cornflake dreams.: velvet elvis & holiday cheer.


velvet elvis & holiday cheer.

a few of my favorite photos from the weekend... 

we celebrated christmas day at my uncle's house with my mom's side of the family. the day was filled with kids running all over the place, lots of presents and way too much food. the adults exchanged white elephant gifts (the favorite prize was a snaaazzy velvet elvis poster). h and i were lucky enough to get a hand-mixer--something we actually needed! i hope everyone had a lovely holiday :) 

xoxo jcd

ps something to brighten your day:: rollerskating babies!


  1. I love love love white elephant gift exchanges! Did you win the velvet elvis poster? A hand mixer sounds too good to be a part of a white elephant exchange. I should post the white elephant gift I got this year! :D

    Thanks for sharing your family photos with us.


  2. o no my uncle was the first one to pick and he got stuck with elvis. it was our families first white elephant exchange and it was a LOT of fun-- we'll def be doing it again next year :) xoxo jcd