cornflake dreams.: date night: steppenwolf theater.


date night: steppenwolf theater.

this past friday, h and i went to the steppenwolf theater and saw good people. it was our first time to the theater together and this show was really wonderful. 

synopsis: When Margie Walsh loses her job at a South Boston dollar store, she reaches out to old flame Mike, a Southie boy who left the neighborhood and became a successful doctor. Margie's attempt to hit Mike up for a job takes on a threatening cast when she realizes the power a secret from Mike's past holds. From Pulitzer Prize-winner David Lindsay-Abaire, Good People looks at the dangerous consequences of choosing to hold on to the past or leaving it behind.

the play was a great blend of comedy and drama and the actors did a pretty good job with their south boston accents. it was really entertaining to see the sets change (something that didn't really happen at the opera or ballet) and it was impressive to see what the actors could do on what seemed like a small set. 

next up... we're planning on seeing a show at the second city next month. 



  1. Check you out! All cultured and stuff. I need to get on that, too. I love plays, but never actually go see them regularly. Thanks for sharing this- what a fun life you're living!

  2. Jillian the performance sounds really intriguing which I love! Date nights, very important!

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  3. YOU ARE LIVING MY LIFE. Ugh, Chicago has SUCH good theatre! Steppenwolf, second city and that opera house? I am so jealous. So happy you guys had fun!

  4. i LOVE that you're doing "different" date nights like this! you know, other than dinner and a movie. :) live theater is so thrilling i think, and it's been way too long since i've seen a show. haha, how were their boston accents??

  5. Second City is going to be awesome. If the Goodman has anything of interest playing, I'd highly recommend a show there, too. They do really great work (but, of course, I might be biased because of their affiliation with my college!). :)

  6. And if you want something a little offbeat, Redmoon Theater is very fun!

  7. Awww what a perfect date night. Sounds like a great flick!

  8. I've heard only wonderful things about the Steppenwolf theatre {I have a few friends who interned there and loved everything about it}. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!


  9. love your recent date nights! so fun and taking advantage of the amazing arts scene this city has to offer. we need to do more of it ourselves!