good things.

fall has arrived! our condo is chilly but we're layering up with cozy blankets until temps really drop.

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- friday night h and i went to the burbs to a surprise birthday/early halloween party for my aunt. it was so fun to see my family dressed up. i got to wear my flapper costume! 
- i picked up some itty bitty pumpkins :) that will be the extent of my fall decorating
-on saturday we went to a general meeting about adoption. it was very informative and it we gave us a lot to talk about afterwards.
-later that night we watched memento, a film h has been talking about for months.
- i finished bossypants and laughed out loud quite a few times. i wasn't a huge tina fey fan before (not sure why) but now i want to rent every season of 30 rock. also in need of a new book: any suggestions? 
- the perks of working for corporate america: tomorrow night our group will be watching the bulls game in the firm's box seats. no idea who the bulls are playing but i was told there will be food. and maybe a visit to the dessert cart. #happygirl
-the winner of the sunglasses giveaway is no.574, chelsey v, congratulations! please email me



  1. I read Bossypants on the boss to work and I laughed out loud many times! I, too, hadn't really watched 30Rock before reading her, but went out and got the first season because I loved her so much! :) xoxo

  2. Loved Bossypants!! 30 Rock is all on netflix, if you have that :) Your cozy blankets and fall pictures are so lovely!

  3. I love Tina and 30 rock! And that is so awesome about box seats! Way jealous of all the food!

  4. Oh sounds like the perfect fall weekend, Jillian! :) Really cool that you got some more info on adoption, such a great idea. :)

  5. You're so fun, girl! I am dying to read that back too - good to know it's a crack up! :)

    What a great weekend! I hope you'll come mingle today!!

  6. So glad you read Bossypants. Isn't it the funniest? I was dying of laughter the whole way through. Sounds like a lovely weekend, and I look forward to hearing about the adoption process. Did you get to see any of the Chicago Marathon?

  7. Just started following your blog. I loved Bossypants as well. I might suggest any Chelsea Handler book if you like funny girls, but she's a bit more on the vulgar side at times.

  8. Your blog is lovely!
    Seems you had a nice weekend!

  9. My favorite part of your post...you got to wear your flapper outfit♥ Too cute.
    Laurie @ pride in photos

  10. so much goodness that i want to comment on here!
    #1 - love your flapper costume (as seen via IG!)
    #2 - so exciting about the adoption meeting!!!
    #3 - memento is a fantastic movie! hope you enjoyed it
    #4 - have wanted to read that book!!! glad to hear you liked it so much :)
    XO Brynn

  11. So cool about going to an adoption meeting! I have always wanted to adopt as well. It's such an amazing way to change someone's life.

    Happy Monday!

  12. Box seats are the best! And so is the dessert cart for sure!

    Did you like memento? I saw it on a plane and was a bit frustrated at first trying to keep things straight but then I was completely riveted! There were so many twists!

  13. I love, love, LOVE Momento! I think it's such a genius concept for a movie. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!
    Catherine Denton

  14. Love Bossypants, anything htat can make me laugh is a winner. David Sedaris is hilarious too. His book When you are engulfed in flames is pretty funny.

  15. fun! i'm willing to go to any sporting event where food is involved. :)

  16. What a wonderful, cozy weekend–and such an exciting step towards adoption!

  17. my partner has been talking about memento a lot lately too! strange. I saw American Psycho for the first time on the weekend - that's a strange one!


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