wedding wednesday - engagement photos sneak peek

H and I really lucked out with our wedding photographer. not only did dawn include an engagement session in our photo package but she was patient with us while I changed clothes, climbed on train tracks in heels and rode our bikes in the mural filled alleys. I love these photographs and I'm certain that they will always remind me of Chicago, our West Town neighborhood and the summer that we were engaged... 

 A HUGE thank you to the talented dawn roscoe for taking these gorgeous photographs. If you are getting married in chicago or need a photographer for any reason i would highly recommend dawn! 



rendez-vous: new england recap.

as promised... here are a few more Rendez-Vous New England photos :) - enjoy!
all photos c/o: Sarah from Hemenway Street

all photos c/o: Casey from Hello Love

i have posted even more rendez-vous photos on the cornflake dreams facebook page

if you're interested in attending future Rendez-Vous Events, pretty please fill out this super quick {and painless} survey to help us decide where we're headed next!



ayofemi giveaway!

i am a bit obsessed with the ayofemi jewelry etsy shop... i adore the delicate gold bracelets, modern friendship bracelets, and gold dipped bracelet in coral! bracelets aside, my hands-down favorite piece is the turquoise sunburst necklace. it screams summer but can easily transition into fall :) and now you can win one!
update: #123 Tamra from walks with bella is our lucky winner.



Rendez-Vous: New England sneak peek.

i will have full recap posts up next week- promise! until then check out these sweet shots + highlights from the weekend... 
rendez-vous weekend highlights::
-i arrived in boston on friday and had dinner with av + marissa from the boot
she is the.sweetest.person.evaaah. and i am totally jealous of her adventures in italy. 
-that night we assembled the goodie bags + finished the name tags...
i learned av is crazy organized and creative and the perfect event planning partner! 
-saturday started with the boston chocolate tour. it didn't take too long for a sugar high to set in. the weather was perfect for walking around and the i got a chance to talk to so many wonderful new england bloggers. btw it's no secret that i run on sugar but dang... after a few shops i was thankful i brought some tupperware.
-saturday night= mixer at The Charlesmark Lounge! they gave us our own private section and it was the perfect space to mix and mingle with attendees. 
-Sunday was the SoWa Open Market. we met at Grey's Fabric and Notions (adorable!) next to the market for some snacks and giveaways. afterwards we wandered around the market. oh..and i defiantly freaked (like a 14-yr girl who just saw justin beiber) when i saw the Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck (featured on food network show the great american food truck race). i shared a bacon + avocado grilled cheese and yes, it was worth wait.

more details next week - and a HUGE thank you to the amazing bloggers who attended the events! i had a blast meeting all of you and i cannot wait to plan another Rendez-Vous with {AV}! If you would like to be updated on the next Rendez-Vous Event Location/Dates please email me.



wedding wednesday-name change.

last week at dinner with friends we started talking about weddings (one of the other girls is engaged too) she asked me if i was going to change my name. i immediately said yes, and no i wasn't going to hyphenate my maiden name or use it as my middle name (i like my middle name!) she was going to do the same. the conversation got me thinking about the whole name change game... i think there are perfectly good reasons for keeping your last name. elizabeth taylor was married eight times (that would be a LOT of new last names to keep up with!) also i have heard the paperwork is a bit tedious but i find something romantic about becoming mrs. m :)
hanger, glasses, e-card

what do you think? did you change your take your fiance's name when you got married? single ladies: do you want to keep your maiden name in the future? 


foodie fave - {closet cooking}.

recipes from closet cooking seem to always end up in my foodie board on pinterest...so it seemed like the perfect pick for my September foodie fave. please take note of all the tasty sandwiches and dips! perfect for those fall football parties...

What is your favorite meal of the day? 
This one is a difficult call as I do not really like sweet breakfasts so my breakfasts tend to be a lot like my lunches or dinners. Lunches are probably out as I normally bring leftovers for lunch at work, though I always enjoy getting to make lunch on the weekend. I am going to have to say dinner then, as I normally have more time to make it and that means that I can do pretty much anything that I want with it. 

Favorite Dish you have featured on your blog?
The questions go from hard to impossible! I will have to just go with a recent one that I have been completely addicted to, the Avocado BLT with Fried Egg And Chipotle Mayo

Favorite ingredient to bake or cook with: 
For a while I was totally obsessed with using homemade kimchi in everything that I could think of. I guess that my favourite ingredient would have to be spicy heat in any form whether from fresh chili peppers to powdered chili peppers to chili sauces, etc. 

New dish you want to try: 
There are so many on my list. I have bookmarked several thousand recipes that I want to try on the web! Recently I have been wanting to get into Indian cuisine a bit more and to conquer those long lists of spices that are so often present in the recipes. 

Are there any dishes that have surprised you with their popularity on your blog? 
The okonomiyaki --sometimes called the as you Japanese "as you like" savoury pancake or pizza. This is one of my favourites and I was a bit surprised at how popular it turned out to be. 

What is the most challenging thing about cooking in a small space? 
Making large multipart meals. If you are making a one dish meal then everything is good, and I like it that way, but if you need to make a big meal with a main, several sides and a dessert then the small kitchen starts to get challenging. Because it is a small place I do not have all that many dishes, pots, pans, etc as there is no place to store them and I quickly run out of surface area to work with while trying to make several things at the same time. 

What do you like most about cooking? 
I simply enjoy cooking. Time just seems to fly by when I am cooking, well as long as I am not standing there stirring a risotto for a half an hour, and it is just plain old fun! :)

see more::
Blog - Twitter - Facebook 


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wedding wednesday- first kiss.

when h and i were taking engagement photos the other weekend there was a lot of kissing going on. the photo session got me thinking about the big kiss! do you remember that scene in the wedding singer where drew barrymore and her friend discuss how to do the right wedding kiss? they settled on 'church tongue' which looks a bit like a hollywood kiss...
celeb images via - flowers via, via, via

obviously you don't have to be a celebrity to have a big kiss moment. i love these real-life kiss pics:: 

was your wedding kiss memorable? anything about it you would change? 
have you ever witnessed an awkward first kiss at a wedding (i know i have seen a few on the show four weddings!) 


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let's celebrate!

i started cornflake dreams last september and i have absolutely loved blogging this past year and getting to know all of you! the blog gave me a place to be creative every day AND launch my own graphic design services. thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement. now let's take the entire month to celebrate :) i have lots of fun posts + giveaways + guest bloggers and a killer meet-up. sound good?! 


sweet. let's get started then! first up is a giveaway from Upper Metal Class, one of my favorite easy shops! they make gorgeous minimalist and modern jewelry and you can enter to win two of my favorite pieces.
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everyone's favorite, emersonmade just revamped their website! the new site makes shopping a bit easier and it makes me want to clean out my closet to make room for some new clothes. i am smitten with the india collection. the colors and patterns are fantastic and could be the cure for that pesky case of wanderlust...

india tunic $148, abhay roses $178, butterfly caftan $238
india wanderlust images via, via, via, via, via, via

emersonmade is giving away a piece from their india collection to one lucky rendez-vous new england attendee! (can we all agree that we're jealous of whoever that is?!) 

what is your favorite emersonmade piece? 

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