about those resolutions...

ok. bad news bears. i haven't been doing so well with my new years resolutions...but i have my reasons excuses.

1. reality television is a hard habit to kick. i have reduced the number of shows i watch-no more jersey shore, kendra, anything khardashian) however, now im watching cake boss: next great baker and i am craving cake 24/7. 

2. online shopping. here's the story:: i wanted a peony pouch for chirstmas and later i noticed it was out of stock. i sent the strand etsy shop owner a message asking if she was going to make anymore in the future. she was SOOO nice and said she could make a custom little pouch--just for me. so really how could i say no? 
bonus the pouch was shipped from sweden! yes. i am still impressed by international stamps.
and in the good news dept: h and i have started reading more (in lieu of walks since its frigid in chicago), i have had a lot of quality girl time this month and i've been going to the gym! whoohoooo!

how are your resolutions going?


  1. im not doing too hot on mine either but hang in there - i hav a good feeling about february! and of course you couldnt pass up that pouch!

  2. i mean, next great baker is a creative show - totally educational. and how could you *not* get the peony pouch?? ;)

    mine are so-so. the toughest is less media time.


  3. Not to tempt you, but...did you know Vanilla Ice has a new show on HGTV?!? Casey and I really want to check it out.
    P.S. I'm officially addicted to House Hunters/House Hunters International. I watch at least one episode every night.

  4. @jen-- hah sad. i've already seen one or two episodes of the vanilla ice show, its pretty good/v random. who knew he was a contractor?! and im glad youre loving house hunters! LOVE that show!

  5. I'm not doing so well with mine either. I think I need the spring thaw to get my in gear.

  6. umm hello, that totally DOES NOT count as online shopping...it was based on a conversation pre-January 1 ;) my resolutions are going so-so...but the year is still young, right? xo

  7. haha i LOVE your excuses on why you are not sticking to them!

    but really, you would have been crazy not to get that purse after she was so nice and made one for you!

    The only resolution i have been working on out of my list is reading 30 books in a year. im on number 6,
    gosh i dont even remember what else was in my list... thats a problem!

  8. Hi Jill.

    I'm so glad you liked the pouch!
    Thank you for being such a sweet customer!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. So adorable! The perfect shade of pink!


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