cornflake dreams.: {guest post} - across the pond.


{guest post} - across the pond.

Hey cornflake dreamers!
Megan from Across The Pond here.

I have been an avid reader of Jillian's blog for a very long time..
and now frequently e mail her to tell me about her upcoming wedding
and at times force her to send me pictures..
She likes it.
I'm sure.

Jillian asked me to come over here since she is going to be traveling
 to MY side of the world.
And being that I am an American living in Europe,
she thought i might know a few things about international travel.

It just so happens..
that i do.
All by making mistakes.

So here is my short little guide to international travel..
or how I like to travel.

a. i don't trust airlines to not lose my luggage. Call it wise, or paranoia, whatever. I pack all my "what i would grab in a fire situation" belongings in a small carry-on. aka my makeup, computer, and camera.
You know, the essentials. Then I cross my fingers and pray they don't weigh my carry on. 

b. If im going to be gone a long time (which in one of my cases turned into over a year) then i pack the rest of my "i would cry if you got lost, but could live without you" luggage in a large suit-case that I trust the airline to put on the right plane.

c. If im going to be gone a long time, I layer my body up with the ish that wont fit in either of my suitcases..then de-layer once i get on the plane. I kinda like this because then my layers make for great extra pillows..But can be a pain when going through security.

d. Although its a pain, i wear my shoes that would take up the most room in my suitcase on my feet at the airport. So usually these are boots. However, when doing the whole backpacking thing, flats like Toms are essential to the walking traveler.

e. i am not the above type of traveler. 

f. pack light, dress comfortably, and if staying a short time, bring the basic clothes that can be mixed and matched. jeans, t-shirts, leggings, one "night out" outfit, flats, boots in case of cold, one coat, sweater, etc.

g. know where you are going. research the weather during that time of year, and bring one thing in case the weather freaks out and changes. (this is usually/always the case if coming to the UK)

h. i love airplane food. i don't know why. but once through security, load up on some snacks and magazines to help you through long flights. I find eating can distract from the stir crazy feelings. 

i. if you are bringing your computer/cell phone/camera/bring an adapter for your chargers. It will only cost you like 10 bucks. Don't forget. because the last thing you want to do is try and find one in a foreign country, especially if you don't speak the language.

j. lastly, for international flights (aka flights longer then 5 hours) bring some sleeping meds. or drink some wine (its free on international flights) or do both. trust me.

Safe travels!

megan from across the pond


  1. always take advantage of free wine on international flights. best nap you'll ever have!

  2. i love airplane food too. i think eating my way through a 9 hour flight is the best possible idea, too. and when there is wine involved...even better.

  3. This post is so helpful! I am leaving in a month for Europe for a month and need all of the advice I can get!

  4. i totally agree...but i can't sleep on flights. at all. luckily, i won some bose headphones and will try them out next month!

  5. Haha...I am not that kind of traveler either. These tips are so good, but SO hard to follow. I am going on a two week Europe trip for my honeymoon and I want to be glam every moment. haha. Advice?

  6. Fabulous tips! I do most of those when I am traveling in the US. But now I want to scope out a European destination and buy a ticket.... I adore Megan!

  7. @chelsea, slinky dresses, tights, and a couple cute coats (itll be autumn in europe when your here so its going to be chilly, but not yet freezing and snowing) you can still get away with the cute pea coats (check zara) and some sexy heeled boots/and ankle boots. and a scarf and gloves. its very european sexy if you ask me..and sexy lingere underneath..obviously..and luckily dresses and panties dont take up much room in a suitcase

  8. re: sleeping meds. I'm really curious about this. I think the English are (or def. used to be) pretty anti-meds compared to US peeps. An American girl on my masters course here would always take tons of asprin and paracetamol whenever she had a cold because she always complained they didn't work. We all balked at the amount she took because it was way over what was suggested on the packet.
    I know some people can become addicted to sleeping pills...and that they used to give a certain type of pill to athletes on international flights but no longer do so (my father-in-law was an Olympic swimming coach). I guess I'm wondering how safe they are and how effective. I find getting to sleep quite hard and if they worked I'd probably be tempted to take them often.
    Sorry for the ramble, just curious about this topic!

  9. I just love Megan! She is so wise haha (hi Megan if you are reading this ;)

    wonderful post. have a good time!

  10. Great tips! I just got back from the UK and I completely agree with all of these. My carryon was at least thirty pounds! I was a little ridiculous lugging it around on the Tube when I landed but at least I knew I had what I needed.

  11. ha be careful about the sleeping meds/wine combo or you'll end up like kristen wigg in the airplane scene in Bridesmaids :)

  12. Such great tips! Packing light is essential.

  13. @Eve- we do love our drugs dont we? I personally take diazapam..(valium for us US folks) and it was actually prescribed to me by an american AND British doctor (by my british doc for my back spasms) but its a muscle relaxant, but makes me can get a super low dose, just enough to mellow you out...there are over the counter sleeping pills as well usually used for colds like tylenol PM (night time paracetomal?) just makes you a bit drowsy..Coming from someone who studies neuroscience for a living...these meds are pretty mild..its when you start branching into the realms of ambian, lunesta, every.single.night then you risk getting a bit dependent on them..or in bad cases totally addicted...but i think using them when you are flying long distances, or when your super stressed and havnt slept for a couple days, they are harmless.

  14. Great tips! I SOOOO want to travel abroad!!

  15. @katie- Hi katie! i love yoou!! :)

    @dancing branflake- ugh i KNOW. its such a pain...but id rather be hot and sweaty lugging that weight around then the small possibility of it getting lost between flights.

    @wildchild- one of my favorite scenes ever in a comedy.

  16. great tips! will definitely help me pack for an upcoming trip to Argentina.

  17. Love your writing style Megan ~ witty and honest ;)

  18. Love this! Great thoughts. I'd love to be a guest blogger if you have room!

  19. when i went to Greece at 19 i was PUMPED to find they had free wine on the flight there... BUT i didn't like wine yet. so i forced myself to drink it. could barely do it without puking. not the most romantic vision i had of drinking wine on my way to europe by myself.

  20. fun tips, i always wear layers and my boots when on board, helps so much!

  21. Such spot on advice! I've never slept better on a plane than with a tumbler full of Bailey's in my stomach!

  22. Love your guest post! Such great tips .... For when I finally make it abroad! But these are great flying tips in general!
    Happy weekend!

  23. i love this! tried the wine trick when i flew to london in august but unfortunately i couldnt fall asleep (d'oh! nervous flyer here!!) so instead i was just exhausted, tipsy, then hungover! (double d'oh!)

    also totes agree on wearing all the big stuff then taking it off but is suchhh a pain through security!!


  24. Can I just say that this post is brilliant and I agree with everything! I always take advantage of the free red wine on the flight between SA and Cali!


  25. I highly agree with the 1 bag of essential essentials - have had my bags lost 1 too many times on international flights! And my boyf and I always tuck into the wine on flights :) you get pissed twice as quickly and sleep so much better - win/ win situation ;)

  26. i just laughed at J. hahhaha i love you meg

  27. great guest post Megan! mistakes really do pay off in the end hey?! the layer up pillow transfer thing is rad. what a swell idea, i'm always struggling with my jacket and either the buttons or zipper leave the most unsightly depressions on my cheek when i wake up, not a pretty sight at all. i like your tip much better!

    fab stuff, thanks a big bunch! ♥

  28. I recently discovered drinking wine on long flights.

    I've never loved traveling more.

  29. I'm a big fan of D...My hubs is not...especially when I rock my vintage knee high boots that take forever to get on and off! HAHA!

  30. These tips are so helpful!!

  31. i love airplane food too. i think eating my way through a 9 hour flight is the best possible idea, too. and when there is wine involved...even better..

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