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{guest post} - blue-eyed belle.

Hi everyone! I am Jennifer from blue-eyed belle. In mid-February, Jillian graciously volunteered to do a guest post for my while I was on vacation. Now, I am returning the favor! Jillian's blogs is one of my favorites. I love her personal style and creativity. I asked her what she would like for me to talk about, and we decided I should do my favorite Spring things!

There are so many things I look forward to each Spring. Those include visiting the park, taking in all of the flowers and trees, wearing skirts with bare legs for the first time in months, open-toed shoes, etc.
The warmer weather brings all of these things about, but there are still those chilly mornings and rainy days. I love these days also. There's just something about umbrellas, a soft cardigan, a good book, and a nap on a rainy day.
And then there are just the simple things about Spring - drinking sweet tea, seeing a rabbit in your backyard, a butterfly fluttering past, and the smell of honeysuckle.
Thanks for reading! And thank you again Jillian for having me!
What is your favorite thing about Spring?


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  1. Love all of these gorgeous spring images!

  2. Happy Spring Jennifer! :) Loved the guest post!
    *Ashley {a little dash of ash}

  3. Ah Julie, you captured what I love about spring perfectly- so my favourite time of year. Gorgeous post!!

  4. Those shoes are so pretty and girly!

  5. I love those shoes!!! I am so happy it's Spring!

  6. I've already broken out the peep toe flats!!!!! and the sandals are next! hooray spring! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. Great images. Makes me so happy that it's Spring!! Can't wait for it to warm up so I can wear flowery dresses and sandals!

  8. I adore spring! I'm a little disappointed it's supposed to be so rainy all week (except today, I think) but at least it smells like spring!

  9. Hooray for spring! Love the guest post!

  10. One of my favorite parts of Spring are the warm temps (it's 82 degrees here today!) without the humidity of the summer :)

    Oh and when tulips and other flowers start to peek their heads out of the ground!

  11. I took a nap on yesterday's rainy day actually :)