weekend review.

i received very happy news saturday night, one of my oldest and sweetest friends, Doula is engaged!!!! i cannot wait for her big fat greek wedding! she is going to be an absolutely gorgeous bride :) :) 

in other happy news, WELCOME to all of my new followers! i have been blown away by the enormous response to the Vamoose Giveaway and more importantly i have appreciated all of your sweet comments and support!! thank you SO much for visiting and if you have any suggestions-- anything you would like to see--or see more of, or if you just want to chat pleaseee do not hesitate to comment or contact me.  

happy monday! 
xoxo jcd


  1. Congrats to your friend- and I love her name!! = )

    Glad I found your blog. ; )

  2. I love your blog! <33


    Happy Monday, indeed!

  3. That is so exciting... sending her my congrats!

  4. congrats to you and your friend!!


  5. whoa! that's soo crazy you used this picture!! the guy is my friend from college!! :) and my friend, ever ours (wedding blog) was the one who styled their engagement shoot!! it's soo pretty huh!?!? :)

  6. What a wonderful post! ;) Your friendship is by FAR the best thing to come out of 7th grade math class. We are so excited to celebrate with you :)

  7. OMG that is so exciting!! When I found out about my best friend's engagement I broke down in happy tears! :)


  8. yay for weddings! that's so fun! I love your blog, of course. keep doin' what you're doin' :)

  9. I wish I would have taken the time to get engagement pictures done. Too sweet & darling.


  10. yay yay yay! can't wait to hear more about Doula's big day as you get the details...obviously I love weddings ;)

    and your blog? It rocks my socks off. duh. that goes without saying!
    xoxo {av}

  11. congratulations to your friend! my best friend just got engaged last weekend too!

  12. Love your blog!! I can't wait to enter! :)

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    Have a blessed Thursday!


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