friday link love.


tonight i am going out to celebrate the bestie's birthday. whoohooo! which means tomorrow i'll most likely be recovering and blogging (with a little help from cinnamon rolls). i also hope to do a little thrifting on sunday- fingers crossed i find something fun. 
do you have any fun plans for the weekend? here are a few links to keep you entertained:

loving this 1920's inspired wedding (including that ice cream truck!)
dreams do come true:: mac n cheese- 30 days 30 ways
finally! the launch of Matchbook Magazine
neon to another level
who doesn't love babies!
you can never have enough personalized stationary: enter to WIN more!
and finally (if you haven't already)- enter to win vamoose jewelry!



vintage valentine

I've never been one to celebrate valentine's day... but this year i am having a change of heart (lucky you, h). We don't have anything too crazy planned, just a dinner date. and we are not exchanging gifts. But that isn't stopping me from making a little vintage wishlist:


simply sabrina.

i literally gasped when i saw this jason wu bow embellished silk-faille dress.
doesn't it just scream sabrinia?


country strong.

the other week i saw country strong. i was skeptical at first but i am a country girl at heart and i loved the movie, and the music. it reminded me of home and made me miss summertime and outdoor concerts. throughout the film there was a whole lot of plaid, but there were also a few cute sundresses, wide leg jeans and denim shirts. i'd like to add these country pieces to my wardrobe... 

2. vintage horseshoe necklace $25 (i have a similar necklace and i wear it all the time)
4. pintucked tunic $26.50


7 things i love right now.

kristen from a kapple a day, christine from bun&burough, rali from styles n' cream, robin from our semi organic life and the ladies from jet setting divas all gave me the stylish blogger award/shout-out on their blogs 
(thank you ladies!!)

i'm going to combine the awards (is that legal?!) and respond with 7 things i am loving right now:: 

comfy ballet flats are my favorite. i like heels but i am way too klutzy to wear them everyday.
i love making travel plans with h, we come up with new places to visit all the time. i am so happy to be with someone who wants to travel and will actually make it happen.
lately all i want to eat is sugary cereal, peanut butter and jelly, and mac n cheese. and yes, i realize this means i have the diet of a four year old.
h has been reading up on urban gardens and this spring we are going to plant a few veggies. hopefully this will help combat my super processed eating habits...
on our way home from our roadtrip the other week, h and i starting made our chicago summer to-do list:: visit navy pier and ride the ferris wheel (it's been a few years), taste of chicago, lay out at the beach (yes, we have a beach), bi-monthly trips to farmer's markets,  neighborhood festivals and concerts, ravinia!, a cubs game, roosevelt flea market, rooftop restaurants, botanical gardens... and the list goes on.
another thing i want to do this summer is bike. i haven't ridden a bike in years, and i am a little nervous about biking in the city. all of that aside-- i love with the idea of bike dates and i think it would be a great way to explore the city.
i love old family photos. i made photo albums for my family this christmas and it was sooo fun to see how everyone has changed. i am so thankful that i am close with my parents, grandparents,  brothers, and cousins (i now have 20 cousins on my mom's side).

now i would like to pass this hybrid "stylish blog award- childhood memory post" along to a few of my favorites:: 

the women of haute apple pie

be sure to check out these blogs! 
xoxo jcd


friday link love.

happy friday! i have the day off so i am going to spend my afternoon catching up on blogs and watching a little daytime television. tonight i'm meeting up with friends to have a girls night (complete with homemade pizza co. and a movie)! tomorrow h and i have a morning library date so he can study and i can catch up on my magazines (YAH!). and like everyone else in the midwest, i'll be watching the bears beat the packers (booyah!) on sunday.
what are your plans for the weekend? here are a few of my favorite links from the week::

how to style a few vintage finds.
this sandwich place is worth the work. promise.
11 must-haves for 2011.
dannnng don draper - you are smokin!
gotta love affordable art.
speaking of... i won this print (love the sweet message) from my new fave etsy shop.
bam! if only i could walk in these.
7 fashion picks for spring.
step inside emersonmade's home.



gap spring lookbook.

i love these two looks from gap's spring lookbook--the pieces are all classic yet modern and updated. the looks also remind me of something you might find at jcrew. bonus: gap is offering 30% off online purchases until 1/22, just enter GAPSPRING at checkout.



{hola} buenos aires.

h's brother mohsen recently traveled to buenos aires, argentina. here are a few of my favorite photos from his trip:: 

i would just looove to take dip in that pool...sigh.


bring back the hat.

 i've seen tons of photographs of my grandmother wearing hats. hats are an easy accessory but i always forget about them, i only have two so maybe it's time to invest in another one for summer. do you like to wear hats? what's your favorite style?



serenity now.

photo via
work has been insane this week (is it really only tuesday!) sometimes you just need a little reminder to relax. and breathe. hopefully things will be back to normal soon and i will feel a little more at ease.
until then i apologize for being a little crazy.



photos via
sorta wishing i had longer (and blonder) hair...


basil is my fave.

photos via
it's no secret that i am obsessed with all things pesto. i LOVE basil and i am anxiously awaiting our new basil plant to sprout some leaves so i can start cookin. here are some recipes i am dying to try::

pesto, spinach and tomato garlic bread via haute apple pie
tomato and bacon sandwiches with basil mayo and chicken basil Parmesan burgers via framed cooks
healthy pesto pasta via hungry girl

this weekend we had dinner with h's dad and we ordered a basil, tomato, and mozzarella pizza from piece pizza (my fave in chicago). it was delicious and i would highly recommend it for anyone who wants a break from the deep-dish variety.


gg fashion.

happy monday! after watching 2 football games (bears win!), and a soccer game i was excited to get some girly television in yesterday. h patiently watched the golden globes with me while i scoped out all the dresses and updated our netflix queue. emily stone (love her as a blonde!), claire danes, and mila kunis were my favorites:: 

if you watched the golden globes last night what did you think of ricky gervais as host? i thought he was hilarious (introducing bruce willis as ashton kutcher's dad- wowzah). who was your pick for best dressed? also we don't have HBO so i haven't seen boardwalk empire, anyone a fan- is it worth renting? and finally-- anyone else upset that inception didn't win a thing?!? where's the love for leonardo dicaprio and joseph gordon-levitt?! 



something to warm you up.

i don't know about you but i am in serious need of a hot damn hot vacation. the weather in chicago has been bitter lately and i dread going outside. ready. set. mini-virtual vaca and go...

bob marley is on my playlist today.
think warm thoughts. (and go bears!)


nick in the news.

US Lieutenant Nicholas Dieter (L) from 1-320 Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat, 101st Airborne Division shakes hands with an Afghan boy during a walking patrol near the village of Khesrow Olia in Arghandab Valley of Kandahar Province on January 3, 2011. -getty images - NPR
whoa my baby brother was on NPR! (h was a bit jealous... he's an NPR fanatic). and how cute is that little boy?? nick called on christmas eve--i was thrilled to talk to him and hear his voice (it had been months). he should be returning home this summer...i am counting down the days.


i want to go there {india}.

photos via
 i am dying to go to india. there is so much about the culture, history, architecture and food that just makes it impossible for me not to want to visit. i almost have h convinced... i just need to find one safe-ish city (that has lots of the things previously mentioned) and he is in. any suggestions or places to avoid? 



dream killer.

you might remember my puppy post from the other day...well when h saw it he laughed. a lot. and then said "i don't want a dog that looks like george lucas!!" at first i didn't get it....(enter google images). and dream officially killed.

we did decide if we ever got a cockapoo we would have to name it george wookie lucas... and call it wookie for short. sooo sad. and so nerdy.



annnd now i want to go shopping for a new hat. 



street style.

love this chic look... the blazer, the animal print tunic and that bag. o my. 


read any good books lately?

i had the last week of december off from work. it was nice to take a break from work but daytime television got old v fast. i asked friends on facebook for book ideas and i got a LOT of feedback (including my grandmother who recommended anything by jane austen..or to just visit her--cute huh?). i want to read more this year--especially since i will be cutting down on my trash-tastic reality shows. my friend doula lent me a stack of books (pictured above) and i am excited to get started.

any books you're dying to dig into this year?



happy makers

Happy Monday! Another week starts and after my wonderful weekend road-trip I'm not too excited to be back at work. Sooo i thought i would share these cuties:
I have these photos saved on my computer for an instant pick-me-up... and i know what you're thinking. a file of puppy photos= craaazy lady. but these have the ability to make me smile/oOoOhhh and awe like nothing else (well maybe babies but that'd be too much on the creep side). 

ps i dont have my own puppy but if i were to get one i'd want a cockapoo (hint hint h)


beegee bags.

shooot. already regretting my 'no online shopping resolution'. these little purses by beegee bags are too cute.

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