cornflake dreams.: date night: the ballet.


date night: the ballet.

We attended the ballet this past Friday and it was just beautiful! I was in awe of the Joffrey Ballet dancers – they are SO strong and yet so tiny and graceful! We saw American Landscape which was a collection of three short ballets: Forgotten Land, Pretty Ballet and The Green Table (my favorite was The Green Table. It’s described as a pacifist work depicting the inhumanities and corruption of war. it was choreographed in 1932 and unfortunately the subject matter is still relevant to audiences). Dancers and costumes aside, I really loved seeing the inside of the Auditorium Theater. The Theater was built in 1889 and is located on Roosevelt University’s campus, it is a GORGEOUS theater with stained glass windows at the entrance, mosaic floor tiles throughout and vintage light fixtures that give the lobby and theater a warm golden glow.
next up... steppenwolf theater in two weeks!

ps there are a few days left to enter the outfit additions giveaway !


  1. so pretty! i haven't been to a ballet, musical, or play in years. i really need to get out more.

  2. Looks and sounds like such a fun date night! And something different from the usual dinner and movie :) Glad you guys enjoyed it!


  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures of the Auditorium Theater; that's a beautiful mosaic floor and I agree the lighting is fabulous. What a fun date night!
    Lori in Atlanta

  4. I'm so jealous of you!!!! I love love love the ballet (duh) but to make it a date night is so romantic.

  5. I remember seeing the Joffrey Ballet growing up–I was astounded for DAYS! And I agree with Branflake–a ballet date is just divine!

  6. Yay Steppenwolf! I have ALWAYS wanted to see their work - it is so beautiful. Have so much fun!

  7. I love that you guys are doing all of these super fun date nights! You are doing things we have always talked about but never actually are inspiring me!!! XO Brynn

  8. There is something magical about opera and ballet! Once i twisted my husband's arm to go he got it and fell in love with it! I don't think anyone with good taste or otherwise could not like it! :)
    Beautiful photos!!

    Ps. Let us know if you would like to follow each other

  9. I love going to the ballet! I haven't gone for awhile, but it's always astounding how talented dancers are - I could never do what they do!

    Lovely photos!