cornflake dreams.: October 2010


time for rose gold.

i've been dreaming in rose gold lately... 


we're off...

happy friday:: i am super excited about halloween weekend! saturday night my friends and i are going out dressed up as characters from the wonderful wizard of oz. we have almost every major character covered... dorothy, the scarecrow, tinman, glinda the good witch, & the wicked witch. i couldn't convince H to dress up as a lion so we'll have to do without. i opted to be the tin(woman) mainly because i already have a silver dress and i figured the rest of the costume would be easy to find - a silver funnel for a hat and a heart necklace (i'm going to skip the fake ax). have a festive weekend!

tripppy poster -$8.99
i love the tinman's zoolander-ish face!! [photo-screencave]
in case you missed it:: adorable baby costumes - i like the little stinker at the end with the mo-hawk. 
living in beetlejuice_design sponge my all-time favorite tim burton/johnny depp flick!
helpful candy guide_hungrygirl be an informed snacker. 


love me knot.

swoooon. i don't usually wear heels but i could make an exception if i owned these. 

love-me-knot platform heels_jcrew -$265.00 anchor grey


take a dip.

how amazing is this pool? the art deco details and lighting are so pretty...

i am picturing this oversized, framed having over a bed- chateau_20x200 
$20.00 for a 8x10 print, $50.00 11x14, $200.00 16x20



kinda makes me wish i had bangs. and i was blonde.
but i've tried that game before. no dice. i guess i'll just settle for some pale lipstick.
alexi lubomirski via dustjacketattic

i want to go there {morocco}.

a family friend recently visited morocco and the photos were beeeautiful. the architecture is so detailed and intricate- everything looks so exotic. if (when) i am lucky enough to visit morocco i have a feeling i will be a constant state of awe...for now it has been added to the top of my travel wishlist. 

Hassan II Mosque [highest religious minaret in the world- 200 meters]
i love the teal/blue colors and all the detail in the tile
Hassan II Mosque- Casablanca, Morocco

beautiful hand painted mosaic tiles inside of the Mosque

marrakech, morocco market
this would be dangerous, i'd want to buy everything

saharan desert, morocco -- camel ride? ummm yes please.

wowzahs! the desert looks so peaceful. can you believe this photo? 


p.s. a big thank you to emily for letting me steal these photos :)



the weather in chicago is going to be v windy and rainy the next two days. my commute to work this morning was rough but it would have been a lot worse without my rain boots. if you live in a place like chicago that gets a lot of rain and even more snow (which quickly turns into nasty wet slush) heavy duty rain boots are a must. i have found that hunter boots are one of the most durable, comfortable...and cutest options out there.

1. hunter original tall_nordstroms-new green -$125.00

2. hunter 'boa tall' rain boot_nordstroms-pewter-$240.00

3. hunter original_piperlime-aubergine -$125.00

4. hunter original_nordstroms-graphite hi gloss -$125.00

5. hunter welly sock_piperlime_cable knit cream- $40.00 --these are adorable--and help keep your toes warm in the winter.

for those of you who have hunter boots and have noticed they are getting a little dirty... check out this v helpful cleaning tutorial:: creamcityandsugar



my parents anniversary dinner was a lot of fun this past weekend and the cake from alliance bakery was a big hit! my mom loved the fall design and had me do a mini-photo shoot before we dug in.

dad= special k    mom= d-squared  ....its a long story.

after cake my mom told me she wanted to remodel her kitchen and she wanted decorating ideas. i like these spaces:: 
love love the green patterned tile flooring, the tiny white tiles on the wall, and the dark exposed beam. the doors opening out to a bright courtyard filled with plants isn't bad either. 

the mosaic tiles are beautiful and add a punch of color to this otherwise sterile white kitchen

housebeautiful -the white cabinets and blue-gray metro tiles make this space look clean and airy



mary & max.

H and I watched mary & max, the 2009 Australian clay-animated film by Adam Elliot, over the weekend. The basic story is a friendship between to unlikely pen pals, a lonely, eight-year-old girl living in Melbourne, Australia, and Max, a forty-four-year old, severely obese man living in New York. the clay-animation was fun departure from live acting or 3-D gimmicks, and there was a lot of depth too. the film bravely tackles multiple dark themes- including childhood neglect, teasing, loneliness, autism--Asperger's Syndrome, depression and anxiety but still manges to be funny and heartwarming. Toni Collette (one of my favorites!) lends her voice as mary and Philip Seymour Hoffman is max. add it to your to-see list.


bright whites.

happy monday! i love the detail on theses effortless, classy looks from the valentino fall/ winter 2010-2011 collection ::

the shoes are pretty hot too..



classic cozy.

after i saw this photo on the sartorialist i have been on the look out for a classic, cropped, fitted sweater to wear with skirts & tights this winter - these are my (affordable) favorites so far.. 

and something a little heavier: long round neck cable stitch jersey_zara- $59.90

cable knit sweater_gap -$59.50
something a litttttle edgier: knit zipper sweater_forever21 - $22.80



watch and learn.

H's two new favorite television channels are current and doc needless to say we have lots of documentaries recorded. we also have a netflix subscription with a number of docs in queue. i typically prefer social commentary docs, whereas H is more interested in healthcare and economic focused flicks- so it tends to be a solid mix. here's a list of the ones i think are worth watching::

FRONTLINE: Sick Around the World - Discover how five other capitalist democracies-- the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland -- deliver health care, and what the US might learn from their successes and failures.

God Grew Tired of Us -Four boys from Sudan embark on a journey to America after years of wandering Sub-Saharan Africa in search of safety.

Food, Inc.- An unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry.

The Business of Being Born - explores contemporary experiences of childbirth methods including midwives, natural births, epidurals, and c-sections. the film criticizes the american health care system with its emphasis on drugs and costly interventions and its view of childbirth as a medical emergency rather than a natural occurrence. i liked this doc a lot and i found it v informative and entertaining. H hated it.

even MORE films to add to your dvd queue:
No Impact Man:The Documentary -A Fifth Avenue family goes super green they go on a yearlong crusade to make no net impact on the environment. Among their activities: eating only locally grown organic food, generating no trash except for compost and using no carbon-fueled transportation. I think this was the film that really motivated H to get into composting- now we only have to take out our garbage once a month (whootwhoot!)

Blue Gold: World Water Wars - lots of great info about Corporate giants, private investors, and corrupt governments all fighting for control of our dwindling water supply...interesting but i'll admit the movie lacks focus at times.

Babies - follow four babies around the world – from birth to first steps. The children are, Ponijao who lives in Opuwo, Namibia; Bayarjargal from Mongolia, near Bayanchandmani; Mari from Tokyo, Japan; and Hattie from San Francisco.  there is no scripted dialogue or subtitles...but the babies are absolutely adorable- watch this one with the girls.

 i am working up the courage to watch The Cove

time to celebrate.

groooovy huh? those are my parents...when they were teenagers, and this weekend we're celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary! wowzahs! 

happy friday! this weekend is suppose to be rainy and cold, luckily i have a few things to look forward to. Saturday H and I are starting the day with our standard saturday trip to the library to read for a bit, and then we're going to the outlet mall to start christmas shopping (JOY!!) Saturday night we're meeting family for my parents anniversary celebration. i ordered a carrot cake from alliance bakery (on milwaukee ave in wicker park) and i am super excited to see how it turns out. 

sunday is game day, daaaa bears are playing and my bestie is throwing a little party -i cant wait for her tasty tailgate chili and cornbread!! i am making mini pumpkin cupcakes. stay warm and enjoy your weekend!



fall flowers.

loving this colorful, fall-friendly dress (paired with tights, shortie boots and a cardigan or a cropped jacket).

shining like a diamond.

its about time i write about architecture:: one of my favorite buildings in chicago is the 10-story Spertus Insitute of Jewish Studies .

located on south michigan it is nestled among other giants, but its glass facade allows it to stand out as a beautiful distinctive building. i had the pleasure of attending an award event inside early last year but i need to schedule another visit.

photos by william zbaren

the facts: designed by chicago-based Krueck & Sexton Architects, opened November 2007

regardless of your personal religion this building is worth a visit (admission is freeeee!). what's inside: changing exhibitions gallery, museum core collection display, library reading room and circulating collection, chicago jewish archives and rare books and maps, spertus shop. more info



turquoise dreams.

i have been searching for an affordable turquoise necklace for years. years... i know, i guess i haven't been looking too hard. anyhoo! i found the perfecto necklace on my new favorite site the vamoose ::

too cute.

i about died when i saw these costumes... happy halloween!!



decorating dilemma.

H and I recently purchased a couch and now i want to upgrade and re-decorate everything. i really like our apartment but i keep falling in love with "replacement" furniture.

my current apt wishlist::
this coffee table is perfect. it might not look like much but i adore the reclaimed wood and it is v pretty in person. so praying for a sale... or hoping i find something else that can compete. 

also seen here: 

Gourd Table Lamp_West Elm - $179.00, luster base-natural shade. 

other options: 
Atrium Glass Table Lamp_Pottery Barn -$139.00
Eva Colored Glass Table Lamp_Pottery Barn - $99.00 
Jonsbo Orod_Ikea - $49.99



mad for happy endings.

season 4 of mad men ended last night. sad.
i started watching the series last year for the vintage clothes and furniture and quickly fell in love with the characters and dramatic storytelling. during the season finale i kept waiting for don to wake up from his dream-like disneyland sunny California vacation and get back to reality, but he didn't wake up. it was all real, and wowzah i was (pleasantly) surprised by the happy ending. til next season...

christina hendricks

elizabeth moss & robert morse



young hollywood.

carey mulligan is one of my favorite young actresses. a modern mix of audrey hepburn and twiggy- she is absolutely gorgeous as a blonde and a brunette (lucky!). i thought she was adorable in an education and i'm adding never let me go (starring mulligan and keira knightley) to my to-see list.



paul tebbott.

loving these prints by paul tebbott, a self-taught UK designer, illustrator, and electronic musician... my favorite is the first one below, it reminds me of a more-modern/graphic rene magritte




currently obsessed with brassy vintage-ish triangle necklaces. they make me think '1970's tribal' - below are affordable options from etsy can be fun additions to any wardrobe::

nomoikoru $26.00