tis the season...

to be thankful! (i LOVE christmas but come on, let's save the red & green decorations until after thanksgiving... i'm looking at you Walgreens!) back to my original point, i have always thought that this month is all about giving thanks and spending time with the people you love. i am looking forward to thanksgiving day at my parents home this year with lots of family and wayyy too much food. h and i also plan to celebrate t-day with his family the saturday after thanksgiving with some vegetarian friendly dishes and a non-traditional take on turkey dinner (hello, chicken tenders!) 

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this year i have a lot to be thankful for... my husband, my family and friends, my health and this blog. i am so incredibly thankful to have my own space where i can get creative and "meet" wonderful people. so thank YOU for keeping up with my rants, cravings and random-ness, it really does mean the world to me.




  1. Thank YOU for providing a daily dose of inspiration :)

    I've been so behind on blog reading, now I'm off to catch up on your posts!

    Happy Monday!

  2. This year has been truly crazy & full of losses but it's helped me to concentrate on the good & be thankful. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! & don't worry, we don't break out our decorations until after Thanksgiving :-)

  3. Very sweet. I've been tempted to put up my holiday decorations before leaving for FL, but I have resisted. As soon as I get back, they're definitely going up! :)

  4. So sweet Jillian! I totally agree. Happy Monday!

  5. I was just thinking along these lines! After a long day, it's so nice to come home to a boyfriend and blogs filled with kind, generous and talented women!


  6. I couldn't agree more..life may have its ups and downs but I'm so lucky and grateful for all that I have.


  7. Giving thanks and eating beautiful meals–really, what's not to adore about Thanksgiving? xox

  8. I'm thankful that you blog so I can keep up with you! :)

  9. Even though our Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, it always feels more Thanksgiving-y in November because of you guys to the south. I like it. So I'm thankful for the differences that make the world just a little more interesting. I'm also thankful for peanut butter cups because they're delicious.


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