cornflake dreams.: weekend review.


weekend review.

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good morning and happy monday---i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! h and i spent a lot of quality time with family. saturday we got together with his dad, brother and girlfriend exchanged gifts and watched christmas vacation (i forgot just how funny this movie was!). on sunday we went to my grandparents on my dad's side for christmas dinner. we played apples to apples with my older brother andy's girlfriend's kids-- austin is 13 and lexie is 10. h and i love spending time with the kids--they are hilarious... and they got v competitive during the game which made it a lot of fun. i am looking forward to seeing them again this weekend. christmas is in 5 days!!! are you ready?!? 


ps i was super bummed our internet was down ALL weekend! wahhhhh i didn't realize how addicted i was to the internet! hopefully it starts working again soon.


  1. hey random you always exchange gifts before christmas?

  2. only with the h's family (because his dad left for iran yesterday and he won't be here for christmas) and my dad's side of the family bc my grandparents are leaving for FL today and they won't be back for 3months! all other gifts are being saved for christmas eve and christmas day tho :)