my wishlist.

happy friday! i offically finished all of my holiday shopping today! i started early this year and i am actually sad it's already over. while i was searching the web and stores for gifts i came across a few things i wouldn't mind getting from mr. claus...

1. the vamoose. you cannot go wrong with this site... especially the necklaces
2. toms classic canvas shoes in olive or red
3. a new bag
4. comfy minnetonka moccasins
5. something sweet for my purse
6. some pretty prints for the apt
7. anything gold.. i have a mild obsession with the color.
8. a new buddy for the gym
9. you can never have enough coffee table books



  1. OK , so I think I'm falling behind on this wishlist! I need to step it up. So need to make my wishlist, which will be pretty similar to yours because all these items are fabulous!!! :)


  2. hey chica! just started following your blog after seeing your giveaway on 20sb! what a great way to get exposure--very smart!


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