wedding wednesday - work it out.

workoutow ow!

with the wedding less than 5 months away i have made up my mind to get serious about getting into shape. i am not looking to lose a significant amount of weight but i would like to look and feel my best for my big day. in order to do that i want to tone up and change my edit habits (just a smidge). 

i am giving up fried foods and sweets while at work. i am surrounded by a lot of sweet stuff at work:: there is an employee on our floor who stops by everyday to deliver a piece of candy, monthly birthdays with cakes and donuts, friday happy hours with pizza and random goodies that magically pop up in the kitchen! usually i have no will power and i am surprised i haven't gained the freshman 15 at the office! it's better that i wait until i get home to have a (small) treat then snack on all that sugar throughout the day.

along with the fried-food/office sweets ban, i plan to start up my retired workout. i have a gym in the same building as my office and every time i take a break to workout i feel great the rest of the day... so there's no excuse. and finally, i am going to make simple swaps-- like using wontons instead of chips and yogurt instead of sour cream and continue cooking light (i even started a new pinterest board of lighter foodie options). 

i hope these lifestyle changes continue long after the wedding but there isn't anything more motivating than knowing you'll want to look (and feel) your best on your wedding day. 

do you have any tips?!
what keeps you motivated to eat right and workout? 
what's your favorite workout routine?
what sites do you visit for healthy recipes? 



  1. I am trying to do something similar. I have been cooking with quinoa in place of pasta and rice. It has so much less carbs and is really high in protein.

  2. Good for you! I am sure your hardwork will pay off! I have been doing Weight Watchers- I only wanted to lose about 10 lbs, so I am doing the online program only. It is really working and really helping me become aware of what I put in to my body! I def recommend it!

  3. Great post! I just posted about our upcoming wedding linky parties in March! Hopefully you will get some good tips for your upcoming wedding! As far as eating and working out - I try to avoid breads and sugars and eat lean meats and fruits & veggies - this in combinaiton with cardio really gives me the best results - good luck!

  4. so you're saying my recipe from today is probably not the best for your wedding diet?! :) i hear you though...for me, it's all about portion control and exercise because i like food entirely too much to give up too many things! xo

  5. if you are looking for an amazing workout that you can do from your home, you should check out www.mybarre3.com. I promise if you do a 40-60 minute workout 3-4 times a week you will notice amazing changes in your body. I know...I sound like an infomercial, but it's really true.

  6. I'm trying to do the same.. lots of barre classes in my future!

  7. Good luck!!! I wish I had new unique tips for you but I am the WORST!

  8. Love these tips! I've been thinking of giving up fried foods for a while now. I don't know if it will ever happen but they seem to be my downfall. Me and fries are besties!

  9. for recipes, look to skinnytaste for help! as for the workouts and such, my motto was everything in moderation...give yourself a treat every now and then and it'll help keep you on track so you're not going without for too long ;)

    and biggest thing for me was making sure not to forget my strength training-as a girl, i would get so caught up with doing so much cardio, but for LEAN muscle, low weights ang high reps helped me get better looking arms and legs for the big day!!

    good luck friend ;)

  10. good for you! i found my wedding to be great motivation and gave up carbs for the last 3 months. good luck!

  11. I just finished my first month of serious work out/eating habit over haul. I've been trying to eat less meat and hitting the gym 3x and doing 30 minutes of continous movement everyday. I love doing planks and plies, gotta work the buns!
    I'm rooting for you lady!

  12. Good for you - I'm in the same boat! Time to clean up the craziness and get serious again!

    - Zumba Class
    - Jillian DVDs
    - 45 min. walks w/ co-workers at lunch
    - Yoga
    - Good old fashion gym time!

    - Cooking Light
    - Skinny Taste
    - Weight Watchers
    - Vegetarian Sites
    - Hungry Girl

    Good luck! Keep us posted!!

  13. For me, working out as early as possible in the day always help make sure it will actually happen. Unfortunately, my work schedule means I usually have to wait until after work, but a gym in the office definitely helps!

    Are there any shorter-term goals you could set for yourself? I've started doing half-marathons and other races, and having that training schedule in mind (plus the money you spent on the race) is a REALLY good motivator!

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  14. just think of your pretty white dress & your gorgeous wedding day . . . should be enough incentive to get you to the gym!

  15. Oh man i bet it's so hard to stay away from those sweets at work! You can do it Jillian...and the best part is rewarding yourself on your honeymoon!

  16. For me, variety is the key, both in my workouts and in my diet. And I agree with Natasha, strength training is so important! I have also been spinning for the past year, and it's the best cardio workout I've come across!

  17. YOu are much more disciplined than I am. I wish I had worked out more before my wedding!!! xoxo elizabeth

  18. I need all the help I can get with home exercises these days! Especially with my growing prego belly! Kelli

  19. love this! i'm doing the same.. i eat sandwiches pretty much everyday, but i buy the no flour bread from TJs, no buns with burgers, quinoa instead of pasta... oh and jillian michaels!

  20. Been there done that! ;) I had to hit the gym that was and is the only way i really ever see results, and for me personally cardio gets the most results, the swinging of arms while running is surprising great for toning the abs!

  21. I am so right there with you! One of the worst parts about working in an office setting - There are WAY too many sweets!

    Here is my plan of attack:

    Cut out the sugar - eat fruit instead (plus it adds to glowing skin!)

    Emphasizing more on raw foods (about 75% of my diet) - whole, uncooked veggies in all colors of the rainbow! - are key!!! (also adds to glowing skin!)

    Less carbs, more protein! I am making "pasta" out of zucchini & beets and my main protein source is all about fish and shellfish (lean & mean!!!)

    No more soy chai lattes!!! (well, okay, I am allowing myself 2 per week) - but lattes add up to a lot of fat & calories, so I am replacing with hot or iced green tea - packed full of antioxidants! (there goes that glowing skin again!)

    WATER, WATER, WATER - hydration is a BIG problem of mine...I definitely don't drink enough water - working on this one is key for me! I have also incorporated coconut water into my daily habits!
    (glowing skin!)

    WORK IT OUT - I am hitting it from all angles - yoga, cardio, lt weights and my Tracy Anderson video - trying to get as lean & toned as I can!!!

    Wow! Sorry, once I started typing I couldn't stop! ;) You got me all inspired! I had been thinking and started doing these things, but hadn't actually written it all out :)

    I have no doubt you are going to look absolutely fabulous on your big day, Jillian :) XO brynn

  22. Best of luck to you my dear!

  23. I lost a good 10 lbs leading up to my wedding day. It felt great! I was doing yoga a few times a week and nothing more (I did cut back on my drinking :) ). I really did just lose a lot of the weight because I was a bride. I think it happened to all of my other friends too. All the stress and excitement just gets to you physically. Good luck toning up! I have lost all motivation these days, unfortunately.

  24. Office treats are so hard to resist! My office always seems to have goodies hanging around too

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  25. I've found that simply not buying it keeps me from eating it (duh), and that very quickly you don't even think about what you're not having. John and I have (mostly accidentally) cut most meat, save the occasional piece of chicken or fish, from our diets, and we get excited about meals with veggies, so we're not missing out on anything!

  26. Check out bodyrock.tv. Workouts range from approximately 4-15 minutes but they're high intense workouts. So if you can't stand working out for up to an hour, these workouts are perfect and plus you're more likely to do them because they're so short! They also have lots of tips and advice on exercise, as well as great recipes :)

  27. I started getting into shape about two months before my wedding. I gave up pasta and bread and sweets. Truthfully? I knew I didn't want to look at my pictures and regret NOT losing some weight and that really helped in the motivation department!

  28. You go girl!!
    I don't think I could contain myself if there were constant sweets floating around the office!

    I love a good dance workout!

  29. great work jill! cutting out fat and sugar will help a lot! and brynn is right about lots of water, maybe you could put some lemon or cucumbers in it to drink at work! once you start to make these changes it will feel like such a treat when you do have a donut or piece of cake! :)

  30. get it girl!! you're going to look amazing!! the hospital i work at is the same way -- danger zone 24/7 with pizza/cupcakes on a daily basis. ugh it's tough! i've given up sweets this month and i can already tell a difference. for me, cutting back on processed foods/sweets makes me lose weight and feel better so fast. and also working out to tone up! good luck! xoxo


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