cornflake dreams.: YOU. are my fave.


YOU. are my fave.

peach print $30

one of my favorite things about blogging are all of the busy bees that visit my blog. all of your sweet and genuine comments  make me smile. every. day. 

thank you all so much, it means the world to me to have such a wonderful support system. so now i want to talk about YOU. i really want to get to know you better. tell me a little bit about yourself... your favorite color, food, where do you live, where do you want to travel, what do you do for a living, i would love to hear anything you would like to share :)  



  1. I think you already know about me but I'll post anyway! My favorite color is blue and I currently live in NYC and work a job I LOVE in the fashion industry. I love to travel and plan to go to someplace warm in May (I should get on the booking of the vacation sooner than later!). I love this and love reading about new people; such a good idea for a post!

    p.s. - check out my Cory Renee Clutch Giveaway on the blog!

  2. Favorite color - hot pink (yes, the most girlie answer you can give).
    You know where I live. ;)
    Traveling is my favorite - I hope to someday get to see all of the countries in Europe. I've been to Spain & France so far, but I want to see more. I love it!
    My job - I work in finance for a digital marketing company.

    Great post idea!

  3. it's soo crazy how everyone has so much stuff going on in their lives and they still have time to blog and comment!! but really, for me, blogging is my relaxation and i LOVE it!! :)

    things about me?
    fave colors: mustard, pink and yellow
    place i want to visit: australia
    my job: healthcare IT consultant
    foods i love: pizza, frozen yogurt, hummus and pita, bubble tea!

  4. hey there, stopping by from FTLOB :)

    First off, I love love love that art print!

    Favorite color: Lime green, purple
    Favorite food: Avocados, smoothies, and anything vegan!
    I live: Long Island, NY
    I want to travel: to England and Australia
    My job: Graphic/Web designer (currently for a perfume company)

  5. love your site - I visit it often. its inspiring :) ok lets favorite color is robin egg blue, favo food is nachos ( i could eat them at every meal!) I live in Charlotte, NC. Id love to travel ANYWHERE tropical. my job is a admin assistant. Kinda boring ( I read blogs alllll day long!) but went to school for design. I miss it :( thanks for inspiring me - keep on keepin on ;)


  6. favorite color: orange and coral
    favorite food: pizza and sushi
    I live in Nashville, TN
    I want to travel: everywhere -- specifically Europe (I've been before but their is just so much to see and do)
    My job: Account Manager at an Health Insurance broker's agency.

    YOU?! :)

  7. love your blog. it's just too cute!

    so, about me...
    favorite color: grey/blue
    favorite food: sushi and chips and anything salty
    where i live: Helena, MT
    i want to travel: back to Italy
    my job: college savings

  8. Love your blog!!

    My favorite colors are purple and gold :)
    my favorite food is pizza.. or anything dessert related
    I live in Chicago, it's cold.
    I really want to travel to Australia

  9. How fun is this post idea???

    Favorite Color: Navy or Kelly Green
    Favorite Food: Sushi
    Live in: Chicago, since September
    I want to travel: anywhere warm, hopefully Mexico this summer
    My Job: Senior Product Manager and a marketing company

  10. @jocelyn- here's my list :)
    color: gold, blue, green, coral
    food: sandwiches!
    location: chicago, IL
    travel wishlist: spain, italy, turkey, greece, amsterdam, india
    day job: marketing coordinator at an architecture firm

  11. New follower from FTLOB and I just adore your blog! It's so cute and fresh and beautiful :)

    Favorite color: green
    Favorite food: chicken (I'm from the South!)
    I live: South Carolina
    I want to travel: to Ireland, Italy, and Puerto Rico
    My job: English instructor and graduate student (I graduate this semester!!)

  12. You are the cutest little thing! How sweet and thoughtful of you! :)

  13. love that print!!! the blogging community is amazing isn't it?!

    hmmm...fave color: green. fave food: currently PB oreos (but it always changes), i live in: SC, and i want to travel: the world, and what i do for a living: handmade business/blogger

    this was a fun post - happy almost-thursday, friend!

  14. Hi, Jillian! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cornflake dreams! You are so stinkin' cute! I'm Cambron from Southern Sophisticate ( and I'm living (and loving) in Nashville, TN! I love all things blue and pink and cannot get enough shrimp or ice cream....but not together :-) I work for an attorney but don't know if I consider it a job. Sure it is work, but I think I would consider my real job, living life and trying to explore and live fully before my ticket is pulled! I'm trying to take advantage of as many opportunities as I can. If I could travel anywhere, I would go to NYC. I've never been. I am hoping to cross that off my list in the fall. In the meantime, I'll settle for a beach trip...which is always my number one favorite place to to go and relax! Thanks for all of your wonderful posts! Looking forward to more!


  15. favorite color: gray
    job: writer / blogger
    want to travel to ireland, missing paris...

    thanks again for the guest post, yesterday! everyone LOVED it.

    happy (almost) weekend : )

  16. I've been on your blog now for the past twenty-minutes. Love! Now following. xxxx


  17. Aww well you have a beautiful blog and thanks for sharing all your wonderful things! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  18. Thank you for your beautiful blog!
    colour- pink
    food- thai, chocolate, bread/butter, cheese, antipasto
    live- Toronto, Ontario
    want to travel- Prague and Iceland
    do for a living- stay at home mommmy

  19. your favorite color- blue
    food- pasta
    where do you live- UK
    where do you want to travel- would love to take a roadtrip across america! the bf&I are desperate to go over there and hop in a camper van and just drive :D
    what do you do for a living- I'm in graduate school, living the endless student life (not as good as it sounds, the downside being I'm poor but at least I'm doing what I love I guess)

  20. this is so fun!

    color: celery green + eggplant purple...together. amazing.
    live: barletta, italy and medfield, mass in the summer
    want to travel to: paris, paris, paris. i can't get enough. and spain! so bad!
    job: teaching english to kids, zumba to adults and blogging. i count it as a job :)

  21. your favorite color: lapis
    food: oh gosh, I'd say toss-up between mexican and japanese
    where do you live: from sunny California but I live in Connecticut
    where do you want to travel: europe!
    what do you do for a living: i work in advertising

  22. How fun, I love to get to know peeps better! :)

    favorite color(s): magenta & turquoise
    food: seafood! living in the nw it's almost required to love it!
    where do you live: Seattle, WA
    where do you want to travel: everywhere! current upcoming travels include: Nashville, San Diego, Miami, Bloomington, IN & Philadelphia. And that's just all this summer! I'm gonna be broke! :)
    what do you do for a living: Corporate Sponsorship for a professional sports team

  23. Those girls are stunning! Love your blog- newest follower : )

  24. Aww you're so sweet! I love your blog -- you're awesome!

    I love teal and coral. My favorite food is sushi. I'm from New York and love NYC! I'm a teacher and LOVE my job! I'd love to travel and have tonsssss of places on my bucket list!

    Have a great day! XOXO

  25. I love sweet comments too :) My favorite color is like a nude pink and my favorite place to visit so far is Wilmington in North Carolina :) Not sure what my favorite food would be.. anything sweet! ha have a great day!

  26. aww what a sweet post, you cute blogger, you! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my page, they are also appreciated!

  27. Hmmm... I'm a photographer living in Los Angeles with a passion for travel. On my list right now of places I'd most like to go: Iceland, Greece, Peru, Costa Rica and Yellowstone National Park. Oh, and I hate the color pink. ;)


  28. You're so cute! I don't have favorites because I love a lot of things at once but I tend to wear a lot of gray, green, black & blue and I eat pizza every week. I live in San Diego and I'm a fashion stylist & vintage jewelry vendor who loves the beach!! Take me to a tropical paradise anywhere and I'm good.

  29. I also really love your blog Jillian!

    I'm from California, but am living in South Africa and am working and studying. I'm starting my new job (yay!) tomorrow as a Junior Consultant and I'm really excited to switch things up a little bit!

    The main place that I'd like to travel now would be the middle east (once things calm down a little)... I've been to Egypt and Turkey and loved it, but would also like to visit Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria :)


  30. Hello Jillian!

    I am Sabrina, from Sabrina Says :) I just love your blog and I definitely gain inspiration from you!

    A little about me: I'm from Washington, born and raised. College student (Almost done!)

    My favorite color is orange, not to wear, tho... just to look at
    I love pasta and pizza and anything with carbs, it's amazing I'm not 1,000 lbs.

    I love to play soccer and rock climb.

    Annnnd My celeb crush is Channing Tatum SO HOT!

    Thanks for being awesome

    Sabrina Says

  31. Isn't the blogging community the best?!

    favorite color(s): it changes by the month! Coral currently.
    food: french fries and ice cream!
    where do you live: currently Small town, KS
    where do you want to travel: I have been lucky to get to travel to a few different countries, but still have the itch to see more! My husband says Croatia is beautiful.
    what do you do for a living: Graphic Design/ Accessory design:)

  32. Hi there! My name is Sarah and I blog over at I live in Denver, CO, where I work at the Children's Hospital, but I'll be headed to pharmacy school this fall. My favorite color is purple. I love traveling in general but am absolutely obsessed with Paris. I just got back from vacation in Miami and now resemble a boiled lobster :) Love the blog! Xoxo

  33. You deserve every lovely comment and every lovely reader you get. Truly gorgeous inside and out. You're the peach.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  34. you are too cute :)
    favorite color: pink & all shades of blue
    food: love mac & cheese, and just cheese in general!
    where do you live: little rhody
    where do you want to travel: everywhere! italy, france, greece, and australia are the tops
    what do you do for a living: ICU nurse

  35. Fav colors: blue and green
    Fav food: veggies and cheese. together or seperate! haha =)


    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  36. I love learning so much about you! Especially excited over your engagement! That was such a fun time in my life...I can't wait to hear how it goes for you! Here are some tidbits on me:

    favorite color: green
    food: cheesecake(especially now that I can't eat cheese!)
    where do you live: South Lake Tahoe, but originally from Newport Beach, CA.
    where do you want to travel: Dying to go to NYC and Europe-specifically France and Italy
    what do you do for a living: I worked in media sales for the local paper.
    Also: I've been married for one year and 8 months this month! It's the absolute best!

    Thanks for letting us share! XO

  37. Favorite color: Turquoise
    Favorite food: sushi
    Blogging from: St. Louis, MO
    Where I want to travel: Europe, Japan, Latin America--basically everywhere :)

    So fun getting to learn more about all the readers out there!

  38. Hi! My name's Sara Bacon - yup, just like the delicious breakfast food. My favorite colors are hot pink and gold glitter (well maybe just for nail polish colors at least)and my favorite food is probably a sizzling steak from Ruth's Chris. I live in Portland, OR but miss my southern CA hometown, especially in the long and dreary winters here. And if I could go anywhere right now it would be some tropical destination like Fiji so I could soak up the sun and float in the heavenly water.


  39. You are too cute, and have a whole pile of adorable readers to boot!

    I'm a Jersey girl, but I live in San Francisco now with my guitar-playing sweetheart. I am an opera singer and a wedding geek, and can't resist polka dots, gummy candies, gold jewelry, striped shirts or the classics.

  40. You're such a sweetheart to dedicate your post to your readers! ;)

    Fave color: Coral, Lavender
    Fave Food: Dessert! (cheesecake, cupcakes, ice-cream!)
    Living: near Charlotte, NC
    Want to travel: Australia, Paris, Tuscany
    What I do for a living: freelance Graphic Design

    and I LOVE Cornflake Dreams! ;)

  41. You're so sweet! I've been wanting to do something like this too! :) :)
    My favorite color is yellow & I a teacher & entrepreneur extraordinaire (nanny, dog sitter, house organize in the summer and through college).
    I can't think of anything else you don't really know. Oh YES, live in Michigan and would love to travel to Chicago sometime soon. Then, someday, Europe.
    <3 leigh

  42. hi jillian!

    i'm in tampa. i love your blog. i'm a teacher who enjoys blogging quite a lot as well. my long lost hobby is pottery, though i take a class every now and again. i would like to take calligraphy classes, i'm {slowly} learning photoshop, and i like to take pictures. my FAVORITE color is purple, although my favorite color to wear is black. i love anthropologie and jcrew, and i'm going places. :)

  43. H!
    I'm a long-time lurker and occasional commenter. I work at a PR firm in NYC. I was raised in NYC, but born in Spain. I love social media and finding new blogs to read!
    I am also super jealous of your recent trip! :)

  44. Aww isn't that print just lovely :)

    Ah fave colour is pink, but I'm loving turquoise and aqua too.

    At the moment I'm working in a department store but I would love a more creative job.

    Travel would include a world trip :) Just want to visit so many places it's hard to pick one.

  45. It feels great to be back! Thank you for your lovely comments!!
    Fav color: depends on my mood :)
    Food: Italian... anything Italian!
    Travels: We leave next week on an awesome adventure.
    Adventures are what life is about.

  46. First, I love that print! Hmm..let's see: I live in Los Angeles, work in the entertainment industry, love pop culture, and love to blog!

    Hope you have a fabulous day :) Hugs xx, Annemarie

  47. PS. I love reading everyone else's answers, too! It's fun getting to know everyone!

  48. I love this post and I enjoyed reading all of the comments.

    Here are some facts about me - I live in Boston, I am originally from Bulgaria. I came here all by myself at the age of 19 and put myself through collage while working 2 jobs. I have two beautiful kids and I work full time in finance. I enjoying working out and running, being outdoors. We have a beautiful house right on the beach and I love it. Favorite color - it depends on the mood - yellow, pink, coral. Favorite food - tropical fruit such as mangos, papayas, avocados ...

  49. It's fun to read all the answers. So here it is some things about me.

    My favorite color is purple. I'm 17. I really love Lasagna. I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. One of my biggest dream is to sit outside the cafe on the corner of the street in Paris while reading book and drinking coffee. It might sound cheesy or unimportant and stuffs, but I really really want it. I'm short. When I was 14, a doctor said I wouldn't get any taller than 150 cm. And yes, what that doctor said turns out to be true. Sometimes it's sad to hear people mocking me about my height, but as I live, I'm learning to just accept it. When I grow up, I wanna be a successful interior designer or architect. I want to prove that even though I am small, I can be a big person. :)

  50. Well, this is such a sweet idea and I just may have to do a similar post! First, I must say that I LOVE the "You're a Peach" print and if I weren't on financial restriction, I'd buy it right away! I'm from Georgia, so it's particularly meaningful. :) Also: I live in San Francisco, teach high schoolers who have been impacted by the prison system (usually that means their family members are incarcerated), teach poetry one night a week at San Quentin State Prison, babysit in the evenings as a second job, love traveling (just got back from spring break in NYC!), daydream about the beach all the time, and am super attached to my Leo coffee mug. I'm terribly addicted to coffee.


  51. Really fun/clever post...I live in NY, have three great kids, happily married, love purple! Can't start my day without a giant cup of coffee..NOT a morning person!:)

  52. Sorry I am just now getting to do this!!

    favorite color, food, where do you live, where do you want to travel, what do you do for a living

    -My favorite color is a tie between red and green.
    -My favorite food is probably pasta. I love all kinds of pasta and it's just delicious! How can you not be happy while eating pasta?
    -I live in Little Rock, AR. Small city, but nice. It's really just like a big suburb.
    -I want to travel to England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and the rest of the the US I haven't been to yet.
    -I am looking to begin my career! So if you know of anything let me know ;)


  53. That is such a sweet post! My favourite colour is brown and green and I adore to travel:) Have a fantastic morning, sweetie and please send me over the info with you mailing details:) Happy Monday, sunshine

  54. Jillian, you are such a connector type of girl, i love this! well one thing about me is i like to take my time when visiting my fave spots b/c i don't get enough hours to do it every day so when i come over it's usually for an extended stay - haha!

    other than that, the tops on my lists are:
    color: pantone #3C9F9C (a really awesome turquoise)
    food: sushi, but kids cake rocks too
    livin' in: Vancouver BC
    wanna go to: Africa
    work: production or administration coordination within creative type companies
    one of my fave motto's: "it's always better to light a candle, rather than curse the dark!"

    cheers girly, what a slice of life this is. ♥