foodie fave- peas and crayons.

i am super excited to announce that july's foodie fave is jenn from peas and crayons! p&c was one of the first foodie blogs i started following a year ago. jenn is committed to healthy living and she gives great tips and recipes. bonus: now she's got other bloggers posting about their food and linking up on "what i ate wednesdays." i am excited to try out these veggie friendly recipes::
cranberry walnut croissant, quinoa fried ricepesto veggie manicotticreamy pesto shrimp wantons (i dont even like shrimp but these look too tasty not to try!)

What is your favorite meal of the day? Whatever meal involves company. Sometimes it's brunch, or a fun lunch date, and dinner with my husband is always a blast since there are equal parts eating and laughter. Good times =)

Favorite Dish you have featured on your blog?  Lately I cant get enough quiche.

Favorite Healthy Recipe: This healthy twist on fried rice is ridiculously tasty and super filling: quinoa fried rice

Favorite ingredient to bake or cook with: Garlic goes in nearly everything I make. It's a little flavor powerhouse!

New dish you're dying to try to make: Kale chips! They are all over blogland and I have got to try them!

Are there any special occasions or holidays you like to cook for? All of them!!! My party pants are always on ;)

What prompted you to start "What I Ate Wednesdays"? Food diaries and meal reflection were such a huge part of my career that if I wasn't reading a list of someone else's eats, I was writing my own. They get super tedious though and I thought a photo diary of random days would be fun to look back on. I started posted my photo food diaries on my blog every Wednesday and it became this fabulous way for me to reflect on my eating habits and spot out patterns, slip-ups, and successes! Before I knew it, I was inviting all of blog land to join me in this weekly food photo montage! I am super inspired by all the WIAW eats... ohmygosh I'm always trying new recipes and food combinations now... I love it so!

What is the most challenging thing about cooking for you? Baking makes me want to punch Martha Stewart in the face. I heart Martha... but she makes it look so easy when it is oh-so hard for me! I get flour everywhere and run around looking like Tyrone Biggums.

What do you like most about cooking? Its a fabulous way to indulge my creativity while nurturing my body! I know where my ingredients came from and where they'll end up. The cheese goes straight to my butt and the almonds go straight to my muscles =) In theory. haha

isn't she cute? check out peas and crayons for more healthy recipes and crafty tips! 


ps interested in attending the rendez-vous: new england event in september?! be sure to reserve your ticket today!


wedding wednesday- to do's.

when we got engaged i was SO excited. and then i got a tidbit overwhelmed by all of the pending to-do's. h to the rescue! he scoured the internet and came up with a timeline/ checklist of the things we had to do before the wedding. one of the things we wanted to take care of right away were our vendors (since they tend to book up in advance too!)
we needed a photographer, dj, florist and officiant. the catering is done through our venue
camera print, peonies via

i was pretty excited about finding the perfect photographer. i had an idea of what i wanted-- someone with a photo journalistic point of view with a touch of creativity and vintage flare. i found our photographer after doing a simple search on wedding bee and after after reviewing her website i was smitten. we scheduled an appointment and dawn blew me away with her photographs and style. i loved the vintage feel of her work and i cannot wait to have her photograph our engagement photos and wedding! check and check!

 all photos are by dawn e roscoe and are being used with permission.
how do you keep yourself organized and on-task? 
do you have any photographer tips/favorite shots at a wedding? 



rendez-vous: new england!

as you know last week i had a little blate (blog date) with {av} from long distance loving. we took that short visit to plot our our next get-together... and you're invited! 

I've never been to boston so i am beyond excited to explore the city and meet some wonderful people! here are the details::
saturday- september 10: afternoon touristy adventure, nighttime mixer
sunday- september 11 :: SoWa Open Market followed by a picnic in the park 
The events are open to bloggers of all ages and genres -- we're just hoping to have a LOT of fun getting to know other bloggers! space is limited- so check your schedule and order your tickets to reserve a spot.

if you are an out of town guest please email me for more information regarding hotel options (we can help you coordinate a roommate to cut costs!) If you have any additional questions please email ellepolish@gmail.com
YAH! i am so excited!! let the count down begin!! hope to see you there!




okay so you might remember this post from a few months ago. i was all about the teddy-bear-esque pups but lately i can't get enough of little frenchies. there's just something about those little pointy ears... and the puppies?! 
gosh. don't get me started. AND i already have a awesome name picked out:: 
kishmish (it's the first word in Farsi i learned...it means raisin. real useful eh?) 
seersucker dog bow tie collar $24, viaviaviaviavia
so game over- we need to expand our family (just as soon as we find one from a shelter--seriously just say no to puppy mills!)

Are you a dog or a cat person? 
What is your favorite pet name?


wedding wednesday- stay cool.

hello friends! today is my first official wedding wednesday post...whoohoo. now that the wedding is less than a year away i need to stay on track and start planning.

as you know, i announced last week that our wedding date is july 14, 2012. so july in illinois = hot damn hot (i am glad it will be sunny but i am a little nervous about our outdoor ceremony). i have decided to help cool the guests off we should consider making (or buying) some pretty fans. here are a few i have my eye on:: 
i also like the idea of having a little bowl of sunscreen for guests. the last thing i want is for everyone to have bright red faces in all the photos. 

anyone else have a summer wedding? how did you deal with the heat? 
any tips or things to keep on hand?!



good things.

don't you just love long weekends?! today is my 'monday' and it's a little tough to start the week again after a fun weekend::

-movie date: sideways (i really want to take a trip to cali vineyards now)
-jewelry that makes a statement. i LOVE my urban natures necklace ($23) and earrings ($19) the pieces have a vintage look and the company donates 10% of its profits to children in need
-a local festival and ice cream
-long bike rides
-sunday farmers market - fresh blueberries and lots of cheese samples

-my blate with {av} from {long distance loving}
-goat cheese marinara dip with pita chips
-mason jar mojitos at moonshine
-chatting and planning (look for a big announcement next week!)
-afternoon shopping in wicker park
-ahhmazing bbq at lillie q's

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

ps a few more good things:: i am smitten with summer over on inspired design 
and featured on breakfast at toast in her girls who inspire series!



blog + date = blate (thank you megan from across the pond)

today my blate is with my blog bestie {av} from {long distance loving}av and i have had some pretty epic email exchanges and skype dates but this is the first time i have met another blogger outside of my chicago blogger circle. 

when i started this blog last year i never imagined all of the great people i would have encountered (in person and online). i feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many creative individuals and i appreciate all of your constant support and feedback. with that i would like to introduce to you a few favorites you might want to check out::

Byrnn at Chartreuse & A Twist
Joelle from Love is Home
Ashely from Ashely Nicole Catherine
Shari from Chicago Cuisine
Leigh from Very Loveleigh
Marissa from The boot
Drew from Coral Cafe

what are your favorite blogs? any newbies i should check out?



counting down...

Today marks the one-year mark until our wedding!!! i am SO excited! and this means i need to really need to get organized and start planning all the little details for the big day. to keep myself on track (and to keep all of you updated!) i will be doing wedding wednesday posts starting next week :) is there anything in particular you would like to read about?

ps happy bastille day to all you francophones. 


style crush- {see jane}

i am very excited to introduce to you my (chicago) july style crush...anna jane from see jane. she's got style and skills (see jane bake and cook too). i love her easy going personality and stylish wardrobe...here are a few of my favorite outfits and how you can get her look:
utility (see jane wear) :: white silk shirt $110 or green button-up $39jeans $98.50, sandals $188, necklace $78
name: Anna Jane
location: Chicago IL
occupation: Higher education consultant
hobbies: Music, going to concerts, reading, cooking, being with my friends and family, traveling, volunteering (currently looking for a new organization to work with if anyone has suggestions), fashion, and Words With Friends (my name is seeannajane if you want to play!)

what is your favorite store in chicago? I know you mean clothing, but I love the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park.  It's my happy place. In terms of clothes, I love shopping at Nordstrom, J Crew, and H&M.

what is your favorite trend this summer? Bright colors and maxi skirts
what is your favorite season (in terms of the clothes you get to wear)? Fall for the layers and change of dress completely and summer for the light fabrics and sandals--I can't choose!

what is your favorite accessory? Earrings--I feel naked without them, but I only like to wear studs or posts.

what do you feel most comfortable wearing? Any kind of dress.  

whose style do you admire? Joanna Hillman, Jenna Lyons, Diane Kruger

what inspired you to start your blog? I started it on a whim while my dad was ill in 2010 as a distraction from life's realities and also as a desire to combine my love of style and writing.

who are your favorite fashion bloggers? I read so many great blogs that it's hard to narrow it down!  But currently, I'm loving B Jones StyleBrooklyn BlondeCheetah is the New Black9 to 5 ChicAtlantic-PacificThis Time Tomorrow, and Lucy Laucht

do you have any advice to new fashion bloggers?  It's pretty daunting to put yourself out there like this, but if you love it, then I'd advise to stick with it!  It's also super easy to get caught up in the comparison game, but I think it's super important to stay true to yourself and to have your own voice.  Also, the best way to get readers is to reader other blogs and get involved with the community.  Stay genuine and reach out to other bloggers that you can relate to through emails/comments/twitter. 



isn't it sweet

it's no secret that i love lemon sorbet... but my sugar addiction doesn't stop there. i am a sucker for just about everything lemon. it's one of my favorite flavors-- and when you add blueberry or strawberry?! game over
i just can't resist. 

what's your favorite favor? 


spring trip booked!

with our spain trip a few months away, h and i have been booking hotel rooms and figuring out barcelona and madrid logistics. along with all of that planning we also have been researching other travel destinations. i have been dreaming of turkey for a while now and h has been checking on ticket prices for weeks. the other night he finally found a great deal (and a non-stop flight) to istanbul! we'll be traveling to turkey at the end of april 2012!! eeep! so excited!!

via, via, via, viavia, via, via

any turkey OR barcelona/madrid travel tips? 
food we need to try? sites to see?

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