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Hello beautiful readers of Cornflake Dreams! I'm Daryl, and I blog over at Roots, Wings & Other Things - a blog dedicated to chasing ones dreams wherever they may take you! I've followed my dreams all the way over to Frankfurt, Germany, a city I now call home with the love of my life.
I have done more traveling in the past year of my life than I had in my entire life before that: Since moving here last summer we've been to France three times (Paris, Strasbourg & Montpelier,) Greece, Denmark, Spain, Turkey, Malta and Switzerland. As I'm writing this I'm actually preparing for a two week backpacking trip through Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria with my best friend.  In the past year I've learned quite a bit about how to pack for a vacation in order to maximize style and comfort and minimize stress.  
1. Easy accessories - Moonstone necklace & Geometric bronze earrings. 2. A good book. 3. Rayban aviators to protect your eyes. 4. A cute panama hat or fedora. 5. Simple but cute tee shirts from H&M. 6. Maxi Skirts.

I like to keep my outfits simple and comfortable when I'm on a trip. My main goal is to see the sights, so impractical shoes and too many accessories are really out of the question. In fact, the articles of clothing you see above pretty much make up my go to travel outfit. Proof:

Valetta, Malta
Barcelona, Spain
Placa Reial - Barcelona, Spain

I hate wearing Jeans on vacation, especially during the summer. It makes more sense to me to stick with light, breathable fabrics. Not only will you be more comfortable, I believe the look is more polished than just jeans and a tee.  If I can offer you any advice about packing for your next adventure abroad, it would be that less is more!  Nothing stresses me out quicker than digging through a suitcase I've been living out of, unable to find something I know I packed. Stick to your staple items that you can mix and match on your trip and getting ready will seem to be far less of a chore!

Thanks for reading, and I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog sometime! In the meantime I'd love your opinion. What are your travel style "must-haves?" 



  1. So true daryl! Less is more when on a travel adventure. I LOVE your white eyelet skirt, it's perfect for summer travel. THanks for sharing your travel tips.
    Lori D.

  2. Great post! Love those maxi skirts!

  3. I love your style! And I completely agree, jeans are no good for traveling. I have to ask where that copy of Gatsby is from and where are those perfectly-pleated maxi's from? Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your travel style! So smart to rely on longer dresses and easy tees. And that jewelry is stunning. Wonderful guest post!

  5. I'm so jealous of all this traveling and so impressed at the same time! Checking out her blog right away!

  6. I lived in Spain for one summer. I loved your pictures and your adorable outfits!

  7. Welcome to Frankfurt!!
    I'm a blogger here as well so let's be friends!!

  8. Love this! Wrap dresses are my must have - they don't wrinkle as easily (depending on the fabric).


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