cornflake dreams.: holiday traditions.


holiday traditions.

happy monday! yesterday h and i went to my grandparents to celebrate christmas early (they always try to get the family together before they spend winter in florida). it was wonderful to see everyone but the weather in chicago is unseasonably warm... we're talking 60s! I am by NO means complaining, i love the mild temps but it didn't really feel like christmas. to get myself in the holiday spirit and to make the most out of the month i'd like to introduce h to a few holiday traditions. 

be merrykisstree

we've got our itty bitty tree and stockings hung up, now i want to wrap up some christmas gifts and go shopping for stocking stuffers (my favorite!) 
-a cookie exchange with the girls. this is one of my favorite holiday traditions. we've been getting together and indulging in an afternoon of sugar shock for a few years in a row and i love it. 
- speaking of cookies... my office hosts a cookie decorating party where employees (and their kids!) are invited to decorate sugar cookies and make gingerbread houses. there is a table FULL of toppings and LOTS of tasty treats.
-a christmas movie marathon. i want to watch the (original) grinch who stole christmas, love actually, the holiday, elf, it's a wonderful life and something new--any suggestions?!
- explore the city! chicago holds a traditional german american holiday market - christkindlmarket. it's downtown and i am dying to go and shop for some ornaments and eat bratwurst and potato pancakes.

what are your favorite holiday traditions?!


  1. So many fun traditions! This is the first Christmas season that I won't be returning to the States and I'm kind of bummed about it :/ But we're making the best of it and I've also already put up our little tree and stockings :) We'll also be having a movie marathon and christmas cooking decorating also sounds like a great idea!


  2. Love cookie and ornament exchanges with girlfriends! My favorite tradition though is definitely Christmas Eve service and dinner! xo Meggan//Lila Grace

  3. San Diego is kind of hard to take during the Christmas season. Luckily we're having some dreary it's feeling a little like Christmas is approaching.

  4. I want to do all this! And Elf? My favorite with some cookies and wrapping presents.
    A warm Chicago? I never!!

  5. Luke & I were just saying last night how we want to start our own Christmas traditions! Right now we're thinking of a few different meals that we can make around the holidays.

    A few other traditions that we have been starting is visiting the zoo lights & attending the Christmas tree lighting downtown!

  6. we got out little tree up too :) it's so fun to have a little extra decor out!

    my fave tradition is my husband & I do "our" Christmas on a random day and have an entire list of things we do each year.

    have a great one!

  7. Hi Jillian! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog :)

    I watch all of the same Christmas movies as you! 2 more that I enjoy are "The Family Stone" and "White Christmas"

    Happy Holidays!

  8. I was driving by Golden Gate Park's big tree that they string up with lights and thinking, "San Francisco doesn't quite do Christmas the way I like to see it." This board, on the other hand, is PERFECT!

  9. I love this list - I am very passionate about my holiday traditions (it makes my boyfriend crazy since he's totally not into it, haha). My favorite tradition is staying up Christmas Eve watching my favorite movies :)


  10. ohhhh my fam's christmas traditions are my most favorite! especially hot chocolate in the morning!

  11. Aw - so fun! I love holiday cookie exchanges.
    And, I've been meaning to go to Christkindlmarket! Thinking I'll go this weekend. They have that biiiiig tree that I get pictures in front of every year :)
    Isn’t That Charming.

  12. Love your family traditions...makes for a fun start to the month!

  13. Those are all of my favorite holiday movies too!! And I love holiday cookies. This is a festive list of plans. xoxo