wedding wednesday - work it out.

workoutow ow!

with the wedding less than 5 months away i have made up my mind to get serious about getting into shape. i am not looking to lose a significant amount of weight but i would like to look and feel my best for my big day. in order to do that i want to tone up and change my edit habits (just a smidge). 

i am giving up fried foods and sweets while at work. i am surrounded by a lot of sweet stuff at work:: there is an employee on our floor who stops by everyday to deliver a piece of candy, monthly birthdays with cakes and donuts, friday happy hours with pizza and random goodies that magically pop up in the kitchen! usually i have no will power and i am surprised i haven't gained the freshman 15 at the office! it's better that i wait until i get home to have a (small) treat then snack on all that sugar throughout the day.

along with the fried-food/office sweets ban, i plan to start up my retired workout. i have a gym in the same building as my office and every time i take a break to workout i feel great the rest of the day... so there's no excuse. and finally, i am going to make simple swaps-- like using wontons instead of chips and yogurt instead of sour cream and continue cooking light (i even started a new pinterest board of lighter foodie options). 

i hope these lifestyle changes continue long after the wedding but there isn't anything more motivating than knowing you'll want to look (and feel) your best on your wedding day. 

do you have any tips?!
what keeps you motivated to eat right and workout? 
what's your favorite workout routine?
what sites do you visit for healthy recipes? 



game changer.

WONTONS. i'm a little obsessed with this game changer...they are so versatile and have very little calories and fat. 

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a few weeks ago i made leslie's mexican wontons and substituted ranch dressing for yogurt + ranch seasoning and sausage for low fat ground turkey.

last weekend i whipped up some spinach and feta quiche cups

and this past sunday i made buffalo chicken roll-ups::
mix canned chicken, plain non-fat yogurt, shredded cheese, taco seasoning, franks hot sauce, diced onions - wrap in wontons and bake until crispy! easy beasy right?!
are you a wonton fan?! 
what's your favorite recipe?


wedding wednesday - the perfect playlist.

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happy wedding wednesday! one of the most challenging parts of our wedding planning so far has been coming up with our playlist! (a project i thought would be easy since h and i have similar tastes in music). we can't seem to agree on what songs will make the cut. with a limited amount of time for cocktails, dinner and dancing-- i want to make sure we have all of our favorites included but i still want to leave room for our dj to do his thing. we also haven't decided on THE song. (our first dance song). thankfully we have a few months to edit the list-- until then i would love to hear your suggestions! 

what songs do you love hearing at weddings?!
what songs would you put on a 'do not play' list?



gumdrop studs.

lately i have been alllll about stud earrings. these kate spade gumdrop earrings are a steal at $38! i just can't decide what color i like the best... 

colors - black - white 

i also love the heart studs $48 and signature spade studs $38

what's your latest jewelry obsession?

ps happy mardi gras!


funny girls.

one of my favorite things in life is to laugh. on the weekends, if we are home, h and i try to watch snl for the weekend update skit with seth meyers. this weekend maya rudolph hosted the show, and it was pretty hilarious -- i loved the bronx beats skit with amy poehler. (if you want to see other highlights of the show - click here).

 amy poehler is one of my favorite funny girls--especially on parks and recreations, and after bridesmaids i finally gave in and admitted kristen wiig is out of control crazy cakes funny. maya, amy and kristen all seem like the type of strong, smart and funny women you'd want to be friends with.

who makes you smile?!


etsy wishlist.

lately i have been spending a lot of time on etsy... i blame it on the wedding but to be honest i have found a LOT of other stuff i neeeed for our new home. here is my current wishlist::

do you have any favorite etsy pieces? do share! i would love to check out a new (to me) shop!


wedding wednesday - hearts!

Happy wedding wednesday! today in the spirit of valentines day i have picked out a few of my favorite heart details:

i think i'll try to incorporate a heart (or two) in my wedding decor-- or on my shoes!

what do you think about adding hearts to a wedding? sweet? or sappy?


treats for your sweetie.

sooo h doesn't have a huge sweet tooth but i do. that being said, i'm pretty sure if i made a sweet treat or two for valentines day they wouldn't go to waste in our house and he would have a few. with the "holiday" right around the corner this weekend is the best time for me to get baking:: 

OR i could just order some cookies from momfuku in nyc (they deliver). the compost cookie (perfect for my pro-recylcing & composting fiance!) and the cornflake cookie both sound like perfect picks. {they also sell pies & cake truffles}. ampersand via

do you celebrate valentines day? 
what is your favorite sweet treat?


wedding wednesday - save the date!

happy wedding wednesday - let's talk about save the dates! right after we got engaged (the last day of our weekend trip to portland) h and i went to the Ace Hotel and jumped in their photobooth to capture the moment. i knew we would use these photos for our save the dates. that's not to say i didn't find a LOT of other ideas. here are a few of my favorites:
mad love - b&w photobooth - balloons

vintage postcard - matchbook - modern travel 

after much debate i stuck with the photobooth photo and (with a little nudge from my mom and friends) i decided to make our save the dates a magnet. i used magnet street's photo booth save the date layout to start and then uploaded my own design. the magnets ended up costing about $1.29/per magnet + envelope! kinda a steal, right?!



inspired design - big comfy beds.

our bed frame broke recently (oy! don't ask) and so now we're living like hippies with our box spring and mattress on the floor. i've got a nice idea of what i would like our bed to look like:: 

with a new duvet + cover, quilt, and pillows on our wedding registry i think we'll be able to make this happen later this year. i am still in search of the perfect headboard (that h doesn't think is too girly and i don't think looks exactly like our couch pillows!) 

what does your dream bed look like? 
lots of pillows? an oversized headboard? or something simple? 


when i grow up...

i was talking to h the other night and i asked him when he was a child what did he want to be when he grew up? he said doctor. and he is a doctor. boom! way to make it happen! well, i wanted to be a dolphin trainer. im not terribly upset that my dream was never realized (not sure i'd look great in a wetsuit) but it got me thinking about how we change as we grow up and how our dreams evolve (or don't).
a chef - ballet dancer - little mermaid - astronaut
i'm curious when you were little what did you want to "be" when you grew up? and what do you do now? are you on the road to your dream job?


wedding wednesday - flowers.

happy wedding wednesday! as i mentioned on monday- we met with our florist over the weekend and she was just fantastic. our florist is a family friend and she had a LOT of great ideas for our big day but still listened to everything i wanted. 

when h and i got engaged last march (wowzah- time flies doesn't it?!) i had a clear vision of what i wanted for our big day: lots of gold, pinks and blushes and the dreamy pale flowers to match (with rustic succulents thrown in). 
blushes - succulents - pinks

fast forward 10 months later and now my mind is set on something completely different. i have nixed my muted palate for BRIGHT bouquets and flowers. here are a few of my favorites: 
ranunculus - bright bouquet - little buds

the bright flowers will serve as the main pop of color in our reception space so i want something bold and graphic (something a little more fun...like us!) i am confident our florist is going to help make our big day bright & beautiful- i can't wait!!

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