resolutions for the new year.

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my five resolutions for 2010::
1. spend more time with the girls.
keep up with monthly brunches, dinners, and lunches with my favorites. 
2. walk-it-out with h after dinner. 
once the weather gets warmer, h and i have decided we need to start going on little walks after dinner. 
3. workout 4x a week
i am looking forward to this one. i have a gym in my office building so i actually enjoy leaving at noon and working out for a bit-- it's a great stress reliever. 
4. no more online shopping. 
this includes etsy. ughhh this might be rough. i need a way to keep my shopping in check and online sales are pretty hard for me to resist.
5. only one trash-tastic reality show per season.
jersey shore. jerseylicious. keeping up with the khardashians. kendra. guiliana and bill. downsized. real housewives of atlanta... omg, i watch wayyy too much of this crap.

do you make new years resolutions? do you tend to keep them? 


  1. Sounds like great goals! Hope you have a wonderful NYE Jill!!! :)

  2. Great resolutions... I agree about working out more and buying less online. I have such a bad habit when it comes to etsy and amazon yikes!!! Also the trash tv to a minimum sounds great to me-I watch WAY too many. Just love the Kard's. Have a great NYE love! xo.

  3. omg i need to give up some shows too and workout

  4. I'm hoping 2011 is my year that I'm better at keeping my resolutions!!
    Spending more time with the girls is on my list too!
    Love the blog - I'm a new follower! Happy New Years!


  5. Your resolutions are so inspiring!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I love working out as well, it really takes your mind off stuff. Great blog, I'm following you now!
    Hope you had a great new year!


    xx. VLM.

  7. Oh man #4 sounds TOUGH! Best of luck darling! Happy new year!!

  8. these are great! and good inspiration...i am still figuring out mine, but i always try to pick things that i know are doable.


  9. Love your resolutions!! I am working on mine:) I love a fresh page to a new year.
    Cheers to 2011!

  10. thanks for the sweet comments and support! i am absolutely looking forward to whatever 2011 brings!

  11. what great resolutions!!

    i love walking with the husband after dinner. if more people did, i think they'd have happier relationships. and fewer divorces (:

  12. oh man number 5 is one i would have a tough time with... those trash-tastic shows help me realize that man it could be worse. LOL

  13. Catching up on my blog reading, and I'm curious how your resolutions are going? I totally would've cracked by now.

    I stay away from resolutions as I've accepted that I just plain don't stick to them. I don't know how I'd get through a terrible hangover day without trashy television.

    Good luck to you!

  14. @Diana so far so good! i've been on track with everything but the reality tv has been harder to cut down than i thought (like does "the next great baker" count as reality?!) --most likely but im saying no because i didnt list it... so we'll see how the rest of the year goes. thanks for asking :) xoxo jcd


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