etsy finds - silk robes.

I love the idea of matching robes for the bride and her bridesmaids! Robes are perfect for the girls to wear when they are getting their hair and makeup done and a gift they can wear for years. Bonus: the “getting ready” photos are even cuter. I was thrilled to discover silk and more on etsy that sells pretty silk robes AND is having a great sale - $30 a robe! I might have missed the opportunity to have the robes at my wedding but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want one! officially adding it to my Christmas wish list.  

individual robe $30 - set of 4 $120 - set of 6 $180


  1. This is such a cute idea! My college roommate was just talking about doing this for her wedding along with tote bags.

  2. Those are adorable - and perfect for the morning of a wedding. Thanks for sharing your cute Etsy finds!

  3. yes! i love these! robes are such a cute idea! that and monogrammed mens' shirts :)

  4. Great idea! Bookmarking this for when that day comes for me :)

  5. We must be on the same wavelength because I've been looking everywhere for affordable robes for my bridesmaids :) I'm going to check out the Etsy shop now!

  6. I love, love, love this idea...absolutely! I totally would have done it if my friend hadn't already! XO Brynn


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