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{guest post} - very loveleigh.

to jillian & her new mr:

my mister and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary just a month ago. in reflecting on these past three years, i know that we have learned so much, and fallen even more in love than i could ever imagine. i wanted to share two things that we have done with great success and one thing that we wish we would have in hopes that you have a beautiful beginning to your life together.

1. make plans for big or small adventures
whether it's a great meal the two of you want to cook together or a row boating adventure, make plans. my husband & i love to make lists together and try new things. lately, we've been mapping out little bike riding adventures with fun stops along the way. i know you two love to bike ride, so i highly suggest this. get out of your comfort zone though too. i recently found myself jumping out of a boat in the middle of the lake--not something i'd normally do--to indulge myself in a little risk-taking and adventure.

2. be flexible when things do not go as planned
we have found that life is not like the movies--or pinterest for that matter. you may have plans for something that just cannot happen right now. we have had big plans [where we want to live] and small ones [how we want to furnish a guest room] that just did not happen. don't sweat the small stuff in your marriage--especially those first few years. i read a quote by elizabeth edwards that i especially loved, "she stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails." stand in that storm together and adjust together and i promise you that life will be even happier that the movies--and pinterest.

now for that wish:

3. take a nice picture on each and every anniversary. 
something that i am truly kicking myself about is not taking a good picture on our anniversaries. sure, i have pictures, but not any really great ones of us together in good lighting, without sweatshirts on [our first anniversary was spent at the beach in a thunderstorm], etc. you don't have to do something super fancy, but this is a tradition that i completely and totally regret. 

it really is so fun to see how you do--and don't!--change.

sending too much love to the newlyweds! michigan & illinois are far too close for us not to grab dinner sometime!

love, leigh of very loveleigh



  1. Nice post...
    Inspiring and helpful.

  2. Oh, I'm seriously sad we haven't taken a nice photo on our anniversaries. Eight years later, I think we'll start!

  3. if i ever get married i definitely want to take a photo on every anniversary... how fun to see the changes (and bad hair do's) over the years!

  4. Such great tips. Sure wish we'd been getting great pics on our anniversaries! Guess it's never too late to start!

  5. Even though I'm not married yet, I loved this! There is so much to learn from those who are already married. So glad you shared what you've learned from your marriage so far, Leigh. :)

  6. Such great tips for someone starting a new marriage! I've been married almost four years and these are all such good things to keep in perspective.