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{guest post} - lifestyle maven.

hi there!  my name is cailen and i write over at lifestyle maven - which is all about good food, good drinks and fun times.  i've been following jillian's adorable blog for a while now, and we decided it would be fun to do a little blog that's why i'm here, in case you were wondering.  if you're missing jillian, you'll find her over at my place today : )
we decided to share five favorites.  food.  city.  store.  blog.  and movie.  a well-rounded list to give you a little glimpse at the blogger behind the blog.  here's hoping you enjoy!  cheers!

1. food.  well, i love a lot of foods.  i love to cook and rarely meet a dessert i don't like.  that said, if we're going out to eat ("we" meaning my fiance, craig, and i), i love me some sushi.  i've never tried to make it at home, so it has this mystical, foreign thing going on.  i <3 spicy tuna.
2. city.  philadelphia.  hands-down.  i grew up in central nj and now live in eastern pa, so philly has always been my city.  my family goes into the city every year around christmas, and it's always so magical.  and now, craig and i have made our own philadelphia traditions - we go in for our anniversary each year and are planning our wedding at the philadelphia bellevue hyatt for this november : )
3. store.  anthropologie.  if i could only shop at one store for the rest of my would be anthropologie.  i love their vintage-chic style and always find things i need to get whenever i walk through the door.  (rewind to philly for a sec.  there is a beautiful anthropologie store on rittenhouse sqaure in philadelphia.  it's in a magnificent old mansion and has 4 floors of shoppers' heaven...)
m2 photography
4. blog.  this one's a toughy.  i LOVE blogs.  and i read so many.  i just can't get enough.  but i do remember the first blogger & blog who really gave me a true sense of what blogging is all about and sparked my interest and enthusiam to begin writing my own.  jenny at dinner: a love story was featured in a magazine article i was reading.  she was saying how she loves cooking and the idea of the "family dinner" in the old fashioned sense - gathering together over a homecooked meal and having conversation and laughs.  she made me realize that blogging is a completely personal expression of your true passions.  and, being a girl of many passions, i realized, in that moment, that blogging would fit me like a glove.  you define it, you create it, you mold it. 

5. movie.  growing up, my favorite movie was father of the bride (with steve martin).  the family dynamic in that film reminds me so much of my own.  my dad "is" steve martin, and my mom is completely diane keaton.  it's really uncanny.  it's one of those films i can watch over and over and never tire comforting.  (a few other films i adore and that you should definitely check out: love story, only you, out of africa and anything hitchcock : )
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well, thank you again, jillian, for letting me stop by.  i enjoyed my visit!  (if you're still looking for jillian, be sure to check out her post over at lifestyle maven : )


  1. Cute idea. Looks like we have quite a few things in common Cailen! Nice to meet you. :)

  2. Found your blog through the link up! Father of the Bride is also a favorite of mine! :)

  3. Father of the Bride is such a classic! Nice to meet you Cailen!

  4. I love both of your blogs! And about your list over at her blog, I love West Elm too, but I had no idea that they didn't have a wedding registry. Too bad...

  5. Great to meet you Cailen! I love sushi and even though we've made it successfully at home, there is something about getting it at a restaurant that is magical as you said :)

    I had to laugh too because the wedding dress in your photo is the same dress a good friend wore at her wedding this past October!

  6. Such a lovely post! I also love sushi and we often make it at home:) Have a great day, girls

  7. Beautiful post and I'm happy to have 'met' you through the gorgeous Jillian- linking over now to see her post.

  8. What a great idea! Great guest post! I love sushi! And I love reading new blogs, definitely going to check it out! Father of the Bride is one of my favorite movies too!

  9. I too have an affinity for sushi and father of the bride! Great Post!

  10. i love love love anthropologie too. that store in philly sounds amazing!

  11. anthro is DEF my fave store too! I have never been in without finding something I absolutely 'must' have! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  12. Ah, I so love the idea of doing a blog swap! (Wink wink, nudge nudge Jillian!)

    Andrea x

    PS: LOVING that wedding dress.