good things.

this weekend was full of good things... 

-friday i cheered on five co-workers who were picked to go to vegas. they are some of the sweetest people at the office so i was thrilled for them! 
-saturday the girls and i traveled to Milwaukee to visit our stomping grounds. we made a pit-stop at the outlet mall - i found some adorable periwinkle blue shorts, sandals, and a black top. 
-when we arrived in milwaukee we stopped at sobleman's and had some ammmazing burgers. 
-later that night we visited campus favorites:: caffs + murphy's
-we tried a few new drinks...did you know they make vodka that tastes like fruit loops?!
- i also got my fill of super addictive salty popcorn.
-we ended the night by dancing with the kiddos...apparently the song 'call me maybe' is a HUGE hit. and i feel old.
-it was a great time with the girls and it only took me a half a day to recover :)

how was your weekend?


  1. ek that call me maybe song makes me want to throw up lol. Glad you had such a fun weekend!

  2. ah lovely weekend! mine was filled with cheesecake making and film watching!

  3. Yay!! It was a good weekend :) Glad you had a quick recovery!

  4. Nothing beats going to your alma mater! And had no idea about the fruit loop vodka- is it good?!

  5. So fun! You sure know how to have a proper girl's night out!

  6. a big high-five for this weekend! sounds soooo fun! xoxo

  7. Oh it looks like an awesome weekend Jillian. Always good to start the Monday off on a high note!

  8. You are always having such a great time...love that and these pics.

  9. Hahahaha- I love that silly Call Me Maybe song. :) :) Oh, & apparently One Direction or New Direction or something like that is all the rage.
    We listen to it at Knitting Club at school. ;)

  10. Well...Im glad you had a fabulous weekend. I am bummed you didn't get picked for Vegas though...too bad! Next time... Looks like all worked out ok - fun pictures girlie...

    My Sunday was filled with lots of cuddle time w/my husband watching a half a season of the good wife...fun times!

    xoxo from Trinidad


  11. could you be any prettier? i mean, srsly.

  12. Sounds like a great weekend!! I love Call Me Maybe- I may even be in a cell phone video dancing to it in a hooded sweatshirt.

  13. I've been reading your blog for a bit and I'm so happy to hear you're a Milwaukee native - I've been here for 6 years and love it.

  14. Vodka that tastes like fruit loops?!?! Pour me a shot! :) Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  15. Sounds like such a fun weekend! So lucky to have such a quick recovery! I swear it takes longer with each year that passes...I am up to full day recoveries...no fun! XO Brynn

  16. Jillian, glad to hear and see that you had an awesome weekend! I love those pants you wore to bar hop :)
    Haha..I know what you mean about feeling old..I just heard that song on the radio for the first time and I thought I'm SO glad those days are L O N G gone :)

  17. Ahhhh Marquette...I used to love going to DePaul & Marquette B-Ball games...those were the best!

  18. Bit off topic but I'm loving your red jeans!

    Andrea x


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