read any good books lately?

i had the last week of december off from work. it was nice to take a break from work but daytime television got old v fast. i asked friends on facebook for book ideas and i got a LOT of feedback (including my grandmother who recommended anything by jane austen..or to just visit her--cute huh?). i want to read more this year--especially since i will be cutting down on my trash-tastic reality shows. my friend doula lent me a stack of books (pictured above) and i am excited to get started.

any books you're dying to dig into this year?



  1. Dorky, but I'm excited to read the Mark Twain biography!

  2. Lift by Kelly Corrigan (is that her last name? dunno)

  3. I agree with your grandmother - anything by Jane Austen! I reread her books constantly when I can't decide what to read next. But if that isn't your style, I'm reading "Just Kids" by Patti Smith and it's fantastic.


  4. i loved middlesex! if you haven't already read, i think you will enjoy! xo

  5. I'm still reading the Snookie Stackhouse novels. So good.
    I'm going to have to check out Jane Austen. Love reading!


  6. I really enjoyed 'The Russian Concubine' series by Kate Furnivall and I am currently waiting to begin 'Doctor Zhivago' by Boris Pasternak.

    I would also recommend:
    anything by Haruki Murakami for a dreamy escape,
    Christoper Brookmyre for some action,
    or 'Memoirs of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden for some cultural fashion and romance.

    Happy reading!


  7. You grandmother's a smart lady ;) Jane Austen is absolutely one of my favorites! I am in the middle of reading a Jodi Picoult book {love her, even if she makes me cry on a regular basis}. Other than that, I'm probably going to be reading a lot of my class...{not so fun}.

    Anyway, I know that you have that long list there, but have you ever read The Awakening? {by Kate Chopin} It's absolutely one of my favorite books ever, and a pretty short/easy read.

    Here's to happy reading!


  8. i'm in the middle of john irving's latest novel, last night in twisted river, and really enjoying it. if you haven't read him before, i'd go with world according to garp. arguably his best.


  9. I'm so behind in bookreading! Blogging has been taking up my novel devouring time... boo. Time to put down the computer and read Water for Elephants this weekend!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. One of my resolutions this year is to cross 5 books off of my must read list. I am half way through the Alchemist right now. VERY GOOD so far.
    Let us know how these are!

  11. I was pretty wild for "Never Let Me Go", the book the movie is based on, and if you haven't dug into "The Help" yet, I would heartily recommend it! I'm also a sucker for Fitzgerald-the stuff you didn't read in high school English might be his very best work!

  12. Sooo many good books are coming out in the next few months. I love the Mortal Instruments series, I believe the next book is coming out in March or April and then Black Dagger Brotherhood book 9 that comes out March 29th. Cannot wait!!!

  13. thanks for all of the suggestions!!!
    @claudia- good! im excited to start that one.
    @ruth- i loved memoirs of a geisha! it was much better than the book.
    @joelle i read 'the awakening' in college and i remember liking it so maybe ill read that one again.
    @la petite coquine- LOVED 'the help' and would highly recommend it as well. h's favorite book is 'this side of paradise by f. scott fitzgerald so i should prob read that one :)

  14. i don't know if you've read them but i love the girl with the dragon tattoo series

    so addictive and so good!


  15. if you're going to check out never let me go as la petite coquine suggested, don't research it first! the twist is the best part. the less you know going into it, the better it is. hope you post book reviews, these are all on my to-be-read list!


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