i want to go there {india}.

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 i am dying to go to india. there is so much about the culture, history, architecture and food that just makes it impossible for me not to want to visit. i almost have h convinced... i just need to find one safe-ish city (that has lots of the things previously mentioned) and he is in. any suggestions or places to avoid? 



  1. Excellent shots!!! Salut!!

    Francesc, Barcelona


  2. me too!! two of my girlfriends just came back from a trip there - i'll have to ask them for tips!


  3. I've never been and would so love to go too!! I would also want to go to Greece!! It looks so magical! :)


  4. Oh, I want to go too! India has ranked high on my list for years. Maybe 2012!

  5. Beautiful photos.

    The Taj Mahal is a must see. Some people say the city it's in, Agra is "a pit"where "food poisoning [is] guaranteed." Then again, that was one person's experience. There's a blog link in the 1st link listed here that might give you some positive insight:


    I see you got a picture of Holi in the bottom left, there. This 2nd link is one I did about Holi, posted quite a while ago:


    I love finding photos from this holiday! If you go to India, be sure to go during Holi. That's when I'll be going :)


  6. A friend of mine just went to Mumbai. He said it was fine, the city just got a bad rap from the terrorist attacks. And I bet if you went on a tour group, he'd feel better.

  7. I love India! I've been lucky enough to travel extensively in the Middle East and India is one of my favorites. If you do go and want to see the Taj, know that it isn't arranged as tourist-friendly as it could be. It can be difficult to get to (tiny, rocky roads leading up) and the lines to get in a tour can be quite long (as with anything in India, you can always get someone to bypass this for you with some cash). My biggest suggestion would be to research the culture and traditions before you arrive. I spent most of time with a good friend who grew up there and her family. They were able to help me see everything I wanted and also get to know the "real" India many Americans miss out on. Good luck with your plans!

  8. thank you for all of your feedback!!! if we go there we are going to travel with one of h's friends who has family in india so we will hopefully see 'real india' too!

  9. oh me too... so much color!


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