cornflake dreams.: tea towels.


tea towels.

confession: i have a mild obsession with tea towels.*
i have an embroidered set my mom gave to me for my birthday and now i keep finding others i just adore...
*not everyone in my apt feels the same way. h hates tea towels... a lot. he doesn't think they dry your hands v well. ah well we just won't tell him about this wishlist.



  1. ahh, all of these tea towels are too cute, i wouldn't even know which ones to get out of all of them! by the way we have a lot of the same interests, i love to travel and i love fashion. chicago is a fun city, hope you are enjoying it!

  2. obviously I love #2 because of the cobalt blue...great picks! xoxo {av}

  3. these are so cute! anthro has some really great ones.

  4. i love them all but one, three and seven are my favorites!

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