gold for the sun king!

ahhh Versailles.. all that gold and decadence. I wanted to return to versailles ever since I visited the palace a few years ago and was devastated to find out that the famous hall of mirrors was closed for renovation. Luckily this time the mirrors were open and we had enough time to take the train to the chateau for a visit. After a ridiculously long wait (I think we might have arrived during the peak time of day), we finally got inside the palace walls. We took our time visiting the ornate rooms, trying to process all of the art and flourishes. h thought it was overkill but I liked the gold! (I even wore a large gold necklace in honor of the sun-king! Which i later regret after I got crazy tan lines - c'est la vie! 
While we were inside the palace H was dying to go escape outside to the gardens...I was just happy to finally see the gorgeous hall of mirrors:
When we finally made it outside we explored a portion of the massive grounds - my favorite part was the breathtaking orangerie, with it's impressive landscape designs:
Have you visited Versailles? 
What did you think of the castle and gardens?


  1. ooh, so awesome! great job getting photos with no tourists in them. :) love your pants too, btw!

  2. It is such a beautiful place! I haven't been there when everything is green, I went in winter. I must make a point to go this time of year. It is extremely impressive how large the garden is, right.it's huge

  3. those gardens are just amazing! I'm dying to go to versailles, when we went to paris last month we didn't get the chance- although we were there for bastille day so can't complain! I've made a promise to myself to go back in the next year to see the palace, especially as it's just 4 hours to paris from where we live right now.

  4. Such a beautiful place! I'm sure it's even more spectacular in person!

  5. It is seriously one of the most insane places in the world. Very opulent.

  6. These are beautiful images!

  7. Versailles is SO STUNNING! I am amazed by the attention to detail. Just wish we had beautiful places like that here in the states!

  8. I'm dying to see Versailles. Though, I think I'd be totally overwhelmed by all the decadence and beauty.

  9. ahh i want to go SO badly!! it looks gorgeous... i mean, those chandeliers?? off to check out your guest post!

  10. Look at how adorable you are in that outfit! Looks like a supremely romantic time!

  11. WOW amazing...and great pictures....My pictures never look that good with my dslr...

  12. I remember Versailles being very...overwhelming :) beautiful, but huge and crowded and almost too much to process in one day. The gardens really are incredible though! And I'm glad you finally got to see the hall of mirrors :)



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