girly {gift guide} $25 and under.

you don't have to spend a lot to give a sweet gift. here are my picks for the budget conscious shopper- $25 and under::

more {gift guides} on the way...
ps did anyone else watch the sing off last night?! i think i found a new favorite show.


  1. what a GREAT guide!! i LOOVE 1, 2, and 8!! and the sing off?! it's totally my new fave show too!!! soo good! can't wait to watch again on wednesday!!

  2. The pom pom beanie is my favorite! I'm excited to see your future gift guides :)

    I haven't heard of The Sing Off yet. I'll have to check it out. ..... buuuuut I watched Hawaii Five-O :D

  3. hello--I need #1 and #9...STAT. So precious! I'm so mad I missed the Sing-Off...might have to catch it on hulu! The hubby distracted me with football last night ;) another great post, as always! xo

  4. Love the Stella roll-on perfume. I actually got one as a gift last Xmas from a friend.


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