love all the little details.

happy oscar sunday! i am v excited about the award show tonight, i can't wait to see all of the fashion, hair, and pretty little details. award shows (much like the super bowl) gives h and i a reason to bust out the dips and appetizers... so defiantly looking forward to that too. are you going to watch the oscars tonight?

i'll be tweet -tweet-ing tonight if you care for a twitter chit-chat. 
happy sunday lovelies! 



meet your personal shopper.

last month i was introduced to aprizi. and it changed my life. well it made my blogging life a little easier. it's sorta like pandora for shopping, the site allows you to browse through clothing, accessories, furniture, and shoes and gives you the option of "liking" or "disliking" an item. once you create a (free) profile it saves your "likes" and allows you to review them later. here are a few of my favorite finds i pulled together for a guest curator post on aprizi's blog: the tail::  

[1] dress $83, [2] coat $68, [3] bag $170, [4] bracelet $200, [5] necklace $25, [6] shoes $70

have you checked out aprizi yet? what do you think? do you use any similar sites?


friday's fancies #6.

today h and i took the day off! we have big plans that include sleeping in (check!), grabbing donuts (check!), a super hot library date (so i can catch up on my magazines and he can study), and an afternoon movie (i think it's about time i see at least one of the oscar nominated films).  today is also my mom's birthday! we are celebrating on saturday and i've got a few surprises in store for her (more on that monday!) 
sunday i'm watching the oscars! no surprise there. so if you're down for a twitter chit chat i'll be tweeting! 
here are my friday's fancies pick for my laid back weekend:: 

top $97, jeans $189, headband $35 , clutch $60, shoes $72

friday link love and a little more love for my momma later!


wear something your boyfriend can't.

after seeing the tagline "wear something your boyfriend can't" on piperlime's current ad campaign i started rethinking heels. i know i just proclaimed my love and devotion to ballet flats but there are times i want to wear something with a little height. these wedges might do the trick (i would assume they would be easier to walk in than stilettos!)



let's go retro.

im a big fan of silk scarves lately.. i think worn properly they can be the perfect accessory at the beach and add a little retro feel to your outfit. 

how do you wear your scarves? do you think you'll try this trend?


color crush: yellow.

i am a little in love with the color yellow right now (no surprise there). i keep spotting pieces in the shade that i am dying to get my hands on... 

what colors are you loving right now?

ps head over to lilac and grey today-to see my retro swimwear guest post!



friday's fancies: the oscar edition.

i am getting my hair cut today (leaning towards bangs... we'll see what happens!) tonight, h and i are going out for happy hour drinks and dinner with one of his close friends from medical school. saturday, we have a lunch date at labriola bakery cafe with my friend and her fiance. i am excited to hear more about their engagement and upcoming wedding plans! i've also got my eye on a giant pretzel bun burger and if there's room a little gelato :)

i hope all of you have enjoyed the Blog Crawl: A Toast to the Oscars this week! in the spirit of the awards season i have dreamed up a special friday's fancies outfit, my dream Oscar outfit::

do you have any fun plans for the weekend? 

oscar blog crawl stop: be sure to visit {long distance loving} today and check out the blog that started friday's fancies and all of her special oscar picks!


wear what works for you {ballet flats}

I love ballet flats. I rarely wear heels- and when I do they are usually under 3 inches (if that) and only stay on my feet for a few hours. i cannot bring myself to wear tennis shoes outside of the gym (which drives h nuts when he wants to walk for miles). i am the most comfortable in ballet flats and i wear them year round. 

here are my budget-friendly picks for spring in two of my favorite trends: nudes and nautical... 



etsy wouldn't lie

I recently checked out my Etsy favorites and I noticed a trend: I like girly things. a lot. Generally I don't think I consider myself to be a girly-girl -- I'm usually drawn to masculine detail and clean lines. I prefer geometric designs over floral patterns (well, that isn't always true). So I suppose i give in...



neeeed supply spring lookbook.

my favorites:: top $24, weekender bag $72, earrings $38, seams mini dress $54, 
knit waves dress $68, necklace $45, shoes $125

see more here


ps:: keep up with the blog crawl: a toast to the oscars- check out bijou and boheme's a rainbow of colour at the oscars!


to h.

i recently received this print from sarah tucker's etsy shop and i have to say it's pretty much the perfect way to describe how i feel about my boyfriend h. my favorite thing about our relationship is that we can be ridiculously weird and crazy around each other, without (much) judgement. i've never known anyone who can make me laugh the way he does and my days are brighter when we get to spend time together. 

i hope everyone finds a love like that.
happy (early) valentines day.


peonies, please

In case you missed it, I'm in love with a lot of things right now -- including peonies!

What's your favorite flower? I also love lilacs and hydrangeas.


timeless jewelry: {lockets}.

lockets have been around for ages, they are a timeless piece of jewelry that can add personality to any outfit. i received two lockets this christmas--a bee locket similar to #2 from my cousin and #8 below from my momma. i still need to put photos in both lockets but i know i will cherish them for years. here are a few more unique pieces i wouldn't mind adding to my collection:: 


1. victorian 15kt gold, enamel and diamond locket $3,800
2. honey bee locket $22.50
3. octopus red locket necklace $38
4. the simple sailor locket $25
5. golden filigree locket with teal patina $26
6. the flock of butterflies locket $36
7. hadley locket necklace $48
8. verbal and fox locket-currently sold out but check out their etsy shop!
9. chateau thierry vintage locket clock $32.50



friday's fancies #3.

tonight i am hanging out with the girls and we're making ice cream! the bestie got an ice cream machine for her birthday and i have a serious sweet tooth. this is going to be trouble. i would love to wear something light and pretty tonight...but i will most likely be busting out the snow boots and a big sweater. ah well, that's what friday's fancies are for::

cardigan $245, blouse $128, jeans $110, shoes $330

do you have fun friday plans?

ps i will announce the VAMOOSE JEWELRY WINNER (finally) today at 11AM CST (psssh that means there's still time to enter!)


sshhh... secret squirrel.

i'd like to add every piece to my wardrobe...

see more:: secret squirrel



laura lombardi jewelry.

chicago based jewelry designer laura lombardi's new spring line is stunning:: 
bonus:: she uses almost all vintage and recycled materials for her necklaces and earrings. 

be sure to check out her website & etsy shop

my picks:: 

ps:: for more jewelry check out my vamoose giveaway...a winner will be chosen this FRIDAY 11AM CST
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