cornflake dreams.: blogger wishlist - a cali girl in scotland.


blogger wishlist - a cali girl in scotland.

i thought you might want to see one more international wishlist today. meet megan from across the pond (a cali girl living in scotland):

Hi all..

It me again
the American expat living in Scotland..
(I've been invited here before..i guess being invited back means i didn't scare Jillian and her followers off)

When Jillian e mailed me about this little " 3 wishes" series she is doing I was like
oh that's easy..could totally come up with three Christmas wishes..

and now I'm sitting here and I'm all, crap.
I have like a thousand Christmas wishes..

There is the given..
world peace,
cure for untreatable illnesses..
the UK to start start making real Mexican food...

I mean, a taco bell would do.

But ill just keep it to the basic, "what i would ask for Santa on my dream list"

1. A golden retriever puppy


2.  A shopping spree at Zara (amount unlimited)

3. A winter home in California, and a Summer house in Ireland (with free travel to and from)


Ok so technically that is five..

but that should be easy enough for Santa.

stay tuned for more wishlists all week!


  1. I'd be happy with the zara shopping spree, hehe :) I too, have a thousand other things on my holiday wishlist!!

  2. I can't even imagine an (unlimited) shopping spree but it sure does sound merry!

  3. I would love a Zara shopping spree too!

  4. I want this wishlist. But I'd change the summer home to Italy or France. Yeah, dream homes!

  5. The shopping spree sounds awesome...heading to NYC tonight and BOY - I can't wait to shop!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. wait... i picked a cheese grater and you get a house in cali? crap. #underachiever

  7. Oh hell yes to the Zara spree! And I'm pretty sure your California dream home is in Malibu on PCH, right? I think that's the one I used to drive by all the time when I went to school down there, haha

  8. all i want is a crazy metabolism so i can eat all the crazy mexican i want.....ok and maybe an unlimited zarah shopping spree :)

  9. I LOVE golden retrievers! Super cute post :) xoxoxo brynn

  10. So funny! Love all these wishes -- I agree, a winter home in LA and a summer home in Ireland would do just the trick.

  11. Um, since the spree at Zara is unlimited, can I come along too please? I won't take much... ;)

  12. Ha! These are awesome and she's hilarious...loved this post.

  13. Love her and I love ZARA! Can I just get that puppy right this instant?

  14. i'm with lauren! i'll leave the scarf and kitchen aid behind for a summer home in capri, thanks! haha!

  15. Hmm... this wishlist sounds shockingly similar to my own. Altho replace summer home in California with Chicago and winter home in S. America and we're good to go.

  16. Oh yeh! I was just reading this and thinking "she should come to Ireland (northern) as we have a great mexican restaurant called Boojum in Belfast, and then I saw you'd mentioned a holiday home over here on your wishlist!
    Beautiful photo of you by the way.
    ps: I would also love a house in California

  17. I don't know about you guys, but I'd be very much satisfied with that huge house in the 2nd to the last picture. The dog looks nice too.