cornflake dreams.: date night: the opera.


date night: the opera.

last friday h and i went out for a date. we had a travelzoo deal for a wine flights and charcuterie at a cute spot downtown. i had white wine, h had red. the cheese and meat was delicious and by the time we were finished we were happy full and a little tipsy. when we left the bar we found ourselves outside of the civic opera housepeople were going inside and h said we should see if they had any tickets left. why not!? they did and before we knew it we were inside mingling among bow-ties, gorgeous floor length gowns and other people who were dressed a little more casually (like us!) the last time we had been inside of the opera it was for h's medical school graduation. i forgot how gorgeous it was, the meticulous details and art deco designs were stunning. 

we grabbed some cocktails (there is at least one bar on every floor) and we took everything in. a few minutes later the bells chimed and people started going to their seats. we went up to the top and the inside of the theater was stunning. there were rows of red velvet chairs and gold details everywhere. 

we saw elektra, a german opera with english subtitles (the subtitles were projected onto a skinny screen at the top of the stage). i was pleasantly surprised to see the subtitles and it was very easy to follow along and understand everything that was happening. the costumes, even from our nosebleed seats, were impressive and very intricate. overall the opera was a pretty sweet addition to our date and i think we'll definitely be back for another show (Hansel and Gretel looks good!)

have you ever attended an opera? did you like it?



  1. so cool! that's the best spontaneous date :) wine, cheese, meat, and culture... heaven!

    I saw Hansel and Gretel last summer... the music was amazing, but it was a really weird production. Chicago's probably using its own, though, so maybe it'll be more traditional?

    p.s. when the translation is above the stage, it's called a surtitle. only when it's below the stage is it a subtitle :) random opera facts FTW!

  2. I have never been to an opera, always wanted to though!

  3. That is such a great idea for a date night!

  4. What a fun date night! Gorgeous pics

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  5. Jillian a perfect evening from start to finish!! I love the opera!

    2012 Artists Series

  6. I love the opera! I love how spontaneous you guys are. What a fun night.

    Gorgeous photos, Jillian.

  7. What a fun and a little unexpected night! Looks amazing inside!

  8. i loved watching your date night progress on instagram!!! so cool that you went to the opera! i have yet to watch one! XO brynn

  9. Such a fun spontaneous date night. Love it.

  10. You have the best boy if he wants to spontaneously see an Opera with you! So glad you had so much fun!

  11. I love, love, love this–and horray for Hansel & Gretel! The Dewfairy is one of those roles I dream about doing with a major company at Christmastime!

  12. how glamorous! I don't think I've ever been to the opera before. If only I could convince my guy to go do something like that with me. he'd probably resist :)