cornflake dreams.: holiday must-sees.


holiday must-sees.

last night h and i watched how the grinch stole christmas...i cannot begin to describe how excited i was that it was on. i really love watching cheesy movies that i have been waiting all year to see. here are my top five:: 
5. elf! (ahmygad the awkwardness of will ferrel in yellow tights)
4. home alone (buzz's girlfriend- woof! ah love. love. love.)
3. christmas vacation (seriously is there anything better than the griswold's and cousin eddie?) 
2. love actually (i'm saving this one for my first cookie exchange)
1. the grinch who stole christmas (the original- no jim carey business here). 

what are your top holiday flicks?

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  1. i love every single one of those movies! (except christmas vacation... never even heard of it!) great picks!
    i love the holiday! definatly one of my faves!!
    im your new follower! love your blog - the name made me smile, cornflake dreams! :)