 - two $60 - three $150 - four $250 - five $80

get ready for more spring trends featuring my favorite blogger's picks next week!



wedding wednesday - the signature drink.

happy wedding wednesday - today let's talk cocktail hour! h and i are planning on having an hour long cocktail hour following our ceremony with tasty appetizers (the exact menu is still tbd) and drinks. we love the idea of having a signature cocktail - we came up with some fun ideas: a manesh mojito (our new last name + one of my favorite drinks); jack + jill (a play on the classic jack + coke - h's favorite); h bomb (a energy drink inspired cocktail). 
cute names aside, i also love custom little drink stirrers!

sounds fun right?! okay, so now the big question-- is it worth it? now that we're closer to the wedding we have most of the vendors picked out and our budget is getting real... so i'm trying to decide if it's worth spending the extra money ($10/person in addition to the cost of an open bar) to have a signature drink or custom drink stirrers. 

do you remember these little details at a cocktail hour?? 



spring trends - bright denim.

one of my favorite spring trends this year is bright denim! i can't wait to get my hands on a pair or two...the problem is picking a favorite::

cobalt $42 - green $42 - strawberry $80  - ultra violet $88

pink $125 - apricot $98 - violet $98 turquoise $68

what do you think of this trend? 
would you wear bright jeans?



good things.

via - via - via

thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers. i appreciate every single one of them and i am so blessed to have such supportive and loving people in my life. AND i have good news... thanks to emergency heart surgery and great doctors my grandpa is on the road to recovery. thank god. this is just another reminder that life is absolutely beautiful - remember to take the time to tell the ones you care about that you love them! 

this weekend was full of other great things:: 

a saturday date with my cousin (and matron of honor).
a super sale at gap. 40% off work pants?! yes, please.
dinner at vinnie's sub shop! BEST. roast beef + provolone sandwiches.
gorgeous weather. i got to wear flats and i ditched my coat + boots! BRING ON SPRING WEATHER.
my little brother nick's birthday! he turned 25 this saturday.
we lost an hour - but that means it will stay out lighter longer...i see some bike rides in my near future. 
sunday brunch date with my old co-workers... lots of laughs and tri-berry oven pancakes
a sunday afternoon nap.
sunday dinner at decolores (a family favorite mexican restaurant in chicago).

how was your weekend?



just like that...

i am not myself today. last night i received unexpected and unhappy news. i am trying to remain optimistic and upbeat but isn't it crazy how things can happen-- just like that? i've re-written this post about ten times... all i can say is i am grateful for my family, my friends and my fiance, who helps me calm down when i start to worry. i hope to hear some good news soon and thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


hello, spring.

chicago has been experiencing a mini heatwave...yesterday it was 67!!! i am soaking up the warm temps (because i'm realistic and spring in chicago doesn't really arrive until late april or may!) anyhoo the warm weather has me thinking of spring clothes! i received the babakul spring lookbook the other day and I LOVE the flowy tops, bright colors and casual *yet feminine looks. the name babakul means hippie in french, sounds like the perfect combination to me!

what pieces would you like to add to your wardrobe for spring?


ps stop over on byrnn's blog, chartreuse and a twist, today to see my guest post! i am answering all sorts of fun questions.


wedding wednesday - the little ones.

for our wedding we are having a flower girl and a ring bearer (they are both my cousins and i know they will be absolutely adorable). i think it's so cute to see little ones all dressed up for the big day. what's more fun than dressing up little kids a a bow tie or a fun dress?! i am not too particular about what the flower girl or ring bearer wear-- a cute white dress and a little suit works for me. here are some cute ideas:: 

via - via - via

did you have any little ones participate in your wedding? 

ps tonight we're meeting with our jeweler to pick out our rings and my wedding jewelry!!


book club.

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i finally joined a book club (YAH!).  confession: i am not a huge reader - i prefer to spend my extra time pinning, blogging and watching tv---argh i know, i know. so when i got the chance to join a group of chicago girls for a monthly meeting (complete with wine + dinner) i jumped at the chance. the first meeting was a lot of fun- we read Sarah's Key- an emotional story about the disturbing Vel' d'Hiv' roundup in paris during world world II and a modern journalist's obsession with the tragic events of the past. i really enjoyed the book and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Vel d'Hiv and the occupation of France during the war. 

in our book club each member of the group takes a turn and hosts dinner and we vote on which book we'll read for that meeting. 

this month's options are 
the last child by john hart
rules of civility by armor towles
unbroken by laura hillenbrand

i am leaning towards hunger games because i stilll haven't read it AND the movie is coming out soon.

have you read any of these books? 
do you have any other must-read recommendations? 


good things.

happy monday - i hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Mine was v relaxing...just what i needed. full of friends, food and lots of good things:: 
french toast bites - frittata with asparagus, tomato and fontina - oj - word

homemade pizza... h is becoming quite the chef
sleepless in seattle.. is there anything better than tom hanks?! i think not. 
peanut butter, chocolate & banana (AND fiber). thank you vitatops
the bar method workout. i did a dvd on saturday and i am still sore.
our new memo board (a grown up dry erase board!) 
celebrating a friend's birthdays with drinks
sunday brunch - french toast bites, frittata with asparagus, tomato and fontina, and bacon
sunday dinner at burt's place (seen on check please! and no reservations with anthony bourdain). the dive pizza place didn't live up to all the hype and i won't be returning anytime soon...ah, well can't win them all.



friday's fancies- #56.

good morning chickadees! i am so thankful it's friday!!! i have had a long work week so i need some down time. tonight i'll be staying in with h.. we have another movie date with our friends from happy endings. saturday night i am celebrating a friend's birthday and this sunday i am meeting a few chicago bloggers for brunch! 

although i won't be wearing something summery for months, i'll get through this chilly chicago day by dreaming of a gorgeous flowy seafoam maxi dress + a refreshing cocktail + fun sunglasses::


ps i am sharing a thank you note to my favorite high school teacher on very loveleigh today!


classic coats.

hoooray! it's march..that means we're getting closer to spring, warmer weather and the return of bike rides! i am beyond excited to retire my 'serious' winter coat in exchange for something lighter (and water-proof). i am ready to upgrade my classic trench (i've had it since high school!) for something another classic coat i can hold onto for years. here are a few of my favorite picks::

heritage trench $200 - bike photo via


ps thank you all SO much for your great workout and eating tips and encouragement on yesterday's post. it means a lot to have your support!