DIY Sweets Doily Garland.

I am thrilled to have Sarah from Deeds & Petunia guest posting today for a lovely party DIY tutorial ::
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 I love doilies.  I love how old fashioned they are and knowing that when I see one I'm about to dive into something delicious.  We made this little "sweets" garland for our dessert table that featured classic candies, fresh baked goods, lemonade and wedding cake to invite guests to treat themselves to our handmade goodies.  It's so easy to recreate and there are so many variations - you don't have to be super crafty for this one!  Use whatever words strike your fancy - this garland is great for all occasions.
Package of 8" inch or 10" inch white paper doilies
Paper of choice - I chose some card stock with a sweet gingham print to keep with our country vibe
Paper glue, such as Zip Dry
At least four feet of ribbon, vintage seam binding, rickrack, twine, etc. for hanging

1. Cut out letters around 4 inches in height and no wider than 4 inches in width.  If you're not great at free-hand cutting, print out letters from your word processing program to cut out and trace around (or use those!)  Just try to make sure they're all around the same size.

2. Adhere letters to the center of the doilies using the Zip Dry.  Note: there is a back and a front to a doily, so make sure you're gluing to the front!

3. Lace the ribbon, twine, etc. through the top center of the doilies carefully, from bottom up through the top and down again.  I like the loops to be looped about 1/2 inch through each doily.  Just eyeball it to be sure they are looped evenly in about the same place for each doily.

4. Spread the doilies evenly across the ribbon, twine, etc.  Make little loops on each end to hang.  You're done!

Additional Ideas...
-Dye the doilies with food dye to make your garland more colorful!  Just dip dye carefully in some water with a few drops of food coloring, rinse, and ring gently.  Lay flat to dry and proceed!
-For a Rustic look, dip dye with coffee or tea and cut out letters from old books or newsprint.  Hang with jute garden twine or vintage lace seam binding (or both!)
-Use pre-printed letters from the craft store to save yourself some time.  You can even find some with adhesive backs!
-Dress up with buttons - loop the ribbon through a button or glue the button on top of where the ribbon loops through the doily.  Just make sure you have the doilies spread out and positioned where you want them to be on the ribbon before gluing!

a huge thank you to sarah :) and be sure to check out the premiere issue of Its All in the Details on Deeds & Petunia



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