cornflake dreams.: good things.


good things.

happy labor day!! i am ecstatic to have another day off :) so this post will be short and sweet. 

so far we've had a super productive weekend full of lots of good things:: 

-friday night we finally watched the hunger games movie! i thought it was a pretty good adaptation from the book but i caught myself pointing out differences (and most likely driving h crazy...he's never read the books so NO! i wasn't happy with some of the casting. woody harrelson?! really?)
-h repotted our money tree and we found a plant for our big pot in the living room 
-our itty bitty laundry room got some loving with additional hooks and baskets for storage 
-in an effort to use up some leftovers and clean out the fridge we cooked up a super tasty (and easy) dish: pan fried turkey kielbasa with diced onions and green peppers mixed with white rice and cheddar cheese. holy tasty. it think it was the kielbasa.
-saturday night we had a date night and saw celeste and jessie forever. i really liked it and it made my incredibly grateful for my husband
-i scored some sweet heels at DSW for my best friends wedding
-sunday dinner was upscale mexican food at las palmas in wicker park - i had some v tasty guac, tortilla chicken soup and a bite of h's to-die-for pineapple and tequila skirt steak

can't wait to see what today brings :) 


  1. You're already having a productive weekend! Hope you find time to relax and enjoy the day!

    (If you're interested, I'm giving away a $100 gift card to Shopbop. Enter here!)

  2. Great quote! & yes you sound super productive!!been dying to watch the hunger games movie, hopefully this week!

    Enjoy your day off love!

  3. I loved the hunger games movie but yeah zac and I had just finished the book so we noticed everything

  4. i need to watch that movie!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful–and delicious–weekend! I'm glad I wasn't the only one pointing out all the missed plot points in Hunger Games, though!

  6. I just love that quote! Saved it!