victorian love.

i watched the young victoria the other day, while h was at work, and i really liked it. (not a huge surprise since my favorite film is sense and sensibility---another British period love story). i cannot stop thinking about how sweet albert was and how much i liked emily blunt as the pretty, outgoing, and spirited queen victoria. i really enjoyed watching their relationship develop through letters and occasional visits. if you're into period dramas, british accents, beautiful clothing (it won an oscar for best costume design) and sets, love stories loosely based on historical events and people then watch this movie. 

ps i LOVE the "living in" blog posts design sponge puts together---and was happy to see one devoted to the young victoria.


  1. Never heard of this movie, will have to check it out!


    PS- Check out my giveaway! It's my first one, and I think it's pretty good!!!

  2. i've never heard of this movie, but i will have to check it out!! :)

  3. great movie!


  4. Oh my goodness...that is my favorite movie right now! It is just so sweet...and true, and I think that's why I like it so much!


  5. I'll have to watch this one. The victorian era is one of my favorites! Such extravangent clothing, exterior and interior design. Everything is so beautiful :)

    Thanks for doing a post on it!


  6. I adore this movie. My got it for me for Christmas-and I bought her a copy too haha! I was never very familiar with the romance between Albert and Victoria before this movie, but oh how sweet it was :) He is just too adorable. I have always loved period pieces!

  7. @rach, i know! i had a vague idea of the whole love story but i didnt really know how it evolved. i was also pleasantly surprised with the costumes, i thought everything would be stuffy (high-necks...victorian-esq) but the dresses were v pretty.

  8. i have been wanting to see this one for such a long time. i'm definitely going to see it now!

    life spelled jen

  9. I loved this movie as well - not quite as much as some of the other period pieces but I did enjoy it. I do love Emily Blunt and I'm dying to Wild Target - looks hysterical!

  10. I thought it was a good movie too! The acting was great and the love story quite remarkable! Not sure I'd have been happy never being allowed to climb downstairs by myself before the age of 18 though!


mucho thanks for the blog love! xo

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