so thankful.

i am thankful for so many things and people this year. two of my favorite christmas gifts were from h:: juxtapoz handmade and listography journal: your life in lists. both books are v entertaining. jh is a great coffee table book filled with images of handmade art (the paper cut outs by peter callesen are amazing- he makes plain white paper appear to be alive). listography is a fun journal full of questions and topics to fill out (for example: list bad things you did as a kid). i have already started filling out some of the lists and i plan to ask h the questions and fill out his answers in another color. 

santa (my family and h's family) was super generous this year and apparently reads my blog. a few of my favorite gifts included: this bag, locket, shoescalendar and coffee table. h and i also got a new crock pot (JOY!) and i want to get cookin...anyone have any good recipes or crock pot blogs? what was your favorite gift this year?



  1. haha i LOVE living my life in LISTS!! that's awesome!!

  2. I am crock pot recipeless, but I know that you will have fun with yours. :) That one book with the paper cut outs looks ridiculously neat!!!


    PS- Be sure to enter my giveaway today!!!

  3. Wow, those cutouts are ah-mazing! Isn't it great when your family tells you they read your blog? It's very easy to give us gifts, just read what we like, right? :)

  4. @sandy-- the book is SO fun. i actually bought a kid-friendly one for my nephew. i am looking forward to going through the lists to pass the time on an upcoming road-trip :)
    @casey&rachel the book has lots of interesting artists, i would highly recommend checking it out.

  5. Those paper cutout/pop ups are so awesome and creative! I love them :D

  6. Glad you got some great gifts! I got some lovely earrings from my mom. Stopping by from 20sb, I am your newest follower!

  7. Those cut-outs are beyond amazning! SO glad you had such fun :)

  8. Oh my, the crockpot will change your life. I love those cut-outs - talk about talented!! Glad you had such a great Xmas!!

  9. I love the list book! Matt and I are always looking for a new question book. It's a great way to really get to know you're signicant other.

    P.S. Soups. They are perfect for crockpots! I love me some chunky potato soup. ;)

  10. ohmygosh, Jillian! I must have missed this post! Those cut outs are amazing--I posted on them too whoops ^_^


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