for mom.

mother's day quickly approaching and i have been on the look out for something sweet for my mom. etsy is always my first stop and i am always delighted when i stop by colette paperie. the shop is full of all things paper and ink- cards, tea towels, and napkins. here are a few of my favorites::

address box and cards $42.50, antique rosette recipe cards $14, monogrammed rosette stationary $16.50, monogrammed rosette stationary greeting cards $16.50, 

BONUS:: shop colette paperie may 1- may 7th and enter the code CORNFLAKE for 25% off your purchase. 



  1. Very cute ideas. I think monogrammed stationery always makes a great gift and what Mom wouldn't like a gorgeous set of recipe cards. I don't know about your Mom but mine doesn't even own a computer so recipe cards are a must! xo

  2. These are so cute! I love Etsy specifically for holidays like mother's day. What's better than monogrammed stationary? :)

  3. I may have to keep some of these for myself! :)

  4. why do i not check your blog more often??? every time i do i LOVE it!

    ok...i will be back soon! :)

    ps-if you get a chance...i would love your input on my latest blog post... :)


  5. Thanks for the reminder, this holiday has a way of just sneaking up on me and I end up rushing last minute to get my mom a gift :)

  6. so pretty Jillian! i'm sure your sweet momma would love anything you choose, you have great taste. thanks for inspiring me while on my search too. happy weekend lades and thanks for the new job wishes. ♥

  7. stunning, stunning prints!

    ps: the cupcake cake pop below has my heart!

  8. those are so sweet! might create my own little Mom's Day card! loving your Blog! xoxo


  9. oh my gosh, that just gave me such a good idea for Mother's Day :) Thanks for sharing!!

    Oh! And check out my post today: Blog Trade-Off! I've shared your oh-so-cute blog with my friends!! Feel free to pass the post on to others so they can see your feature and share some blogs as well :)


  10. Love the paper! Perfect for mother's day. I really need to start looking for something for my mom! Eek!

  11. Such a cute idea!! Love this, I need to get on it too, so I can mail something out early this week. :)

  12. I think there are many lovely things here. Too bad my mum isn't into stationery the same way I am :)

  13. Those recipe cards are so pretty:) Going to check out their shop right now:) Beautifu! Kisses, sunshine

  14. ok, i need to get something in the mail... today.


mucho thanks for the blog love! xo

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