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marissa from the boot, is one of the sweetest bloggers i have been fortunate enough to  meet. she is living the dream, overseas in italy with her fiance, teaching young children and cooking up some tasty meals. every time i go onto her blog i smile... and then get hungry.
I'm always on the go - car trips exploring towns in Puglia, train rides to new cities in Italy, transatlantic flights to visit home and family in the summer time - so I'm pretty much an expert in travel snacking. In Italy, I'm what they call "a good fork" meaning I like to eat a lot, so I'm always prepared to be hungry, even when I'm in transit! :) What are your favorite travel snacks?

1) Trader Joe's Swiss Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts - delicious and good for you because it's dark! 
2) Dean & DeLuca Granola - super satisfying and full of flavor. i like to crunch on it during those in-flight movies.  
3) Peanut M&M's - this is my guilty pleasure candy. there's a nut/chocolate trend happening in this list!
4) Carrot Sticks and Hummus - when you feel like something more substantial that candy, this is healthy and easy to pack!
5) Vita Coco - on long flights, to keep your jet lag at bay you need to stay hydrated. not only is coconut water super tasty but it's more hydrating than water alone. win win!
6) Snyder's Soudough Specials - i love a good, hard pretzel anytime, but while traveling they're perfect because they don't break in your bag!

Thanks so much for having me today Jill! If you're hungry for more of my musings and recipes, come by the boot sometime! 

- Marissa of The Boot


  1. Thanks for the snack tips! I always pack White Cheddar Cheeze Its when we travel :)

  2. I usually try to bring trail mix so im not tempted by the swedish fish!

  3. I first came across the Snyder's on our road trip to Pittsburgh and the boy grabbed some, although they smelt the car out they were really tasty!

  4. We're taking a road trip this weekend and now I'm all excited about the snacks part. Hooray for coconut water! Sounds so good!

  5. I need to pay a visit to Trader Joe's and grab those dark chocolate covered hazelnuts stat!

  6. Mmm...these are yummy snacks for a trip! Thanks Marissa!

  7. These are all great tips! I'm heading out on a big old trip soon and I'll be using some of these!

  8. Great picks! Love the packing and munching chocolates and pretzels along the way. Glad to try out in your list.

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  9. thanks for having me jill and for your sweet words! :) much love! xoxo

  10. I love a bag of Humbug mints!

  11. Perfect travel snacks!!! I always have a big bag of Peanut M&M's in the car when I travel.


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