good things.

-my friday pizza and movie date was just what i needed after a long week at work, we watched nine months, juliane moore and hugh grant are sooo young and there were quite a few adult jokes i didn't catch the last time i watched it! 
-i finally got my crepe fix this weekend at the randolph street market! i had a delicious savory chicken, pesto, spinach and onion crepe from gotta B crepes and i need to make a return trip so i can try a sweet crepe.
-speaking of sweets...i can't stop thinking about creamy delicious jeni's ice cream - i had a sample of the lemon blueberry, two of my favorite flavors!
-sunday dinner was moved to saturday and we visited our neighborhood tapas restaurant.
-greekfest was rainy on sunday, so we met our friends for a late lunch at a nearby greek restaurant. the gyros + our conversation was wonderful :)
- the rest of the day was lazy and i took the opportunity to do a little cleaning and watch a few episodes of real housewives of new jersey... i'm hooked!


ps the lucky winner of the photo-canvas giveaway is no.5, courtney! congratulations, please email me



  1. mmm crepes, my mouth watered just reading that. and i love that last picture with the plant holders- what an adorable idea

  2. what a fun weekend!! i STILL haven't checked out randolph street market. what is wrong with me??

  3. i'm always jeal of your amazing food-ventures over the weekend! :) p.s. nine months is one of those movies that i watched when i was way too young to "get" it. i love julianne in it!

  4. Any time I can get my crepe fix...I'm on it! ;) Sounds like a marvelous weekend!

  5. Ah! Greek food! I cannot get enough of it. Our Greekfest is this weekend. I'm so excited!

  6. Savoury crepes are delicious! Sounds like the perfect weekend :)


  7. You look so cute in that photo! Glad you had a great weekend!

  8. I'm such a fan of outdoor markets! And I've never seen RHONJ though I know everyone loves it. I'm scared if I start, I'll be hooked!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  9. I am a BIG fan of tapas my goal is to check out every tapas place in the chicago land area...so far cafe babareba is #1 on my list. :-)

  10. Sounds like a nice weekend! Every time I visit your blog, I leave hungry for crepes!

  11. Sounds lovely! I need Greek food asap. It's been a while! :)


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