cornflake dreams.: wedding wednesday - short bridesmaid hairstyles.


wedding wednesday - short bridesmaid hairstyles.

this past weekend i hosted my best friends bachelorette party (i'll share photos next week)! we had a fantastic time and it got me really excited about her wedding (which is less than two months away). as a bridesmaid (and the maid of honor - whootwhoot!) i will have to figure out how i'd like to do my hair for her big day -- something i didn't really think about when i chopped 8 inches off a few weeks ago! as expected smancy hairstyle options are pretty limited for ladies with short hair.. i found a few cute do's on pinterest but all of them involve curls (something my pin straight hair does not cope well with). bring on the hairspray!

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  1. l'oreal elnet hairspray. you'll never go back to any other kind, i promise.

    love these looks! will look great for a wedding.

    xox emily
    www.once in a blue

  2. I think these looks are great for a wedding. :)

  3. these are adorable. almost makes me want to cut my hair!

  4. I recently saw a bridesmaid with a chin-length bob and instead of trying to give her curls, the stylist went the other way and made her hair SUPER straight with sharp edges and a deep side part. (I think she trimmed it a little to make the edges cleaner). She wore amazing statement earrings instead of a flower in her hair and looked super glamorous - sort of like these:


    I think it could work for you - you'll be gorgeous either way, though!

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  5. I'm with Stephanie! These adorable cuts make me want to chop my hair!

  6. Short hair is so pretty but I love my long hair too much! I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't pull it all up into a pony tail!

  7. I've seen some really adorable short hairstyles on bridesmaids! I think all of these are great, but maybe you can just get a cute headband to match your dress? My friend did that for my wedding and it was really cute!


  8. So cute. Love Audrey's style!

  9. You're seriously making me rethink all this long hair...

  10. So cute! If I had a wave to my hair, I would totally do this. So fun and bouncy- definitely sexy!

  11. i love these! so Marilyn! my favorite are the top two :)