cornflake dreams.: morning yoga.


morning yoga.

lately i have been trying to start my day with a little wake-up yoga routine that i found on pinterest (where all good things live). it's a wonderful routine to stretch and wake up your muscles in the morning:: 

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do you workout in the morning

ps i also like yoga for abs.


  1. This looks simple and amazing! Unfortunately, I'm a terrible morning workout person and always find myself at the gym after work hours (which really cuts into my evening). But, with yoga I feel like I could get into a morning routine :)


  2. I used to workout in the morning but I found I benefit from that extra sleep so I do it after work. I may start doing some stretching in the morning though. I have seen a few morning routines on pinterest which have inspired me - I think I pinned this as well.

  3. I love working out in the morning! It give sme so much more energy during the day!

  4. I do butt exercises... and that's about it. I need to do more yoga- my muscles are so tight! Yoga is great for dancers, ps.

  5. I'm pretty sure my dog saw that pin, too.

    he does ALL OF THOSE THINGS in the mornings before he will go out for a pee. so high maintenance! haha :)

  6. This yoga routine looks great. I love working out in the morning. There's nothing better to start your day than a nice workout to get your blood flowing. :)

  7. i love yoga, but have gotten away from it in recent truly is a great way to awake your mind & body!!! XO brynn

  8. This looks fantstic! Thanks for sharing it - my bod could use sme great deep stretching in the morning! ;)

  9. I really need to. And frankly I may need to copy your routine. :)