style crush - {travel in style}.

phuong from travel in style is one of my favorite international fashionistas. she is a world traveler and just returned from a trip to dubai (lucky!) i love how she pairs neutrals with neon accessories to create fresh looks that are stylish and comfortable. 

inspiration outfit
get the look:: zara tulip skirt dress $89.90, hot pink scarf $19.95, sunglasses $24, bootie $48.95, silver cuff $102, crescent silver necklace $48

what trends do you love right now?

I love to mix and match difference kinds of color at this moment, a pop of color makes an simple outfit more special. Also the all white looks caught my eyes, cannot get enough of it. 
who are your favorite designers?
I actually don;t have a favorite designer. There are so many I just like, I probably cannot choose just one haha.

what is favorite piece of clothing or accessory?
At this moment my favorite pair of shoes are from Zara, wedges with a buckle around the ankle. They are gorgeous and comfortable at the same time. Also my new Cambridge satchel bag is my favorite, just a perfect accessory if you need to pop some color in your look. 

what do you feel most comfortable wearing?
Comfy loose fit trousers, with a beautiful colorful top and sandals. Very simple for a beautiful summer day out.

what is on your shopping wishlist for the summer? 
I still want a beautiful white suit or a pink one. Just perfect for a great summer night out.

where do you look for fashion inspiration? 
Everywhere, from my travels, other bloggers, the street, online and so on..

what do you like most about blogging?
Sharing my thoughts about fashion, that's the mostly love about blogging. And the second one is meeting new people who has the same interest; FASHION.

do you have any advice for newbie 'what i wore' fashion bloggers? 
Wear the things you love, because fashion is about expressing yourself and your thoughts about style. Don't follow each and every trend you see, remind yourself if it's truly something you love to wear and how you want to express yourself to others.

see! she is pretty fantastic, don't you have a little crush now too?!


canvas classics.

i want to get my closet ready for summer and the first step is to stock up on a few classic pieces that i can wear over and over again. i am pretty smitten with lands end canvas lately... they have great pieces at affordable prices. i have my eye on a few light sundresses and tops::

happy memorial day!


story time.

Growing up I had a few favorite books: Mr. Popper's Penguins, James and the Giant Peach, and Matilda all topped my list. i have fond memories of reading the dahl classics in the summertime and building a shadowbox in grade school featuring the little Popper penguins. I randomly told H about the shadowbox and a few months later he bought me a vintage copy of the book :) 

Sooo naturally, I was a little sad to see that Mr. Poppers Penguins is going to be made into a movie...with Jim Carrey. I used to like Ace Ventura back in the day.. but after a string of flops not so much. ugh. I hope he doesn't ruin my penguins!

What childhood books do you hold close to your heart?



friday's fancies #19.

memorial day weekend has arrived!! in honor of summer time i am busting out my white pants (and i suggest you do the same!) h and i have a few things planned for the long weekend--we're seeing 'the hangover' on saturday (i'll give you a full report on monday) and my family is having a cookout on sunday to celebrate my little brother's return from Afghanistan and my twin cousin's birthday. the weather in chicago is suppose to be sunny- so i want to go for a few long walks.

 for my friday's fancies memorial day outfit i have chosen something a lil bit patriotic (america! yah!):: 
nicola striped-panel strapless BCBG dress (with belt!) $128, sandals $50, clutch $64
poppies via, via, via 

you may have missed- guest posts galore::
memorial day plans on ten scenic drive 
bebecakes on 100 things i love
what i wish i wore on love, julie

what are your plans for the holiday weekend?


barcelona birdies

Judy Kaufmann is one of my favorite illustrators. She has a soft spot for birds, houses, cars, people and other animals. Her prints are bright, fun and unique::
 lady peacock print / peacock and friends / houses and birds print
Oh and did I mention she lives in Barcelona?! And now i cannot stop dreaming about the city and our upcoming trip :) 
birds and color print / viaviavia

You can see all of her work here!


friday's fancies #18 - {anniversary outfit}.

happy friday!! today h and i are celebrating our two year anniversary- yippieee! may also marks our one year anniversary of living together! time is flying by but i am happy i am able to spend a lot of quality time with my man. exact celebration are still tbd... we want to see how the weather turns out and then go from there (pray for some sunshine!!) i would love to do something low key: a picnic with some sandwiches and wine or burgers and beer at an outside patio (i know, i know i'm obsessed w burgers lately). 

dress $185, cardigan $330, sandals $60, necklace $1300, blanket $48, picnic basket $50, wine $10

do you have any special date ideas? what was your favorite way to celebrate an anniversary or special day?


ps i saw 'bridesmaids' last night with a few friends (and two of my bridesmaids!) and it was hilarious. go see it. now.


shop crush - {fishs eddy}.

my latest home decor obsession is fishs eddy: the new york shop specializes in dinnerware, glassware, flatwear, and servewear. i love all the unique and classic pieces and i would love to go to a retail store (maybe next time i'm in NYC!)

'clean up your act' soap dish $4.95, carnival tote bag $10.95, white milk cake stand $74.95, take 5 dishtowel pair $14.95

psst: another huge bonus for all of you engaged ladies- they have a gift registry



pantone love.

while i was shopping at paper source this past weekend i noticed a fun pantone folding chair for sale. i laughed and thought "okay nerdy. but i like it." it got me thinking that there must be other gifts to give all the other pantone junkies. i found a few gems... my personal favorites are the espresso cup set [6], the homemade pantone cookies (what a fun idea!) and that uber impressive art installation (i want to call it pointillism via pantone?!) 

[1] stairs via [2] folding chair via [3] notebook $15 [4] mug $12.50 [5] colorstrology $7.50 [6] espresso set of mugs $50 [7] iphone 4 cover $36

pantone tins $28/each, cookies via, art via

are you fascinated by pantone colors and products? or is it a little too tech-y for you?



weekend recap.

hi there and happy monday! how was your weekend?! 
i had a fantastic time in milwaukee with the girls (followed by a rough recovery). 

despite the gross weather (it was rainy, windy and v cold), we made the most out of our trip. we shopped in the third ward, grabbed burgers for dinner (my bacon blu cheese burger was ahhhmazing! i am still drooling thinking about it) and ventured out to two campus bars where we ran into some old friends and danced the night away :)

via, via

a few things i learned from our trip: 
-i'm really going to miss julie (brunette in the blue tank w no bangs) this summer- 
she's leaving tomorrow for a summer associate position in buffalo, ny. 
-i have a lot of school pride and i love to see how the campus is changing and becoming even more beautiful.
-red bull is dangerous and i should stop after one or two. 
-it pays to be childhood friends of the manager of a bar (jimmy pictured above).
-when in doubt print out directions for dinner (we got a little scenic tour of the town).
-when people talk about friendly people in the midwest they are probably talking about milwaukee.
-we all still have some pretty sweet dance moves.
-gyros taste pretty good at 3am.

how was your weekend? do you take trips with your friends?




friday's fancies #17.

i've got a busy weekend planned and i couldn't be more excited about it! tonight h and i are going to continue to celebrate his birthday with a special dinner date (i do hope thursday's post and all of your sweet comments re-post! #bloggerFail). saturday i am off to milwaukee with the girls and sunday i'll be back for dinner with h's family. it's been one crazy week! thank you again for all of your supportive comments. i am thrilled to be working on a few blog re-designs and i can't wait to see what happens next! 

another bonus...the weather in chicago is finally turning around and the city is warming up! i am linking up with miss {av} from long distance loving for my summer inspired friday's fancies:: 

dress $198, necklace $98, bag $98, shoes $105

what are your weekend plans? 


girls guide to mke.

this saturday i am visiting milwaukee for a mini girls trip to our old college stomping grounds. i. cannot. wait. i love milwaukee in the summertime! every time i visit the city i run into old friends and i hope this trip isn't any different. it'll be a quick visit but we have a lot of fun things planned. i have a special playlist planned for the journey with songs that instantly take me back to MU:: 

Nelly Furtado: Maneater
Kenny Chesney: Keg in the Closet

Vertical Horizon: Everything You Wanted
Ludacris and Snoop Dog: Holiday Inn
Kayne West: Gold Digger
Kenny Loggins: Footloose (queue bar 80's dancing)
Journey: Don't Stop Believin (queue air microphone)
Eric Prydz: Call on Me (ha don't ask)

Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway
Fall Out Boy: Dance, Dance
Lil' John: Get Low

images via, via

images via, via, via, via, via, via, via, via, via

-once we get into the city we have a few plans-
saturday:: Shopping in the Third Ward {Anthropologie, Broadway Paper}, dinner at Sobelman's Tallgrass Grill... drinks and dancing downtown, more drinks and popcorn (yah!) at our favorite University establishments:: Caffreys Pub and Murphys Irish Pub. annd sleep!

sunday:: breakfast at Alterra at the Lake and then back home.

do you ever visit your old college town? what songs remind you of college? 



color crush: red.

thank you all SO much for the sweet and supportive comments to yesterday's post! i am extremely excited to start this new venture and it means a lot to have your support. 

on to other fun things! it's h's birthday this thursday!!! in honor of h's favorite football (soccer) team, AC Milan i have decided to focus my color crush on RED with a few milan wanderlust photos.

congrats to AC Milan for winning the Italian Series A Championship last saturday, you made my man v happy :) 

do you watch sports? are you or your boyfriend or husband obsessed with a team?


the best.

this weekend started off with a huge shock. i got let go from my day job (i worked in marketing at an architecture firm). the company is downsizing and had to make some cuts (an all too familiar story in the past few years). when i left the office on friday with all of my stuff i was bit shaken up. later that night, after a long talk with h and a few bud light limes i started to realize that this unexpected event is just what i needed to push me into a career that really made me happy. i liked my job, loved the people but i really want to focus my time and talents on something that is more design driven. this blog has been an incredible creative outlet, i am so grateful for it and for all of you and i look forward to posting everyday. i want to get more involved in the blogging community and i plan to start offering blog layout and additional custom design services (stationary, brochures, invitations, recipe cards, etc) email me if you're interested in more info.

via, via
a huge thank you to all of you who sent me supportive tweets :) i feel so lucky to have such loving friends and family. happy monday and keep smiling. 



happy mothers day.

{that's my momma, me and my little brother nicky}
happy mothers day :) - love you mom!



friday link love

I awwwwed out loud when i saw this adorable sketch:

And then i promptly repined it to Pinterest. That's right i officially joined (this is old news if you follow me on twitter). sooo i am officially retiring friday link love. sad. but filling that void with lots of Pinterest LOVE (check out the new pinterest button on the left sidebar!)

Do you pin?

friday's fancies #16.

hola chickas! a HUGE thank you to all the bloggers who linked up for the cinco de mayo fiesta blog crawl yesterday!! i plan to continue my fiesta celebrations this weekend with fresh salsa and dinner with my brother! sunday, i am heading out to the burbs for a mothers day brunch. today i am linking up with {av} over at long distance loving for another friday fancies. i would love this outfit (plus a mini tan!)

what are you up to this weekend? celebrating mothers day with your momma?


blog crawl - cinco de mayo fiesta!

my perfect fiesta would involve fun decorations, a lot of food and drinks, and a really cute dress::
decorate your fiesta space with colorful pennant banners, a fun pinata, and creative centerpieces.

eat tasty chicken quesadillas with peppers and chicken and guacamole tostadas 
dip avacado-feta salsabasil guacamolequeso fundido with corn-bread dippers
bake cookies with a margarita cookie cutter and splurge on cupcakes from wild orchid baking company . 

dress in something bright!! [1] [2] [3] and grab a drink!
and don't forget little love notes for your guests. 


bloggers--it's your turn to link up below and share your fiesta inspired posts!



here's to you.

happy birthday the lovely miss audrey hepburn, my favorite fashion icon and humanitarian.  


via, via, viavia

are you a fan of audrey? if so what's your fave hepburn film? i always loved sabrina -i remember taking a 'sick day' in high school to see the film with my grandma in the theater :)

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